A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Blogs Bounce Rate







     Today we discuss your blog or websites bounce rate.  We will begin with what is a “bounce rate”, the difference between a bounce rate and exit rate, and finally after you have a deeper understanding what you can do to reduce bounce rate and give your readers an enjoyable experience while visiting your site.

Do you feel stuck on an island with no one to talk to?  How do you convince people to sign-up with you if they don’t KNOW you!  Today, I cover how to come out of the Sea of Obscurity and make it to Social Media Stardom! Find out How to Build Your Personal Brand Online!

What is Network Marketing ?Did you know? 97% of people who begin a home business fail within the first year. Could it be because they didn’t know the REAL definition of network marketing? Before you embark on the journey to create network marketing strategies, you must first understand What is Network Marketing and How it Works. Beginning with the basics What is Network Marketing, author Bubbie Gunter guides the reader to a deeper understanding of what it will take to succeed in your home business. The truth here could be the difference between your success or failure in your home business. Don’t risk it. Read this post!

What is a Network Marketer-

Have you been at it a while but not seeing the results you hoped?  Are you new and hoping to find SOMEONE who can shed some light on this madness called Network Marketing?  Are there steps you can take as a network marketer to guarantee your success.  The answer is YES!  But, before you can begin counting all that money, you must first learn What is a Network Marketer 

How to Write Effective Blog Comments

Has anyone ever complemented you, but you knew they were being sarcastic? A sarcastic person can get under my skin in a heart beat.  Well, its the same for blog commenting.  When professional blogger see blog comments like “Great post!” or “Loved this post”, we know the comment isn’t sincere.  We view these types of comments as spam!

Get yourself noticed! When leaving your blog comments make sure to follow these proven techniques.

You clicked publish and now your post is Live!  Then, it’s over to Viral Content Bee to syndicate your new post.  After your submission to VCB,  now what.  Is it time to sit passively by and HOPE someone shares your content.  A behind the scene look at what you need to do after posting to the Content Syndication site called Viral Content Bee.

Discover what to do The Morning After your submission…

The Law ReciprocityThe formula to take your home business to the next level is here! And, the solution is simple: Reciprocity! Discover firsthand how author, Bubbie Gunter, struggled at first to build an empire from his home office. And, how by using Reciprocity as the secret ingredient in his Network Marketing business made all the difference…