Has anyone ever complemented you, but you knew they were being sarcastic? Can’t a sarcastic person get under your skin faster than anything? Well, you know, its the same in the blogging community.  When professional bloggers see blog comments like “Great post!” or “Loved this post”, we know the comment isn’t sincere.  We view these types of comments as spam! And, if you do it you should stop!

     Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to show enthusiasm and say something like ‘great post’ – but more importantly tell them WHY you think it’s a great post.  Because when you complement the author, most often then not, they will return the favor on your blog.

      So, remember, when leaving your blog comments make sure to follow these proven techniques.

Introduce Yourself

Blog comments tip #1

 The best blog comments start with a greeting.  You would not just walk up to a stranger and start talking to them would you?  Of course not.  Before beginning a dialog, you would introduce yourself first right?  Well, it’s the same in blog commenting.  This would be your first introduction to the author.  Take a moment and introduce yourself.

      Your introduction doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) long.  Something simple as, “Hi (author’s name), I’m Bubbie”….. will do then proceed with your comment.

Add a Personal Note to Your Blog Comments

      Relating something about your background, experience, or your expertise helps establish your expertise in what you are about to say.  It raises the “curiosity” level.  Both the author and future readers of the post will wonder who you are.

Some small bit of information about yourself is all that is needed.

“After networking online for the last 3 years…”

“As a beginning Amazon Affiliate I struggled with some of the same problems mentioned here…”

     People like to connect with like minded individuals.  Adding a personal note also shows your a flesh and blood visitor.  Just don’t overdo it.  This is not the time to tell your “Story”.  Something simple that expresses, not screams, “Check me out” is good enough.

Ask Questions in Your Blog Comments

ask questions in your blog comments

This is one of my favorite blog comment tip of all.  Why? Because EVERYONE benefits from a question being asked in a blog comment!

  • It gives the author another chance to show his/her expertise on the topic.
  • It gives the author a chance to refer people to another post on his that will answer that particular question.
  • It gives the author a chance to address a questions others may have as well.
  • And, it gives YOU the opportunity to meet the author for the first time.

 As a final thought, you shouldn’t consider Blog Comments as a task to be preformed.  It is a way to connect with the author.  If done correctly, it builds a bond between you and the author.

Dereco Cherry

     Dereco Cherry has been helping network marketers unlock the code to online success since 2010.  He is a Leader Partner in the Largest Lead Generation Program on the planet.  His expertise has lifted his blog to rank in the top 100 Network Marketing Blogs on the internet.  Got questions for Dereco?   Fill free to contact him HERE


Hey friends,

     Bubbie here.  I hope you enjoyed the wisdom Dereco Cherry shared here.  After seeing and receiving so many spam comments on different post, I felt it important to share with you the proper way to leave blog comments.

If you don’t mind, please share this post…Thanks. – Bubbie Gunter

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7 thoughts on “How to Write Effective Blog Comments

  1. Inspirational Blogger here and I can say in all my years of reading blogs, I have never seen one on how to leave an effective blog comment. I am going to share this blog post. Really great insights. Thanks so much for sharing much value here. 🙂 I guess it all goes back to the Golden Rule, right? 🙂

    1. Hi LT.
      Yes, while researching, I found several articles on the importance of blog commenting. But, no one had one on how to do it effectively! Thank you for your kind words. If you would like to connect with me personally feel free to MESSAGE ME HERE

  2. Good insights here Dereco and Bubbie.

    Huge fan of authentic blog commenting. I learned how to comment from stars like Donna Merrill and Adrienne Smith, back when Adrienne was in the blogging niche. She has since moved on but had a major impact on me.

    If you just share your thoughts in genuine fashion, and spend a few minutes doing so, you will publish effective blog comments wherever you show up.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How to Get Featured on Blogging From ParadiseMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Ryan. And, good to connect with you. You’re correct. I always put my all into every comment or answer I give on Q & A Sites. Blog commenting is like handing your business card to the author.

  3. Good advice here. I don’t leave comments unless I have more than two words to say! It frustrates me as a blogger when people leave one word or two word comments on my posts. I’ve even had blank comments before! I much prefer the thoughtful and longer comments where I can tell the reader has really engaged with the article.

    1. Absolutely my thoughts to Victoria. Some hear that leaving Blog Comments are good for SEO backlinks and that is all they want. But, what they don’t understand is leaving a one or two word comment may get you a backlink, Google takes notice of the length of the comment and considers one or two word comments spam. That’s why I won’t approve them…
      Your thoughts? (or anyone else?)

  4. Great strategies. The email course looks quite promising. Can’t wait to start my free course!

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