7 Unique WordPress Plugin Reviews that Help You Build Your Online Business

7 Unique WordPress Plugin Reviews that Help You Grow Your Online Business

The days of using a “lead magnet” in the upper right hand corner of your blog have past.  What? Are you wondering HOW I know you have one there?

Because, it’s where EVERYBODY is trained to place their first lead magnet.

Using this method to generate leads has gone out of style.  

    Many visitors to your blog have seen identical or similar free offers.  They are tired of junk mail filling their inboxes. And today, they casually scroll by.

    If you hope to generate leads from your blog, you are going to have to step up your game.  Trying these 7 unique WordPress plugins have helped me move ahead in the blogging game.

And, I am sure they will you too.

The 404 to 301 Redirect Plugin from WordPress

wordpress plugin - 404 to 301 redirect     I begin with the WordPress redirect plugin called “404 to 301”

This wordpress plugin was a God send.

    I was just carelessly moving along in my blogging journey one day when I heard about 404 errors and how they can negatively impact my rankings.

     Simply put, a 404 error means that when someone clicks a link and it is no longer alive, they are “Redirected” a designated error page.

wordpress plugins


 A 404 error could be the result of a broken link, or something as simple as a typo.  

But, no matter what the reason for the redirect, the end result is the same.  A visitor clicked on a link on your blog, and the link did not exist.

    So, how do you find and fix these blog rank killing rascals?

Simple, you use the –

Online Broken Link Checker

wordpress plugins review

Once you type in your blogs URL and Click “Find Broken Links”, sit back and get ready for a shock.

    There were DOZENS of broken backlinks on my blog!  

   How did it happen?  Well, there was a broken link on a blog post pointing to an affiliate offer I no longer promoted.  One was even an external link from Wikipedia article I quoted and the article was no longer there.

    Due to no fault of your own, you may discover five, ten, fifty or even 100 broken backlinks on your site.  

Trust me.  

    I was absolutely floored when I checked MY blogs broken backlinks.  And, I knew something had to be done. But, checking EVERY backlink became time consuming.  I had no time for nothing else.

    Then, like you, I found a WordPress Redirection Plugin.

Using the WordPress Plugin Redirection

wordpress plug in 404 to 301

I realized that all of my hard work researching and writing were wasting away.  had done me any good. So, I quickly sought out a solution and found the “404 to 301” plugin from WordPress.

    “404 to 301”  is going to be a life saver preserver (as well as time saver) in the scary world of SEO.  Because, this wordpress redirection plugin forwards all broken links to (and on) your site to a new 301 redirect.

    When setting up the plug in, there are three types of redirects you can choose from but a 301 Redirect is best.  Here’s why –

The 301 Redirect –  A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of link equity (ranking power) to the redirected page.

So basiclly, in a nut shell, if you have a broken link, then this redirection wordpress plugin will forward to ANY URL you desire.

With this plugin. you can easily:

  • Manage 301 Redirects to any URL;
  • Keep track of 404 errors (and fix them as you have time);
  • And,  reduce errors on your blog and improve your sites overall rankings.
  • It’s completely free to use with lifetime updates.

    It has been around for over 10 years and has been downloaded and comes highly recommended. And, best of all,  it’s free!



Download 404 to 301 WordPress Redirect Plugin

The Better Click To Tweet WordPress Plugin Review

Review of WordPress plugin click to tweet

    The WordPress plugin “Better Click to Tweet” is a more popular method of sharing content today then using Social Share buttons.

   A “Click to Tweet” allows readers to tweet a particular quote, snippet of text or tip instead of having to share the whole article?

    Do not ask me why.  

    But, more people will share your content from the “Click to Tweet” option instead of using a Social Sharing Button!  

Perhaps, for the reason mentioned above.

    Maybe too, it is because a “Click to Tweet” can be found smack in the middle of your content.  And, readers just find them more convenient.

    For whatever reason viewers like it, the “Better Click to Tweet” WordPress plugin is essential in helping you grow traffic to your blog.

Check out this example of a Click to Tweet.

WOW…Come Check Out These Seven Secret #WordpressPlugins You May Have Never Heard Of! Click To Tweet

Then, notice the difference between a regular Click to Tweet and Better Click to Tweet. reason this plugin is called “BETTER Click to Tweet”.

    Now, think of the power within your hands to change the Call-to-Actions.

 This change is fantastic.  For example, consider these possible Better Click to Tweet Call-to-Actions:

  • “Share This Coupon With Your Friends”
  • “Let your friends know about this FREE Ebook offer…”
  • “Share This List…”
  • “Share This Secret With Your Team or Following”

     The list is endless.

    Now, with Better Click to Tweet, YOU get to decide what call-to-action your shareable tweet can have!

Tips for Your Better Click to Tweets

  1. Using short, exciting sentences or quotes have a tremendous impact on shares.
  2. Be sure to stay under 3 hashtags per tweet and ensure they are consistent and relevant with the content you’re using it for.
  3. Use persuasive in your Click to Tweet Call-to-Actions like:
    1. Free
    2. [New Blog Post] – {Title}
    3. Check Out this { _____ }
    4. You {can’t} {don’t want to miss this ____ }
    5. Please RT
    6. Share How To _____

    Remember, the biggest advantage to using the WordPress Plugin “Better Click to Tweet” is that you get to specify exactly what message will be shared –  the way they want it be shared.

Download Better Click to Tweet WordPress Plugin

Inserting Custom Call-to-Action Instructions with the WordPress Classic Editor.

Best Comment Plugin for WordPress Out There…Bar NONE!

wordpress plugin - yoast comment hacks    Before I cover my third unique wordpress comments plugin feature you might not have ever heard of, I would like to share HOW I discovered it.

    One evening, after completing my research for another post, I began to back track and revisit the sites I drew information from.  

    My purpose in doing so is to leave a blog comment and share with the author how the information he/she provided helped me.  

    In other words, between me and you, I was hoping to start a “relationship” with the author.

     . I began the comment as usual, with the “Blog Commenting “Handshake”.  And, when I was finished, I was happy to notice the blogger used CommentLuv (see #5).

Then, something strange happened!

    Normally, after leaving a WordPress comment, you are redirected to a boring notice like this:

“Thank you, your comment is in moderation and will be live soon….”

 But, not this time.

    This time, I was carried away to a page reserved only for first time commenters of that blog!

    And, after further study, I discovered the blog owner used a unique WordPress Plugin calledYoast Comment Hacks”.

    Look at all the features of this amazing wordpress plugin you can access right now!

A) The “Minimum Comment Length” Feature

   Nobody know SEO like Yoast!  And, they understand that short, irrelevant comments can damage a blogs Trust Flow.

    Simply put, Trust Flow is a Google rating factor that takes into account the quality of the websites linking to YOUR site!

    Professional bloggers will LOVE the “Minimum Comment Length” feature of Yoast Comment Hacks because it encourages visitors to leave  more meaningful comments (see also – Blog Commenting – 3 Magical Tricks to Use to Get Engagements)

   After you install this WordPress plugin, you will be able to set a “Minimum Length” your visitor must leave in order to comment on your blog.

B) The “Email Commenters” Feature

    After installation, the Yoast Comment Hacks Wodpress plugin will add an “EMail” symbol () to each comment on the Comments Overview page (see image above).  Here, you can email each new person who leaves a comment on your blog!

  Before we talk about the Email Commenters feature of “Comment Hacks”, we need to discuss what a lead is and what it is not!

    It is a commonly held belief that a lead is someone who:

Fills out their contact information on a form to receive more information from you.

    And, leads are not a list of people and their contact information that you have bought!  Sure, I have heard the phrase “Cold Leads”. But, I don’t adhere to that.

    If an individual did NOT give ME their contact information themselves.  Then, they are not MY lead. They are someone else’s. And, I just bought their list.

Building a Blogging Community

    Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let me share MY definition of a “Lead”.  

    A lead is someone who has shown interest in YOU, your content or your products/services. 

Several examples are:

  • Someone who Subscribes to your YouTube Channel is a “Lead”.  
    • They get a notification from YouTube when you upload another video.
  • Someone who leaves their contact information with you for more information.
  • And, a lead is someone who leaves a comment on your blog!
    • They have shown interest in you;
    • They have left their contact information;
    • And most importantly, they have interacted with you and your community of bloggers.

A lead is someone who has shown interest in YOU, your content or your products/services. Share With a Friend

    Therefore,  it is okay for you to reach out to them and give them a more personal aspect of yourself (You ARE in the Networking business, right?)

This Yoast SEO WordPress plugin makes all of that easy.  

C) The “Comment Redirect” Feature

    By far, this is my favorite of the plugin’s four features — the “Comment Redirect”.

    It’s purpose is to redirect first time commenters to a “secret” page on your blog only they can access and only they can see.

    It is the PERFECT lead nurturing plugin.


    As mentioned in the beginning of this article, gone are the days of the Opt-in form at the top right of your blog.  Because of spam and low quality “offers”, people just don’t feel comfortable leaving their contact information any more.  So, they need a little prompting.

And, that is where this awesome wordpress plugin comes into play.

    When you decide to upload and activate this comment redirect plugin.

Manage Inbound has a great article 13 awesome examples to master the Thank You page and you should check it out.

    A couple of examples great Thank You for Commenting pages include:

  • Thank your new commenters for becoming part of our community,
  • You are letting them know there is a human on the other side of your blog post:
  • Formally invite them to join you on Social Media,
  • Now would be a perfect time to offer them your free offer (lead magnet);

Wow...this WordPress Plugin allows you to redirect first time commenters to a thank you page... STRAIGHT FROM YOUR BLOG... you got to see this! Share with a Friend]

Usually when you leave your first comment on a new blog, nothing happens.

But, with this wordpress plugin, you create a warm, inviting welcome to new visitors (commeters).  And, the relationship building can begin!

    The page should be created to be personable and make your visitor feel like you’re reaching out as friends.  

This is an amazing wordpress plugin feature and one you don’t want to be without!    

It is one of the most important weapons I have installed on my blog!

Download Yoast Comment Hacks

The “CommentLuv” WordPress Plugin

    How would you like to attract influential bloggers in your niche to YOUR blog?  

    The CommentLuv WordPress plugin helps attracts them to your blog.  It encourage those who have high quality influence on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to join YOUR commenting community.

 Gail Gardner from GrowMap likes harnessing the power of CommentLuv!  She understands the importance of building a community of quality bloggers.

     Using the wordpress plugin encourages your readers of other blogs to become a member of your blogging community, she says.

  Choose the most relevant of your most recent posts – or if you can CommentLuv Premium – choose one of your most important pages – and share it whenever you comment.

      Step up your blog commenting game today?  

Install CommentLuv WordPress plugin.

  And, to even help you out further, Tricky Enough list 129 blogs with CommentLuv installed.  Now, with that information, don’t run off blog commenting like crazy.

    First, I would suggest reading “7 Blogging Commenting Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make”.  Then, I get to work commenting and leaving backlinks to your latest blog post!

    Watch how easy it is to use:

Download CommentLuv WordPress Plugin

Insert Headers and Footers

    The Insert Headers and Footers WordPress Plugin is a simple to understand and even easier to use.

    First, the only reason I have this wordpress plugin installed it to house my Facebook Retargeting Pixel.

    It took seconds to install.  Another moment, I was inserting my pixel and done.  

BOOM…now my blog has become a lead generating machine!

    If the thought of Facebook Pixels, Headers and Footers and all other techy things cause your anxiety levels to rise, don’t let it.

    Branding YOUniversity has a Free Mini-Course called Audience Retargeting that was great.  

     Enrollment is free so go check it out.


Download “Insert Headers and Footers” WordPress Plugin

Table of Contents Plus

    It’s rumored that Google considers longer content.  

     Dereco Cherry from DerecoCherry.com believes it is because it answers searchers questions or inquiries thoroughly.

   And, he suggest blog post to be approximately 1500 words in length to satisfy both Google and your readers.

    However, the problem with long content is most people get overwhelmed with such a long post.  

    If you provide a Table of Contents on your post, then visitors can read the articles contents.

    And, here is the power of the free Table of Contents Plus WordPress Plugin.   Within the Contents is a clickable link taking them directly to the part of the article that interest them.

    Having this wordpress plugin is a win/win.  Google is please you have in-depth content to satisfy THEIR searchers.  And, your readers are convinced with the ability to go straight to what interested them.



Download Table of Contents Plus


   You are here reading about unique wordpress plugins.  Therefore, you must be a blogger.

 And, your j.o.b. is to get as many eyeballs on your site as possible.  

    Everybody knows, the more visitors to your content, the more opportunity for you to connect with a potential buyer.

    That is where the Tribber WordPress Plugin helps you.  

   This post I wrote back in February of 2018 was shared OVER 50 times.  And, it received over 200 clicks!

   I have a prospective reach of OVER 1 MILLION individuals to my material in my Tribe!

   That’s the Power of Triberr!



 Download the Triberr WordPress Plugin

Enjoy this brief Introduction to Triberr


    I hope you enjoyed these seven unique WordPress Plugins.  Rather you decide to use one or all, we would love to hear from you in the comments.

Share with us if you learned anything new.  Or, if you are excited to start using these plugins, share it with our community!


    Till next time, I will leave you with a quote from a friend of mine, Ryan Biddulph (A.K.A. The Blogger from Paradise),

“My biggest blogging mistake was trying to force my blog to make money.”

My biggest blogging mistake was trying to force my blog to make money - @Ryan Biddulph @GunterBubbie #bloggingtips Click To Tweet


Learn to enjoy the journey…

Best wishes,

Bubbie Gunter, Network Marketing Mastery

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    1. Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for stopping by! The shout out was my pleasure. What an eyeopening quote!

      “My biggest blogging mistake was trying to force my blog to make money.”

      This thought DEFINITELY resonated with me.

      Once I quit focusing on how long an article should be and trying to “Rank” it on Google magic started to happen.
      Another great quote of yours I love is, “Blogs don’t make money, Blogger do!” Focus on your audience and everything else falls into place!

      P.S. Loved your ebook, “9 Tips for Getting Interviewed on Top blogs”

    1. Thank you Loretta for your kind words.
      I found Triberr about a year ago and when I found out
      I could just syndicate my content over there through a WP Plug-in I was so excited. My reach almost doubled!

      If you read the Whole article (lol), then you know the power of the Yoast Commment Hacks WordPress plugin. 🙂
      With one click you can email anyone who comments on your blog (or EVERYONE who has commented).

      This is important becauseI just finished this post and I have the ability to notify everyone that I have a new post published!
      So, be sure to down that at least THAT plugin. And, begin building your blogging community.

      Best wishes to you,

    1. Awesome, Ranch. Commentluv is a great plugin. I love how it increases my blogs SEO by giving individuals an incentive to interact with your content by letting them leave a link back to their latest post.

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