5 Email Marketing Strategies Explained

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The AVERAGE open rate for email marketing is around 10-12 %.  The suggestions here have helped me preserve an open rate between 35 – 48 %.  And, sometimes even 70% Email Open Rate!  Following these five awesome email marketing strategies can result in higher email open rates, higher click through rates, and sales!

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5 Email Marketing Strategies Explained

     Your goal in email marketing is to develop credibility in the eyes of your new prospect. Through your emails and content you present yourself as a professional in your field. In other words, it’s your time to shine!  You get to prove you are a worthy go to person. 

     It is true.  The fortune is in the “follow-up”.  But, not if the follow-up leads to failure!  This is why understanding basic email strategies are important.  You want to gently guide your prospect down your sales funnel, not shove your offer down their throuts. So…

Here are my Top 5 Leading DO’s when following up with your list:

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