The Law of Reciprocity | The Secret Ingredient in Network Marketing

Jesus shared a parable with His Disciples about the importance of sowing seed upon good, fertal ground.  Now, of course Jesus wasn’t talking about getting Facebook “Likes” for your business page.  His teaching was spiritual.

But, as you will see the law of reciprocity holds true for the Network Marketer as well.

Today, we discuss Reciprocity:

  • What is Reciprocity;
  • Why is using the Law of Reciprocity so important to building your business page; and,
  • How without it your business CAN NOT grow!  

What is The Law Reciprocity?

law of reciprocity

     The Law of Reciprocity dictates that you wish to receive an action from someone as a result of what you have done for them. It’s considered by many to be one of the most powerful forces which drives human behavior.

We have all heard of it.  “If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours!”  “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”  And, many more sagic quotes .

But basically, the law of reciprocity states:

“I did something nice for you;  Please do something nice for me in return.”

When used correctly, reciprocity compels someone to do something for YOU because you have helped them along the way – even if you haven’t asked them to.  It is the force that says, “I liked your page, Like mine back please.”  Or, “I followed you, now follow me back!”

It is how engaging audiences are built.

It’s how Network Marketing relationships are formed.

And, if you refuse to acknowledge its importance to your marketing strategy, your business will be doomed.

Using the Law of Reciprocity on Social Media

Every marketer knows.  It can take years to establish your business reputation online.  However, by using reciprocity you also can be reassured your Business Page will grow faster!

We see it in action everyday on Facebook! Post are published continuously requesting someone to “Like” their page.  And, in return, they will like yours.  In other words:

Do something to help grow MY page and in return I will help YOU grow YOURS.

We see the Law of Reciprocity in action on Twitter too.  “Follow Me…and I will Follow You!”

And, it is why many can call Social Media Marketing a success!

Using the Law of Reciprocity to Grow Your Following

I recently did a Facebook LIVE Broadcast where I shared that the size of your following doesn’t matter.  Rather you have 100, 1000 or 10,000 followers on Social Media, it doesn’t matter!

What matters MOST is are your followers ENGAGING with your content.  —

As you saw in this short video, I receive more engagement on my page with only six-thousand followers than most “influencers” get with 50,000 followers.  If you short changed yourself and didn’t watch it, you missed a treat.

Before you can hope to entice your audience to make purchases, you must first build an engaging audience INTERESTED in your content!

Don’t be a stick in the mud, share other people’s content.  And, they will share yours in return!


Network Marketing, especially for bloggers, is driven by reciprocity.

It is the one element most marketers miss.  Why?

Because they bring a sense of selfishness to their business.  They hope people read their material, share their post or follow them.  But, they never share, like or follow anyone but the “gurus.”  This is a DUMB strategy.

Extend courtesy, kindness, and respect to everyone and watch as your page engagements, shares and followers don’t increase!

If you are a Social Media Marketer, practice reciprocity everyday!

From experience I learned, it is the secret ingredient to success.  Even if the favors are small, they accumulate over time.  You will build trust and create a history of what to expect from your new friends.

Your Friend and Mentor,

Bubbie Gunter

-Bubbie Gunter A.A.C.M.
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