Using Twitter Cards to Grow Your Blog and Business

Using Twitter Cards to Grow Your Blog and Business

In the video below, I share how a company failed miserably when it tweeted out a promotion they had decided to run.  It was a beautifully crafted Tweet.  Copy for the image was fantastic. I can imagine them counting the cash as their new promotion took off.

But, their campaign fell short!  Engagement continued to decline.  Hardly anyone followed through to their page. And eventually, the ad finally tanked!


They used the Ol Fashion method and just “Tweeted” their message out instead of using a Twitter Card!

If you implement what you are about to read, your Twitter Marketing is going to EXPLODE…

Here’s why Using Twitter Cards would have been more effective…

Tweet Images vs Using Twitter Cards Images

Enough studies have been conducted to give you a headache on what ranked higher: Tweets with images or Tweets without images.

Would one help to magically increase engagement to the website while the other collapsed?

Does a regular Tweet -vs- a Twitter Card REALLY matter that much?

After running my own split test I discovered:

The average impression for tweets without images were 1,830.  Tweets WITH images ranked an amazing 4,685!

     Get the F*** Out of Here!

This meant that Tweets WITH images during my test outperformed Tweets without by a staggering 115%.

TWICE as many people saw the tweet with images then the Tweet without them.

So, we learned, Tweets with images – vs – Tweets without images is a no brainer!

The Difference Between a Using a “Tweet” Image and Using a Twitter Cards Image

fireworks     Now, there is a vast difference between a Tweet with an image and a Twitter Card.  When you click an image in a Tweet, it expands and provides details of the image.  There are no fireworks.  There are no brass bands playing.


Because, if you are a marketer of ANY kind, the goal isn’t to get them to EXPAND the image.  It is to get them to your site!  Plain and simple.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Capture Page, your Blog, your company page,  the overall goal is to make it as easy as possible to get your audience to its final destination.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards

home run     It’s been a whole new ball game since using Twitter Cards came on the scene.  Businesses love them because they turn ordinary images into a clickable links!

When an individual clicks the image, they are immediately  taken to your company’s website, your capture pages, and thousands of other Twitter Lead Generating Ideas you could possibly think of.

The important thing to remember is that when individuals click the image in your Twitter Card, they are taken right then to your desired destination.

In other words, they were created to help drive traffic to your websites or blogs!

The creation of Twitter Cards has added an enhanced experience that regular ol’ Tweets didn’t give.  They increased a websites traffic DRAMATICALLY vs simply clicking the Tweets image.

In the video below, I walk you step-by-step through the process.  I apologize right now for the audio.  We were experiencing yet ANOTHER storm here in Louisiana.  But, I felt this lesson was important enough to get to you NOW!

(P.S. You will have to sign up for the Twitter Ads Account first – but don’t worry it’s free)


As a good practice, I always make ALL of my Blog Post using Twitter Cards.  This is so that when the featured image is clicked, they are taken directly to that blog post!

It’s a simple one click and access to the material they were curious about!

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Best wishes,

Your friend and Mentor,

Bubbie Gunter

Bubbie Gunter

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Author of five eBooks including “Facebook on Fire: The Five Pillars of Facebook Marketing“, He spends his day helping Network Marketers like yourself build their home business, generate leads and make sales.

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