Introduction Letter

Email Marketing Course Day 5

Writing the Perfect Introduction Letter

Welcome to your fifth lesson in Email Marketing.
     Today, we are going to talk about how to craft your first letter for your email marketing campaigns.
     As we discussed in your first lesson, autoresponders are helpful tools that you can use to automate your business and decrease your work load tremendously. But, REMEMBER…

It is easy to spot pre-written messages

 Your second letter to your new lead (sent on the same day as the first one) is the most important. It is like the old saying goes, “first impressions are lasting ones.”
     Remember, they are EXPECTING to hear from you. This is your opportunity to stand out above the crowd. So, NEVER introduce your product or service in your first letter! It should introduce you!
     To help you craft the perfect introduction letter, follow these steps:
  • Your Introduction Letter should talk about you (review your Day One Letter from me).
  • Tell your story.
  • How did you get involved in network marketing?
  • Why did you get involved in home business?
  • Why did you choose your particular niche?
  • And, NEVER, EVER pitch your business or products in your first letter. Use generic terms if you must. Learn to leave a sense of mystery.
    Your introduction letter will determine if all of your others will be opened, ignored or simply thrown in the trash bin. It says, “I am a human – not a salesman and I’m here to help you!”

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     See you tomorrow when we discuss Three Tips to Avoid When Emailing Your List
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