☯ Ninja Certified ☯ | Where to Get Free Images for Blog Post

Where to Get Free Images for Blog Post

 ☯ Ninja Certified  ☯

On a whim, I had Google search “Free Images for Blog“.  And, I was SHOCKED that over 4,400 people search that exact term every month!

Seems to me a lot of people want to know where to get free images for blog post…humm?

Well, I like to blog…a lot!

Therefore, I need a never ending source of images.

And, I need to make damn sure the free images for websites I use are not copyrighted!

It would be a MESS to use a photo on your blog only to find out you needed permission from the owner!

Free images for blogs are easy!

Ninja Tip # 1 –  Use the Google Search Engine

That’s right… Ninja tip number one is that you have to go no further than the Google Search Engine to find royalty free images!

AND, by using this Ninja Trick, you are assured to get only non-copyrighted images free!

ninja tricksFree Images for Websites are best obtained like this:

  • Go to Google Search Engine
  • Search for your keyword or image theme
  • Click “Images”
  • From the Menu Bar choose “Tools”
  • Click “Usage Rights”
  • And finally, Choose “Labeled for ReUse”

The images that show up in the search engine are Royalty Free Images you can use on your blog or website

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5 thoughts on “☯ Ninja Certified ☯ | Where to Get Free Images for Blog Post”

  1. Thanks for the search tips and for talking about that SEO nonsense. I’ve been reading more and more about that, and everyone makes it such this massive deal, and then here it is in simple terminology. Hooray! Bookmarking your site. I’ll be back!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Happy to hear you found value.
      Yes…Guru’s like to make SEO seem difficult (why else wouldn’t you buy their courses on it LOL).
      If you liked this, then you should really check out my Quora Answer for:
      “Is keyword research becoming an outdated SEO method to rank your content in search? Should you even do keyword research?”

      In it I break down understanding keyword research so SIMPLE to understand. Even a Cave Man could do it 🙂 Google Keyword Research made simple

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