Three Tips to Avoid When Emailing Your List


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     Now that you have decided to use email marketing as an online strategy, you should understand, there is more involved than simply sending your subscribers promotional newsletters or catalogs.  If you fell for the pie in the sky lie also, don’t worry…so did I!  By now I am sure you have learned it’s not as easy as just posting a link on Facebook to make money online.  It’s hard work.  But, you made it to Day 6 of the email marketing course.  Which, this proves your determination to succeed!
     So far we have covered:
  1.  The REAL Reason for High/Low Email Open Rates​​​​​​​
  2. Using Irresistible Offers
  3. What I Discovered!
  4. Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners
  5.  Writing the Perfect Introduction Letter
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Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners

4 Crucial Things You Need to Know When Building Your List

Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners

Hey there,
Glad to be back!
Today is your forth lesson. And, we will be reviewing:
Online marketing has exploded in the past few years.
     As more internet based business begin, the need to develop and refine your marketing skills and knowledge is essential. But, with more and more marketing strategies being developed to cope with the changing face of business in the business world, what can you do?  You go with a winning strategy that’s what! 

     Opt-In Email Marketing, also known as…

 Permission Based Marketing

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Permission Based Marketing

 Permission Based Marketing

Hey there!
Glad to be back!
Your doing great.
Today is your Forth Lesson on Email Marketing.  And…

     In case you have not noticed, Online Marketing has exploded in the past few years.  There is not a day that goes by someone isn’t on a social media platform “pitching” their latest affiliate products.  The problem is, most go about promoting their business or company wrong!
     So, it is your goal today to walk away with an understanding of:
  • What is Permission Marketing
  • Crucial Things You MUST Know If You Hope To Succeed
  • And, best of all, The OPPORTUNITY To UNLOCK The Whole Email Marketing Course Series AT ONCE!

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How to Energize & Improve Email Open Rates

How to Energize &

Improve Email Open Rates

How to get Higher Email Open Rates​​​​​​​


 When I began to study Email Marketing Strategies, I did an experiment. I joined 10 industry leader’s newsletters. I wanted to see what, if any, clues I could find from THEIR email campaigns that helped them achieve high email open rates.
   Sure, some used sexy subject lines. Others, I unsubscribed from all together.
   What was the common factor?
What made me anxious to open an email from one person and unsubscribe from another?   I was soon to discover…

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Aweber Communications: A Complete AWeber Review

Aweber Review

Aweber Communications: A Complete AWeber Review

    You may be new to network marketing and realize your need for an autoresponer.  Or, you may be a seasoned business person looking to raise your ROI.  The fact is, your business needs one if you hope to grow.  But, with all the noise, how can you make a knowledgeable decision and receiving the best product available?  I KNOW this complete Aweber Review assist you. Continue reading “Aweber Communications: A Complete AWeber Review”

How to Write Effective Blog Comments

   Has anyone ever complemented you, but you knew they were being sarcastic? Can’t a sarcastic person get under your skin faster than anything? Well, you know, its the same in the blogging community.  When professional bloggers see blog comments like “Great post!” or “Loved this post”, we know the comment isn’t sincere.  We view these types of comments as spam! And, if you do it you should stop!

Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to show enthusiasm and say something like ‘great post’ – but more importantly tell them WHY you think it’s a great post.  Because when you complement the author, most often then not, they will return the favor on your blog.

So, remember, when leaving your blog comments make sure to follow these proven techniques.

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What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing ?     Are you an Affiliate Marketer or Network Marketer? Do you know the difference? Because there is a vast difference between the two marketing strategies?  Even though they are closely related, there is a vast difference between the two?  And, understanding this difference may be the difference between your success or failure in your home business. So, what is network marketing and how does it work Continue reading “What is Network Marketing?”

What is a Network Marketer?

What is a Network Marketer-     After discovering what is network marketing, you will need to understand the role you will play as a network marketer.   But, exactly What is a Network Marketer?”  What are the everyday task?  What can you look forward to on your new journey?  What steps can you take to help ensure your success?

     If you were like me you believed network marketing was simple.  All you have to do is post links on Facebook or Twitter and the money would just roll in.  After endless hours of posting to social media, I still had nothing.  Then I learned what a TRUE Network Marketer was and everything changed! Continue reading “What is a Network Marketer?”

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate MarketingHas the concept of Affiliate Marketing escaped you? Well, before you give up your search, know this.  Thousands of people have learned to make MILLIONS of dollars using the Internet and Affiliate Marketing as a home based business!
But, where can YOU find affiliate products that will make you money? How can you promote your new affiliate products? And, what are the best affiliate marketing programs to join?  All of these are excellent questions.  Ones you must learn the answers to if you hope to succeed. But, before we can get to those answers, you must have a clear understanding of What is Affiliate Marketing.

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