The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing for 2019

   Preparing to move into another year, it is time to evaluate our marketing strategies. 

What has worked for you and what hasn’t.

   And, I can tell you NOW Influencer Marketing will DOMINATE the online business arena.

   When I notice the tide turning from “traditional” marketing on Social Media, I quickly sat in and discovered all I could on the subject.

   First, I learned Influencer Marketing was not what I thought it was.

And secondly, if I wanted to stay ahead of the masses, I had to begin acting now setting up an Influencer Marketing Campaign!

What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?


    An important aspects to remember about influencer marketing is that numbers don’t mean anything! 

   Just because someone has a Twitter Following of 100,000 people does not make them an influencer! 

An “Influencer” is defined as –

An individual who has a following in a particular niche, which they actively engage with.

   And, it is believed they have the power to affect purchase decisions of their following  because of his/her authority, knowledge, or relationship with his/her audience.1

   Over time they have cultivated rapport and trust with their following.  And, the closing of a sale is only a post, tweet or share away.

   Influencer “MARKETING” is PAYING someone who has cultivated this relationship with their following to Tweet or Share your products to their audience.[2]

influence marketing


   Now, I don’t know about YOU, but I like people handing ME money. 

  Not the other way around.

   So, if its okay with you, I will skip the “marketing” part of the definition.

  Instead, let’s focus on how YOU can:

Befriend Influencers: Get them to Know, Like and Trust you and your content, and begin to Co-Create with you. 

 Social Media Influencer Marketing

        When discussing Social Media Influencer Marketing, it is important to note first:

Numbers don’t mean anything!

   Because someone has a Twitter Following of 100,000 people does not make them an influencer!  Why?

   It is simple to buy likes, friends and followers.  They have not cultivated a relationship with their following.  And, when they Share or Tweet a post, it falls on deaf ears. 

  And, in a minute I will share how to uncover these fakers and not waste your time with them. 

  But, first meet:

Ryan – The Blogger from Paradise

   To be successful in Influencer Marketing, you will want to find Influencers on Social Media like Ryan Biddulph.

blogging from Paradise
Message Ryan for a copy of His new Ebbok!

   Also known as the “Blogger from Paradise”, Ryan travels the globe sharing his experiences with his followers.  And, he is an Social Media Influencer you would want to connect with!


  Well, like stated above, you can ALWAYS find Ryan on Facebook sharing a Live or on Twitter with the latest news, tips and hacks to help you grow your blog.

  In other words, HE ALREADY HAS AN AUDIENCE! 

  And Ryan, allowing you the privilege of tapping into this audience is is the essence and core meaning of Influencer Marketing!
Influencer Marketing - When someone who has cultivated and nurtured a large following allows you the privilege of tapping into that audience. - Bubbie Gunter Click To Tweet

   But, don’t simply think because you share a post or RT a Tweet from Ryan,  he is going to turn flips and come running to help you.  He gets hundreds of shares and RT’s a day.  So, you are going to have to stand out from the crowd if you want his attention.

  The Content Marketing Queen

ann smarty


   Rather you need SEO Services, Content Syndication or just a good quality online education, Ann Smarty is the one to know!

   Always a hustler, Ann Smarty is the brand and community manager at as well as the founder of

   Also, a Co-founder of Viral Content Bee, her influence outreach include OVER 34,000 STUDENTS in her Udemy courses ALONE and over 64,000 Followers in ONE Twitter Account.

With Google being dominated by huge brands, influencer marketing is becoming more important in 2019 - Ann Smarty Click To Tweet

  Responsible for 100’s, if not THOUSANDS of online marketer’s success,  Ann has mastered the art of Internet & Content Marketing. 

   She will be one to follow into 2019!

Attracting the Right Social Media Influencers



   Social Media Influencer Marketing is not as easy as following someone with a large audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

   And, it’s not as simple as buying tens of thousands of followers, friends or likes.

  If you hope to attract the right social media influencers to help you grow your business, there are a few things you should know before getting started.

The Inner Circle of Influencers

The Inner Circle of Influencers

   Those inside the inner circle know a secret. 

   They can cut through all the social media chatter and get right down to it.

With just a few clicks, they can find out your ENTIRE social media history.

What is a Kred Score

   If you have ever been mentioned in a Tweet (or Post)…

   If you have ever had a Tweet Retweeted (or Post shared)…

   Or, if someone has ever replied to your tweets (or Post)…

Then, you have a Kred Influencer Score!

kred score


Kred Influence Score

    An important aspects to mention again about influencer marketing is that numbers don’t mean anything! 

    Kred Influence is the measure of what others do because of you.

    You receive Influence Points every time people interact with you or your content.


    Just because someone has a Twitter Following of 100,000 people does not make them an influencer!  Check their Kred Score::

  • Find out how engaging they are with their following.
  • Discover what others are saying about them on Social Media.
  • Learn how engaging THEIR audience is with THEM!   

   Influence scores essentially offer a shortcut to identifying, evaluating and engaging key influencers in your niche.[1]

   For example, someone with high Kred Score has a wide scope of influence online.

   And, anything above 700 is generally considered a good Kred Influence score. 

The Grow Map Girl

Gail Garner - Social Media Influencer

   Consider Gail Gardner from Grow Map:

   As a small business Marketing Strategist, she has a Twitter Following of 116,000;

    Her Kred Influence Score of 951 (at this writhing).  This  means her audience of 116,000 followers is  VERY active with her.  They share and like her post;

   And, her  Kred Outreach Score of 10/12 (more on Outreach Scores in a moment) meaning she is VERY, VERY active with her audience; 

   In other words, she cares about her following AND her followings listen to  her recommendations.

Hint: Follow Her!   She is someone you should connect with for 2019!


Kred Influencer Score Break Down:

  • Above 500 is above average – You Are Going to Have to Step Up Your Game!
  •  Above 600 is in the top 21.5% – Interact with Your Following (and Friends) More!
  • If you score above 700 you are in the top 5% – A Very Realistic Goal for You!
  • Above 750 is in the top 1% – Your at the Top of Your Game!
  • Anything above 800 is in the top 0.1% – Congradulations , You are a Member of the Elite!

Find Out Your Kred Influence Score Here


Kred Outreach Score

kred outreach score

  The second half of a person’s Kred score is the Outreach score.

   Also known as the “Generosity Score”, an outreach score determines how engaging you are with your community.

   This score ranges from 1 to 12, with seven or higher being an impressive score.[2]

The more you mention someone, retweert or reply to someone else’s content your Outreach Score goes up!

Why is This Important

Creating an Influencer Campaign

   Let’s say you want to attract the attention of a particular Social Media Influencer.

   And, let’s say you are successful and gotten your favorite Social Media Influencer in your Niche’s attention.

What are they going to find when they check your Kred Score?

  • Will they find that your audience interacts with you or your content (Kred Influence Score)

   And, will they discover that you interact with your community through mentions, retweets and shares. (Kred Outreach Score)

Laying the Groundwork for an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Dereco Cherry - Influencer Marketing

  Dereco Cherry is another Social Media Influencer.   

  If you hope to attract Dereco to your profile and share your content with his audience, your first task to creating an effective Influencer Marketing Campaign is to interact in a  positive and constructive way on his social pages.

  • Like his post
  • Retweet his tweets often;
  • and, show interest in him!

   This gives you an open door early to an Influencers followers!

   But, be warned.  Don’t promote anything!

   You are showing your face as a member of the community, so to speak, for the first time.  And, this will add to your credibility down the line.

   Your second goal is to propose some kind of IM (Internet Marketing) collaboration, they’ll know who you are.


influencer marketing

   Keep in mind, Influencers aren’t celebrities, exactly, but their online presence can mimic a lot like famous people in the  real world.

    You need to cultivate a relationship with them in order to stand out from the noise of  the internet. 

   So that when you finally reach out to them they’ll know what you’re an activbe engager with your community and that your community engages wsith you~!  Then, they will  know whether you’re a good fit for their audience they have grown or not.

If you’re engaging with your audience and they are engaging with you, rest easy knowing you are on the right track for 2019!.

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    1. Yes, Ann and Gail are amazing!
      I have followed Ann since I begin (2008).
      I have only been following Gail for two years and found her content is great and she is an awesome person as well.

      And, Dereco? Well, many people have not heard of Dereco Cherry. But they should!

      We have a history…

      At one of my lowest points in my life and about to throw in the towel, I met Dereco.
      He recognized I had a passion for helping people.
      After we chatted a few times, he seen I was coach-able.
      And, he became my mentor.

      The rest is history 🙂 …..

  1. What an honor to be mentioned in this post! Bubbie you’re passion for helping people and your unwillingness to give up is an inspiration to everyone.

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  3. Social media marketing is a leading marketing strategy.

    There are people who follow a leader on social media or digital platforms, and that leader influences their audience to buy a specific product and services. This is called influencer marketing.
    Influencer marketing is one of the strongest ways of marketing a huge amount of audience.
    People follow social media influencers more than celebrities and they react more on their advice.

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