Seven Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Email List

Seven Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Email List

You have to love the creative process of creating content.  I get excited watching people opt-in (subscribe) to receive more dynamic material from me and soak it in.

I take great pains to make sure the information I provide is top notch!

And, with every new subscriber, I am pleased because I know I have helped one more person!

But then a notification comes!  Someone has Unsubscribed from my list.

Anxiety Sets In – Did they not find value in your post, newsletter or video?

Are you throwing good money after bad?

Well, don’t give up just yet…

Today, I present Seven Reasons Why People Unsubscribe from Email List.  It could be just one small tweek that makes all the difference in a successful campaign or one that blunders.

But, consider first YOUR own email experience. How many “List” are you on?  How many emails do you wake up to in your Inbox? Keep these things in mind as you read the rest of today’s post!

#1 – They Were Only Interested in Your Free Gift.

The Free Trap     The first reason why people unsubscribe is neither you or your contents fault.  They were only interested in your free offer.

Usually, these individuals have fallen into the “Free Trap”. They try and build their business with free products and information.  And, if this is the reason they have unsubscribed, then good riddance.

And, they are not interested in anything but “free”.

Be glad to see these people go. They are not an ideal lead anyway.

#2 – They Don’t See Your Emails as a  Priority.

Some people opt-in to your free offer and never open the email!  This could mean you have ended up in the dreaded Spam Folder!  Or, they may just not recognize your emails as a priority.

Either way, your email isn’t getting open!

     Now, this confused me at first. But, after considering the A.D.D world of the internet, I began to understand. People’s attention span is VERY short online.  And, I begin to understand why people unsubscribe from email list better.

What they considered important just moments ago becomes irreverent the next.

Don’t let these “unsubscribers” bother you. If their attention span is that short, they are most likely not a fit for your products or services anyway.

#3 –  They receive too many emails.

     The third reason why people unsubscribe is overwhelm.  As mentioned above, sometimes I have 40(+) emails waiting for me when I wake up.

Closely connected to the second reason, if the person has signed up to to many email list, they will ignore, delete or unsubscribe simply to save time.

You probably know.  How many emails do YOU get a day?  Do you have time to open and read them all?

Of course not!  You choose which are important and which to delete right?.  But, the key to the treasure chest lies in getting them to consider YOU as important!

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#4 – Your Opt-in Form Maybe Deceiving.

Well, deception might be to strong of a word here.  Perhaps MISLEADING Opt-In forms.

You have seen them –

  • This webinar promised to show you how to generate 1000’s of leads for your home business;
  • This Ebook promised to teach me how to get 10,000 followers to your Twitter account.
  • Or, have you been told that the answer I am seeking is “Right On The Next Page” only to be discouraged?

con gameWho hasn’t fallen for the great copy writing headlines only to discover they didn’t deliver?

And, to many times I see opt-in forms filled with deception!


Beware of Using Deceptive Headlines and Subject Lines like – “Learn to Generate 100,000 visitors a month to your site!”


If you promise a result be sure to deliver it or they will unsubscribe!

#5 –  They Don´t Know You.

     Surprisingly, the fifth reason people unsubscribe from email list is also the #1 reason for HIGH Open Rates!  Does your subscriber KNOW you?

Establishing the Know, Like and Trust factor is essential to your online success.  Branding yourself online as the “go-to” person with the solution is vital!

Want couple of simple solutions that come to mind are:

Branding YOUniversity – As far as Online Universities go, Branding YOUniversity is the cream of the crop.  Branding YOU is the brain child of Marc Lalonde (a.k.a. the Wealthy Trainer). Enrollment is free and the lessons are first rate!

Learn Attraction Marketing – This Five-Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp became a life-saver to me.  Most importantly is the leader of the Boot Camp is Dereco Cherry!

Last year, Dereco’s blog ranked in the Top 50 MLM blogs on the internet!  So he knows a thing or two about personal branding and Attraction Marketing.

So, take the time to train yourself.

    Before you can hope to have a successful email marketing campaign, the subscriber must first get to know your content!   Join at least one, if not both, and become a part of a community of like minded people! 

#6 – Your Content Isn’t Relevant to What They Signed Up For.

     This is a HUGE lesson I teach in my 10 Day Email Marketing Course.  Another MAJOR reason why people unsubscribe is irrelevant emails. If you hope to have a successful email marketing campaign “Keep your emails relevant!”

I see lots of marketers make this mistake. Many simply let their new leads go to a generic “List”. Don’t let this be the case with you!

It only takes a moment to create a new list in your autoresponder. Another couple of minutes to type out a welcome email and present the link to your free offer!

#7 – You’re Always Trying to Promote Something.[1]

We all want to make money. I get that. And, people LOVE to buy.

But, they HATE being sold to!

Understand there is a process at work here:

  • An individual has searched online for a solution to a problem.
  • They have found your content useful.
  • They notice your offer for more information.
  • And, provide their contact information.

This is the moment of truth!

It is the stage to begin building a realationship with your new lead. Send them a welcome message introducing yourself. Let them know you are there to help them further if they so desire. And, then send the requested information.



Email marketing can be a very profitable venture. You will work hard sometimes to get new leads. This is why you absolutely MUST take care to understand why people unsubscribe from email list.  So your work is not in vain!

Bubbie Gunter     Bubbie is a Leader Partner in the World’s Largest Lead Generation Platform on the planet! He is the author of 5 ebooks and specializes in email marketing and lead generation. Check Out His FREE 10 Day Email Marketing Course HERE


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  1. Great Post, I actually did not know there were so many reasons why people unsubscribe from our list! Thanks for explaining each of them so well. It looks as if I will have to monitor Points 3 and 6 closer.
    Again Thanks for the value.
    I subscribed to be updated whenever you post again!

    1. Thanks Manuel, I appreciate the compliment! I try hard to make sure each post is written with care and thought about each of my readers.
      Glad to hear you subscribed! I have some great stuff about to be released and you know you won’t miss out!
      Your friend and mentor,
      Bubbie Gunter

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