What is Affiliate Marketing     Has the concept of Affiliate Marketing escaped you? Well, before you give up your search, know this.  Thousands of people have learned to make MILLIONS of dollars using the Internet and Affiliate Marketing as a home based business!
But, where can YOU find affiliate products that will make you money? How can you promote your new affiliate products? And, what are the best affiliate marketing programs to join?  All of these are excellent questions.  Ones you must learn the answers to if you hope to succeed. But, before we can get to those answers, you must have a clear understanding of What is Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing definition

     Google gives the affiliate marketing definition as:

  • The process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

     Simply put, you earn a commission (part of the sales price) for selling other peoples products. It is a web based business strategy that works!  Every year, tens of thousands of people make MILLIONS through various methods like online auctions, selling products through eCommerce sites and a whole range of other avenues.

What is Affiliate Marketing Online

     With Affiliate Marketing Online you the ability to make monstrous commissions selling things online without the worry of storing product, shipping product or making items.  It has been around for quite some time.  And, although I highly recommend against becoming an Amazon Affiliate, they were one of the earlier pioneers of affiliate marketing online.  So, we will use them as an example.

     Because of their MILLIONS of affiliates they have now become the largest online retailer in the world! they continue to use it today. Therefore, the concept of affiliate marketing can best be explained using the Amazon Affiliate Program as an example:

  • First you sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program. Then, you will be asked questions pertaining to the amount and type of Internet traffic can send them. There is no reason to lie. Hell, your just starting out. If you are a new affiliate marker, just let them know that.
  • After you receive the acceptance email,you can start promoting any Amazon product they offer.
    • Are you are into fishing?  You can build a website or email list around fishing.
    • Have you always wanted to own your own business and sell products you loved and trusted?  Check what affiliate products are available, then start a blog. Post about your favorite past time or hobby. And, sell your new affiliate products there.
    • Add your Amazon affiliate links to your website . And, BAM! Easy money!

But, here’s an important reminder about Affiliate Marketing Online:

     Most fail!  Yeap, it’s true.  Statistics show only 3% of Affiliate Marketers make money online.  Another way to look at is a whooping 97% of Affiliate Marketers will never MAKE MONEY online.  But, I’m living proof. It can be done!  Just know, your success as an affiliate marketer will mostly depend on how well you learn to send traffic from your website back to amazon and make a sell!

It will be the amount of traffic to your new site that will guarantee your success!

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     Now that you know what is affiliate marketing, it is just as important to know exactly “What is a Network Marketer“.  Trust me, knowing the difference between the two will save you dozens of hours of wasted labor and thousands of missed dollars!

Hey friends,

Bubbie here.

     Just wanted to share with you, go beyond just KNOWING what Affiliate Marketing is.  Take the next step.  Find an affiliate program that works for you and run with it. I will forever be thankful I made the decision to become an affiliate marketer.  It changed my whole future.

     Here’s a warning though. You can bounce around Google for weeks learning about affiliate marketing.  Or, you can take advantage of the special offer I have on my latest ebook, Affiliate Marketing for Beginners!

I know you will enjoy it!

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