Simple Strategies to Increase Email Click Through Rates

Simple Strategies to Increase Email Click Through Rates

Simple Strategies to Increase Email Click Through Rates

Simple Strategies to Increase Email Click Through Rates

  A lot of people want to know.  How do I maintain such a high email open and email click through rates?  If you have followed me for any amount of time you know tag line is “Helping Network Marketers Build Their Business with Integrity, Honesty and Passion!”

  I carry that as my mission statement and I wrote it after I fell for a network marketing scam!

And, I swore I would NEVER cheat, lie, deceive or misrepresent my earnings in the hopes of making more.

I know, strange opening for an Email Marketing article.  But, I had to set the stage so people understand the REAL message here.

   If you have attempted Email Marketing, then you should know:

  • It’s not as easy as sending out blast emails to a subscribers list;
  • It’s not about writing fancy subject lines hoping to manipulate someone into opening an email;
  • And, it’s not about having a list so big that you can use a “shotgun” approach, hoping SOMEONE buys!

     In case you were not aware of the uphill battle you will be facing with Email Marketing, take a look at the numbers:

  • Expect 10 of out of 100 of your subscribers to open your email;  after opening your email:
  • Only ONE out of the ten (statistically) will click-through and visit your site or offer!

Now, take it one step further.

    If you hope to make a sale, THEN you have to pray that the one person who did clicked through to your offer buys it!

Kind of disheartening, I know!

It is a daunting task, one that takes time, effort and skill to master.

On average Ten out of 100 will open your emails;

And, only ONE out of the TEN will Click the Link inside the email.

I know.  You may have never seen a post so honest before.

Every other post I have ever read on Email Marketing praises it and expresses how much money you and I can make utilizing it.  And, you can.

There is a solution.  And, it’s really not that hard.

Both my open rate and CTR are three times the industry average (see below) and reader engagement is as strong as ever.

What are Email Click Through Rates?

  Since I covered email open rates pretty extensively in How to Sky Rocket Your Email Open Rates.  We can save some time on that subject.

   But, it’s important to mention again, statistics show the average open rate of emails is a mere 10-12 percent.

Then, the next important aspect is the Email Click Through Rates.

They are really simple to understand.  Someone got your email with a link to your blog or website.  When they opened the email, did they click the link inside?  

     How many people receive the email divided by the number of people who clicked the link inside the email is called the “Email’s Click Through Rates.” 

And, industry standards show, only 1 in every 10 recipients actually click through.


Three Aspects to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign:

  1. The Open Rate;
  2. The Email Click Through Rates;
  3. And, the Sale.

While open rates show us who was curious about our content. An Emails Click Through Rates determine how interested a prospect is in our material.  But, only one in one hundred people will click the link provided in your email!

       This means that only about 1 in 100 people will open your emails and click through to your offer. So, it is VERY IMPORTANT to make following your links in your emails as easy as possible!

Tips to Increase Email Click Through Rates

     The whole point of sending an email is to have individuals click the link inside and go to our content or offer.  To achieve this, you will need a strong Call-to-Action.  The Call-to-Action is what will motivate your readers to click the link in the email.

       Call-to-actions are phrases that instruct the individual reading it to take action.  They are so important, yet few take the time to really understand their function and how to use them.

     Before haphazardly writing a call-to-action ask yourself these two questions:

  • “How Will Clicking the Link Help ME?” 

     This is the “What’s in it for me?” call-to-action. An excellent example of this is “Read how to…”  This call-to-action let’s the reader know EXACTLY what will happen if they click the link.  They will “Read how to….”

     There is no deception; no mystery.  If your reader clicks this call to action they are going to read how to accomplish a task.

  • Using Scarcity to Motivate Your List? 

Scarcity invokes fear of losing out.  And, it is one of the most effective call-to-actions you can use.

“Only 100 Seats Available…Reserve Your Seat Now!” works better than “Sign-up” or “Submit“.

Imagine you saw this Tweet on Twitter: I can’t believe I have ONLY 7 SPECIAL INVITES LEFT to Tonight’s 6-Figure Training!  If you’re going with me, Reserve Your Seat NOW! Click To Tweet

Think about it!

First, it’s by invite ONLY

Second,  it’s a SPECIAL Training (by 6-Figure Earners)…

Third, there is only have 7 Invites Left.  So, get in NOW or Miss Out!

No one likes to be left out, right?

Therefore, this is one of the best Calls-to-Action you can use to increase Email Click Through Rates!

     And, I might also add a special note, Sign-up or Submit gives the impression the reader can do it at anytime. But, Reserve Your Seat Now implies seating is limited and the reader needs to apply NOW if they hope to receive the benefit.


Goodness!  Sometimes, in my writings, I feel like Stephen King.  I think I have to explain every little detail (LOL).  But, I’m sure you get the point by now.   If you can answer the two questions above concisely and clearly, you’ll have a quality Call-to-Action.

Remember, before you just throw in a call-to-action in your emails, give them some thought.  What do you want them to do?  Why would they want to click on the link?  And, educate yourself more!

Your friend and Mentor,

-Bubbie Gunter A.A.C.M.


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