3 Tips to Avoid When Emailing Your List

     If you are here, then you have decided to use email marketing as an online strategy.  Or, you are interested in email marketing and are looking for some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Either way, you are in the right place!  Why?

Well, not only because Email Marketing holds the highest return on your investment than any other form of marketing!  I have MASTERED Email Marketing to the point of obtaining 70% Open Rates!

Email Open Rates

     Do it right and you can rake in the cash.  Do it wrong and, well, let’s just not do it wrong how is that!
     But, there’s more involved than simply sending your subscribers promotional newsletters or catalogs.
     So, today I cover Pitfalls & Tips to Avoid When Emailing Your List!

     By now I am sure you have learned it’s not as easy as just posting a link on Facebook to make money online.  It’s hard work. When you DO get a lead, you want to make sure you nurture them. You want to lead them down the buyers path.  And, Email Marketing is the perfect platform to do that.
But, there are lessons to be learned.  For example:
  1.  What is the REAL Reason for High/Low Email Open Rates?
  2. How to Make Your Offers Irresistible;
  3. What I Discovered!
  4. And, then there is Writing the Perfect Introduction Letter!

Each are important.  And, without a crystal clear understanding of them, you can hang up your email marketing campaign!

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Tips to Avoid When Emailing Your List     As you may have learned, there are many ways to get people to subscribe to your list.  Using irresistible offers are the most effective way to build a responsive, permission based list.
      Think about it, you have worked hard to provide the value to your new prospect.  And now, there are some actions you must take to avoid them from unsubscribing too.

# 1 – RUN From Company Scripts

      When it comes to Tips to Avoid When Emailing Your List, using company sponsored scripts comes in first!  As an internet marketer, there are several phrases people message me on a daily bases. One such phrase contained the words:

“Hi, I’m ________ and I like connecting with like minded people. What company are you with?”

     In the beginning, I did not realize this was a common opening to MANY online marketers as they attempted to open the door of communication with a prospect. And, when I responded, BAM!
     Out of no where, the sales pitch started.
     It didn’t take me long to catch on.

     They had no interest in me or what I was actually involved in. They simply wanted to start a conversation. Then, try and SALE me something.

     I quickly learned this was a script and was only leading them to telling me how awesome their business was and how I needed to get in RIGHT NOW!
The lesson here? People don’t care about your offer till they realize you care about them and their needs first!
     Stay away from company sponsored “Scripts” in your emails as well.  You are not the first person to use them.  People have heard the lines a thousand times.
     Be original! You should consider them as merely as outlines.
Everyone likes to feel special. They know there is no way you could have written a 600 word email in the 10 minutes since they signed up to your list. But, they STILL don’t want to believe they are getting the same letter THOUSANDS of others are getting.
     My suggestion is:
  1. Print out your company sponsored emails.
  2. Retype them in your OWN words;
  3. And, Add your personal touch.  Tell your story!

# 2 – Don’t Be Afraid of the Unsubscribe Button!

      Don’t be afraid of the unsubscribe button.  It is also known as the “Get the F***” button.  When someone unsubscribes, this usually means they did not find your content of value.
     You should not rely on the super small option at the end of the email but add your own unsubscribe request for your new prospects.
     The goal of your list is not to have a large number of subscribers. But, to build a list of loyal and responsive “clients”. And not to mention, many email services charge by the amount of subscribers you have.
    So, allowing someone who doesn’t wish to be there an opportunity to unsubscribe at their leisure will keep your list pure and clean FULL of subscribers desiring to see your content!

# 3 – Watch Your Language!

      During the experiment I mentioned in Lesson Three of my Email Marketing Course, I received two emails with the following subject lines:

  • “Are You Tired of This S*it Too”
  • “I Almost Lost My F*ck*ng Mind When I Read This”
     After opening the emails, I went straight to the reply button and emailed them! I wanted to know WHY they thought using vulgarity was appropriate in their subject lines. Both responses were the same. They were after the “SHOCK” value.
     Needless to say, it took me all of three seconds to hit the unsubscribe button.
So, NEVER use pornographic, shocking or vulgar content in your subject lines or email!  It is hard to decipher the age of the recipient and many complaints may stem from these.
     Stick to the theme of your site and nature of your business. Rely on the value of your content, not fancy (or shocking) subject lines!


     Always remember these three tips so that you can have a healthy relationship with your subscribers.
  1. Don’t use scripts.  Your prospects read through them;
  2. Don’t be afraid of the Unsubscribe Button.  You want a responsive list; one who desires to hear from you.
  3. Don’t use pornographic, shocking or disturbing subject lines!
     Follow these three principles and you are off to a good start!
– Your Friend and Mentor
Bubbie Gunter
– Bubbie Gunter A.A.C.M.
     P.S. I hope you enjoyed my three Tips to Avoid When Emailing Your List.  If you have not subscribed to this FREE Email Marketing Course, do so now!
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