Develop a LinkedIn Game Plan

Learn how to:

  • Get a vanity URL for your profile;
  • Learn how to SET UP A BLOG on LinkedIn;
  • Create a compelling and engaging Profile Page people will WANT to connect with;
  • Rapidly grow your professional connections within DAYS!
  • Position yourself as an authority within ANY niche and/or industry

In case you didn’t know it, nothing screams you are a PROFESSIONAL than a Vanity URL. And, you will quickly join their ranks when you get your new LinkedIn Vanity URL.

Plus, just the right Profile Page to draw your prospects in is essential to your success!

Want to look even more professional then you already do?  Then, creating a LinkedIn Company Page is what you have been needing.  The LinkedIn Company Page is so IMPORTANT, it will take a whole lesson to break it down this step-by-step process.  And, I tell you what else.

Around 85% of PEOPLE ON LINKEDIN doesn’t even know there WAS a company page on LinkedIn.

And, there’s more…

LinkedIn 5 Day Challenge Special Bonuses


Added Incentives

If becoming a LinkedIn Wizard in only five days isn’t enough!

When you join the 5 Day LinkedIn Challenge, you will immediately gain access Private Facebook and LinkedIn Groups!  We are a community of people just like you having the desire to learn more about LinkedIn Marketing!

Rather on Facebook or on LinkedIn, Community Groups are the breeding ground for relationship building with your new prospects.

And, there’s more…

After the LinkedIn 5 Day Marketing Challenge, I am beginning a TEN DAY INTENSIVE ATTRACTION MARKETING BOOT CAMP!  And, one lucky student among your class will receive a prize at that announcement at the beginning of the Boot Camp!

And, still more???


Seats are going to fill up fast, after I announce that I am also giving away a FREE 30 Minute Coaching Consultation!

During this call, together we will discuss where you are at in your home business.  What your goals are and what steps you will need to get you there!

Imagine, sitting on a beach, your phone beeps.  You are notified of ANOTHER COMMISSION TODAY!  All while you relax in whatever your hearts desire!

And, it begins with taking the LinkedIn Five Day Marketing Challenge!

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