IM Academy Review | A Fool-Proof Formula for Easy Sales and Sign-Ups

     The IM Academy Review is an online training portal for online beginners and intermediate marketers to get the tools and training they need to make a difference in their business.

They have over 275 Online Training Courses and 2,514 Training Videos ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn Marketing to “How to Launch Your Own Products” to study from.

Out of necessity, it was first conceived by Frank Andres and Arpana Phillips.

Finding themselves living day-to-day and struggling along the way, like tens of thousands of others, they started looking for online opportunities to help ends meet.

And, like tens of thousands of others, they joined lead generation platforms that promised amazing results and and dreams of success.

But, they were soon heartened to learn most were designed to take your money not help you create an actual income online!

Network Marketing Mastery     However, something different happened for Frank and Arpana!

Because, 7 years later they are traveling around Central America living the laptop lifestyle.

They have business meetings by the Ocean, explore Myan ruins together, learn the local cultures and just chill out and enjoy life.

But, what changed?

Arpana discovered the secret sauce to building an online marketing business.

And now, they run an Online Business Academy for beginners (and advanced) students that spans the globe!  IM Academy Review

The Birth of IM Academy Review

Frank had one problem with Arpana’s plan.

He couldn’t figure out how they could benefit from (or make a sustainable online income) by selling a simple FIVE DOLLAR product.

Arpana just smiled and just said, “Listen….”

IM Academy couldn’t fail because it would provided What Every Marketer Needs

Quality tools & instructional training that get results at a price you can afford!

(NOTE: IM Academy provides a min of $100 in new tools and training each month with your enrollment)

“While similar training portals cost a hundred dollars or more”, she said, “IM Academy would topple other online training portals prices by slashing enrollment fee to only $5 for students!”

Frank, of course, joined with Arpana and her plan against his own wishes.

But, then she practically made Him insane with her next offer!

She wanted to make the pot even sweeter for beginning marketers by establishing an Affiliate Program like no other…keep reading!

The IM Academy Affiliate Program

Frank admitted that he realized things were tight for the common marketer.

And, like themselves, most of the time any money budgeted had to go to the “Home” and not a “Home Business”.

So, He agreed with Arpana.

The IM Academy would pay 100% of all referral enrollment fees to their affiliates!

Could this be right?

  • I enrolled for Five Dollars in the IM Academy
  • I paid the money to the IM Academy, BUT…
  • They paid it to the affiliate that referred me!
  • And, when I refer someone for enrollment, I receive the Enrollment Fee!

He said that was EXACTLY how it works!

But, do you want to know the truth,” He asked.

“The IM Recruiter’s money really doesn’t come from the five dollars enrollment fee they get.

When someone comes on board with you at IM Academy, they will be lost.

They will count on you to be there to answer their questions about the different Courses and Video Training.”

In other words, you become an instant authority figure and mentor to your new prospect that signed up!

Watch why in this IM Academy Review – A Walk Through Their Back Office

Through mentorship, relationships are built.  A bond of trust is forged and friends are made.  And, it is the know, like and trust factor that even more money goes into your pockets! IM Academy Review

“The affiliates help their prospects learn about the system, answer their questions and build relationships.  THAT’s where the REAL money is” – Frank Andres

IM Academy Review

     I’m sure you already know, people like to buy from people they know, like and trust.  And, nothing builds this relationship faster then when you show you care, help them out and direct them to the way to fast track their business.

So, here are a few tips to help you cultivate that relationship with your new prospect.

  • Introduce them to the IM Academy back office,
  • Show them how to navigate the site with ease;
  • Help them find just the right course they were looking for…

I use this approach EVERY TIME someone enrolls in the IM Academy.  I become their mentor.  I walk them through the back office.  I show them how to access JUST THE RIGHT TRAINING’S they need to fast track their business!

It works!

Now a day never goes by that someone is asking ME what do I do as a marketer online.  THEN, I get to share with them MY business opportunity.

Conclusion | IM Academy Review

     After reading this, I think your choice is clear.  Say, “YES! I want instant access to the IM Academy’s vast network marketing library with all the bells and whistles”

Imagine, for a moment, that it’s a year from today and you didn’t get instant access to EVERY TRAINING YOU WILL EVER NEED TO SUCCEED and use it all you want for 30 days!

After years of following all the “Guru” sales nonsense that didn’t work, I decided to give Frank and  Arpana a chance.

The difference was night and day for me and I believe it will be for you.

Give the “The Giveaway Guy” a chance and watch this amazing Copy Writing Webinar!

Within 60 days He created enough leads and sales that He was able to replace his JOB income.

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  1. Thanks for a thorough and detailed post. I’ve struggled with network marketing in the past because I had to convince people to buy products they didn’t really need, but (affordable) business training is something that there’s an actual need for. Also, I like how you point out the importance of being a mentor and building relationships by providing value.

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