Is Ray Higdon’s Success REALLY Duplicatable?

If your in Network Marketing, then you had to have heard of Legendary Blogger Ray Higdon.  

I personally had never heard of Ray Higdon.

 But, my Mentor told me check out Ray Higdon.  “He’s different.” Dereco kept telling me.

Ray’s story is a little different.  He is not shy. 

He proudly boast of producing profits from his blog totaling over $50,000 A MONTH when only a few short years ago he was in financial foreclosure.

     And today, you find him all over the internet ALL OVER THE WORLD!

He boast of incomes to the tune of $500,000 IN ONE WEEKEND!

And is known to have sponsored 28 people into his company in 21 DAYS!

Now, I don’t particularly like the “rags-to-riches” stories you find all over the internet.

But, He understands struggle….

Is Ray Higdon's Success Duplicatable?

     Like a sleuth searching for clues, I watched every webinar searching for any inconsistency in his stories or teachings.

What I would soon uncover would soon shock me!  

And my conclusion left me wondering….

Is Ray Higdon’s Success Duplicatable?

Have you ever heard those stories about people who sponsor tons of people into their home business each month…and almost without any effort?  It makes you doubt did it really happen? 

Or, have you watched others move almost effortlessly up the company leader boards yet you yourself felt cemented in place.

I have.  And, it hurt. 

So, I know how it’s frustrating it is to hear of other people’s success (unless they give you the key to their success!)

Enter Ray Higdon

     Ray didn’t start out making millions a year online.  There was a time when even this Superman of Network Marketing felt helpless.  In 2009, He hid the fact of foreclosure from his family and friends.  He was close to bankruptcy.

Humiliated, he knew he had to do something to turn things around.  And, that is when he discovered Network Marketing and Online Blogging.

      “I remember having to stop at the payday loan service and pay THEM what I just made.  Then, turn right around and have to borrow again for my families survival next week!”


    He was sick and tired of knowing people were secretly laughing at him behind his back.  And, sometimes even to his face!

     The housing market may have crashed around Ray Higdon’s head.  But, he refused to give up.  He saw a new day dawning he believed. 

It was the age of the Internet. 

And, the whole world would soon become his audience!

Today, Ray Higdon regularly enjoys Multiple $5-Figure Months in Residual Income:

He doesn’t worry about the nay-sayers anymore.  

  • His affiliate program is ranked the # 1 Affiliate Program on the Planet.
  • He has amassed an “Email List” with OVER 100,000 Contacts!
  • And even out did himself by sponsoring MORE THAN 100 People in  a matter of days. 

I mean WOW, right! 

Who DOESN’T dream of these successes.

But, how did he do it?  How did he turn everything around and seamlessly become a blogging legend?

How You Can Make Money from Your Blog Too!

     Let’s be honest.  Attempting to write and sustain a successful blog can be frustrating sometimes.

Simply put…life sometimes intervenes and gets in your way, right?

But, here are four tips from the great Ray Higdon that didn’t let the stress of Foreclosure destroy him.

# 1 – He Realized It Was Going to be a Process

Ray gives us a look behind the curtain to his success in this first point.  he understood, he wasn’t going to be an overnight success.  It takes time…

“It wasn’t Hocus Pocus,” he shared in one interview.  He realized he had to learn the skills necessary to pull off his new profession.  And, he was willing to pay the price no matter what the cost.

     “It wasn’t Hocus Pocus and POOF, I was a success.  What changed was, I quickly recognized that learning to sponsor new people into my business was the best skill that I could possibly master to increase my income….”

Let me ask you a question.

What is the ONE thing you have been missing that has stopped your growth?  Have you had difficulty generating leads?  Lost on what to say to them?

Ray Higdon shares some valuable information on this topic.  While Lead Generation is important, the art of knowing how to close your leads are two entirely different things entirely.

And, if you want to be as successful as he is, then you will have to learn WHAT to say to your prospects when you talk to them.

# 2 – The Number One Skill-Set ANYONE Can Master

If you believe you have been having trouble sponsoring, and you’re thinking that the answer is to figure out how to get more leads, then you’ve never been more wrong.

You need to learn to become a master at sponsoring!

Let’s cut through the fog here.  If you don’t learn what to say to people to convince them to join you, you are dead in the water.

But, thankfully Ray Higdon isn’t a selfish person.  He opens up and shares with you how easy it is to convince almost anybody to join your MLM.

In fact, I learned more after spending only 90 minutes with Ray Higdon

My results were literally INSANE!

Within TWO WEEKS I was on the coveted Leadership Board AND was made a Leader Partner with the Largest Lead Generation Platform on the Planet!

And, the residual income increased…

# 3 – Your Notes Are Uncashed Checks

Ray Higdon     Remember, just 10 years ago, Ray Higdon was dead broke, in personal foreclosure, and drowning in debt.   Bill collectors were waiting around every corner and chasing him.  But, he was able to turn it all around!

If you ask him, he will tell you the one thing that changed everything was attending an MLM event with a friend.  During this event he learned to understand people’s wants, needs, and desires.

After the event, He took the notes and took action!  And, here is the problem most people have.

You can sit through 100’s of hours of webinar trainings and take all the notes you want.  But, if you never take action from those notes.  You will continue to tread water never going anywhere.

In other words, you have to TAKE ACTION on what you have learned!

    Convert your notes from each webinar you attend into blog post or Youtube trainings.

Share with your audience your new found knowledge and watch your online business grow

“The notes that you have been taking are uncashed checks. To cash them, convert those notes to online content with call to actions” Click To Tweet

This one tip has been more valuable to me then all other training’s I have had all together!


Are you getting enough leads, but just can’t convert them into your business?

This happens all too often. Because, nobody tells you how to sponsor, but wants to tell you how to get traffic and leads.

If you Learn HOW to Close Your Leads, everything will change in your online business!



“Are you doing everything your Upline told you and still not recruiting people to your business?  Then, do yourself a favor…Watch this amazing Step-by-Step Ray Higdon Training and start recruiting people into your business immediately.

The answer that could turn everything around for you could be just a simple tweek of your business strategy and you will find it in this amazing Secret Sponsoring Formula!


Thanks for reading…your feedback is important to me.

Do me a favor and comment below which of these tips have helped you.  And, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

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