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     In the video below, I share how a company tweeted a promotion they were running.  It was a beautifully crafted Tweet and copy for the image was great.  But, their campaign fell short when they used the Ol Fashion method and just “Tweeted” their message out!  What you are about to read is going to EXPLODE your Twitter Marketing.  Here’s Why Using a Twitter Card would have been more effective

How to Promote a Blog

     Blogging can be a fun adventure.  Or, you can learn to make money online blogging.  Which ever you choose, you know there is a certain satisfaction you blog about something you are passionate about. 

     Once the post is finished and the publish button pressed, your job as a blogger is just beginning.  Now, your faced with making sure your post gets on the information highway (the internet) instead of it resting on some country back road no one ever sees.  Now what? 

     Find out How to Promote Your Blog Post In Two Incredibly Easy Methods