What is a Network Marketer-     After discovering what is network marketing, you will need to understand the role you will play as a network marketer.   But, exactly What is a Network Marketer?”  What are the everyday task?  What can you look forward to on your new journey?  What steps can you take to help ensure your success?

     If you were like me you believed network marketing was simple.  All you have to do is post links on Facebook or Twitter and the money would just roll in.  After endless hours of posting to social media, I still had nothing.  Then I learned what a TRUE Network Marketer was and everything changed!

What is a Network Marketer

     Want to know how to be successful in network marketing?  You talk to people! Plain and simple…To be a network marketer means you “NETWORK” or communicate with GROUPS of people.  Many “Network” on Facebook.  Others choose Twitter as their social media platform of choice.  Still others choose Email Marketing. But, no matter what social base you choose.  You will have to “Network” or talk with people if you hope to be successful.

What is a network marketer?  They are communicators. The “secret” to success in Online Marketing is You Talk To People!  Dereco Cherry agrees.  In his article, “5 Network Marketing Success Secrets Everybody Ought to Know“, he states, “The fastest way to start making money and building your business is with active prospecting.”  You will have to be ever ready to respond to emails, Facebook Messages, or phone calls.  And, you have to make person on the other end of the phone is the most important person in the world at the moment.

The fastest way to start making money and building your business is with active prospecting. - Dereco Cherry Click To Tweet

     But, maybe you are asking yourself, “What do I say to them?”  The fact is, it’s not that difficult.  Here are three prospecting tips for network marketing to enhance your skills.

Three Prospecting Tips for Network Marketing

  • Build the Know, Like and Trust factor – Nobody likes spam. It doesn’t matter if its in their inbox or on their Facebook Messager.  When you buy an email list and send them your offer; message someone on Facebook you don’t know or just meet your offer; 
  • Start Blogging – This tip is directly associated with the first.  Your goal is to get your prospect to know you, like you and trust you.  And, there is no better or faster why then by blogging.  After “Networking” with them, 
  • Connect with at Least 10 New People EVERYDAY! – You got a business to run.  You got money to make.  That means you got people to talk to.  Fresh new leads are the life blood of your business.  And, your going to have to hustle.  Your not networking if you are not meeting at least ten new people everyday.

interruption marketing       So remember, whenever you send an unsolicited offer to someone, that is called “Interruption Marketing“.   And, it doesn’t work.  I know, because I did it.  In the beginning, I was told to succeed all I had to do was post my “links” in Facebook Groups.  With the promise of payout, I went to work. Click, Click, Click Click, Click … All day long!

      But, the reality was no one cared. People seeing my post didn’t KNOW me.  And, therefore, didn’t trust my recommendations to buy or join.

     What changed everything? I learned the art of Attraction Marketing.  No longer was I HOPING  someone would buy my products.

       What is the Art of Attraction Marketing?  Simple.  It’s getting your prospects and leads to Know, Like and eventually Trust your recommendations.

     If any of this seems to overwhelm you, don’t worry.  Learning Attraction Marketing Strategies are a snap ESPECIALLY with the right help.

A Word About Blogging & Network Marketing

     If you don’t know the importance of Blogging in Network Marketing we should really talk.  It is so important that without it your almost guaranteed to fail.  But don’t worry.  There are professionals out there like Tanya Aliza who can help you brand yourself online in no time.

You Got to Talk to People

     I know. This was the toughest part for me.  I was getting tons of leads everyday!  But, I was to nervous to call them.  I considered the negative responses I would get instead of the payout when they said yes.  And, because I didn’t know what to say to a new prospect I missed out on a TON of money.

     I am happy those days are behind me now.  And, they can be for you too.  Just study and master these couple of tips and you will become a network marketing pro too!


 Hey friends, if any of this network marketing stuff still confuses you, don’t worry. Fill out the form below and I will call you back within 24 hours! My promise.  

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