☯ Ninja Certified ☯ | Tricks You Probably Never Knew About Yoast SEO

Tricks You Probably Never Knew About Yoast SEO

When it comes to on-page SEO no one can compare to the service provided by Yoast SEO.  It has over 1+ Million Active Installations and a perfect Five Star Review.  And, without a doubt, Yoast SEO defeats all competitors.

Are You Using the Word Press Yoast SEO Plug-in to its full capacity?

Tricks You Probably Never Knew About Yoast SEO

If you already use Word Press’ Yoast SEO plug-in, then are familure with the power of this plug-in to help with on-page SEO optimization.  But, are you using it to its full capacity?

Most people use Yoast to gage their on-page seo for their post.  Yoast is great for this.  It provides a guide that helps ensure:


  1.  Your chosen keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copy;
  2.  You inserted internal links to other post (Great for Lowering Blog Bounce Rate)
  3.  Your meta description is the perfect length and that Google will approve!
  4.  Your post has good readability for visitors;

And, so much more.

How to Use Yoast SEO

Let’s face the facts.  Even using this word press plug-in, your post is not ensured to rank on the major search engines quickly.  It could take months (if ever) to rank your content.

This is why Social Sharing and blog syndication is so important to help drive traffic to your blog.

In a nutshell, Social Sharing is when someone visits your site and shares your content to Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.  When someone SHARES your content, they are sharing it with their following.

With Social Sharing so important you don’t want to leave ANYTHING to chance do you?

Once again, Yoast SEO’s WordPress plug-in is the answer.

 ☯ Ninja Certified  ☯ | Wordpress SEO Tips for Yoast SEO the Plug-in

Besides being a wonderful On-Page Optimization guide, the WordPress SEO plug-in puts the power of deciding WHAT you share to Social Media sites.  And, most never know it existed.

yoast seo   Almost everyone knows of the traffic light symbol in Yoast.  It is where they offer suggestions for Readability and Keyword suggestions such as the ones listed above.

BUT, if you click the icon BELOW the Traffic Light you are taken to Yoast’s Social Media Sharing section.

Once there, you:

  • Can decide the perfect Title for your post to be published on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Have the power to CHOOSE what text your shared post will have; and,
  • It allows YOU to choose which image is posted when someone shares your post

Yoast SEO TipsThe Perfect Title

After many years of experience in Network Marketing, I have learned the power of the perfect title.

Like the Subject Line of an email, your blog post title is what will determine if someone new clicks on your post and is taken to your content.

Your title needs to scream, “I know your problem and I have the solution over HERE,” advises Marc Lalonde – Dean of Branding YOUniversity.

And, he is right!

There are THOUSANDS of people that need your help.  Let them know you have the solution in your blog post title!

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The Perfect Text

Listen.  This is important!

You don’t want to leave the text of your newly shared post to chance!

When shared, it is usually the first paragraph of your post that will be displayed on Social Media!

Because when shared, it is usually the first paragraph of post that will be displayed on Social Media!  Although the first paragraph is important to grab your readers attention, it isn’t ideal for the perfect Social Media post.

Using this little known section of Yoast SEO is PERFECT for writing your own post copy!

And, Zach Loescher from The Residual Genius offers the following suggestions when considering what to say in a shared post text:

“I have found using questions in my Social Media post very effective.”

The Perfect Image

Now HERE is where this Yoast SEO trick REALLY comes in handy.

Many times, even when a Featured Image is set, when your content is shared Word Press will use a random image from your post.

Other times, when your blog post’s header image is shared to Social Media it may not fit that platforms pixel size limit.  This may cause your image to be cut off when shared and your hard work lost.

To solve this problem, take advantage of this great feature and post the perfect image.

And, if you use a product image here, be sure to remember:

If you want to get people reaching out to you asking you about your business, put up a picture of your product without mentioning the company and, talk about the benefit of your product,” says Dereco Cherry from DerecoCherry.com.

And, he would know.  His Network Marketing blog ranks in the Top 50 in his niche!


When someone shares your content to their friends and followers, it is an honor!

So, don’t leave what they share to chance.  It’s your time to shine.

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5 thoughts on “☯ Ninja Certified ☯ | Tricks You Probably Never Knew About Yoast SEO”

  1. This Yoast SEO tip is really great!
    I have been using Yoast SEO for some time now and i’m still surprised how some bloggers don’t take advantage of tools that are available to help with SEO efforts.
    There are so much more tools out there like Yoast to help with on page SEO and you just need to find the right fit for your needs.
    Jamie Cordon recently posted…Facebook Updates Ads: What You Need To KnowMy Profile

    1. Thanks Jamie for the nice thoughts. Yes, the Yoast SEO plug-in is great for more than just simply keeping you on track with On-page SEO.
      It is also great for S.A.O, which is Search Authority Optimization.
      The great SEO Wizard, Rob Fore, coined the phrase S.A.O. and means your “authority” or ability to be found on Social Platforms using THEIR search bar.

  2. Hi Bubbie, thank you for sharing this great info about Yoast SEO. I’m a new to blogging and I don’t have any idea what plugins should I use for my blogs SEO. Luckily I have read about this plugin and its really a great help to me for targeting my keywords.



    1. Your welcome Arren and thank you for stopping by. Did you subscribe for updates?

      I stopped by your blog. Travel blogs are very popular. And, your images are beautiful.
      I am curious, are you placing your keywords in your images Alt Tag? It has been my experience, images rank faster than blog post.
      You said you were a beginner blogger. If you need help doing this I would be happy to help. Just message me here at http://workwithbubbie.com/MessageMe You will meet Bubbie Bot first and he will help narrow down where you need help. Then, I will contact you!

  3. Ive just started using Yoast SEO. It was always something i had heard about but never gave it a go until now. This is really helpful advice thank you!!

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