How to Syndicate a Blog Post on Facebook | The Correct Way

In today’s every growing internet exposure, there are so many ways to drive traffic to your blog, it’s insane.  Yet, many beginning bloggers struggle with this very issue. In today’s post, I address the question – How to Syndicate a Blog Post on Facebook | The Correct Way.

As the internet continues to grow, there is no shortage of blog syndication sites anyone can join.   And, anyone who knows me at all knows I LOVE Viral Content Bee for syndicating blog posts.  Not only are the the BEST content syndication sites on the world wide web, to increase blog traffic is as simple as sharing other members content!

  Content Syndication is the process of placing your blog post, article, video or any piece of web-based content on sites that members of that site share to their audience. Click To Tweet

But, I don’t have to search the vast universe of the internet to get free traffic to my blog.  And neither do you!

   Content Syndication from Facebook Groups have helped SKYROCKET my Social Media exposure.  But, exactly what is content syndication?

How to Syndicate a Blog Post in Facebook Groups

How to Syndicate a Blog Post

Content Syndication is the process of placing your blog post, article, video or any piece of web-based content on sites that members of that site share to their audience.

Syndicating content in Facebook Groups is simple, great for relationship building and just plain out fun, it’s almost criminal.

One particular FB Group I found that was fun to engage with was The Syndication Nation.

This is one On FIRE Group.  

The concept is simple really.

When you  Join The Syndication Nation, you are first asked to like that days Promotional Thread.  This is so that Facebook will take notice that the Group is active.

    After you have “Like” the days thread, you are then allowed to comment on that thread your request for blog post shares, social media follower, page post engagements, and more.

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Using Content Syndication

It actually is exciting to click the refresh button to see if anyone else visited my blog.  And, the BEST thing about it is WHERE the traffic comes FROM!

Sunday – Sunday is your first chance in the week to Syndicate a Blog Post.

Members get to list any blog post you would like to generate traffic.  But, you don’t have to stop there! List your blog post and request shares or comments too.

Here is what a Sunday Promotional Thread Looks Like

Monday – Increase your Facebook Page Followers by adding your Page to the Monday comment thread. You can see in the image below how it seems that almost all of a sudden my Page EXPLODED?

Tuesday  – I have to admit. I started using Pinterest for marketing in the beginning of my online career. But, I just could not see the ROT (Return on Time) I was wasting.

Then, I found out EXACTLY how to using pinterest for blog traffic.

It’s easy.

  • Add a Pinterest Pin you would like repinned in the Comments Section of the Promotional Thread and the ENTIRE Community that sees your comment will reply!

I have received upwards of FIFTY (50) Repins in a SINGLE DAY!

Now, THAT’S Pinterest Power!

What Pinterest Marketer doesn’t want THAT!

Wednesday  – Blog Promotion day again.  It is the same as Sunday, but another opportunity to get traffic, shares, likes and comments to another post.

Thursday – Thursday’s are reserved for blog traffic too.  However, the focus this day is for “Comments” to your blog.

content syndication

My favorite strategy here is to post my blog article in the Promotional Thread Comment section.  

Then, I will share and/or comment on at least 4-5 members blog articles.

  This ensures I get 4-5 personal shares and/or comments from engaging with members post on the thread. AND, I will get shares and/or comments because my Article is listed in the main Comment Directory!

Friday – Any Promotion Day!  Promote yourself, your products or your services on Friday’s thread.  Or, continue on with requesting more traffic to your blog.

The decision is left up to you.

Saturday –   It’s back to being all about building a highly targeted following on Saturday at the Syndication Nation.

Administrators of The Syndication Nation

The administrators for The Syndication Nation are professional Network Marketers with over 40 Years Combined Experience.

    They run a tight ship and make sure everyone follows the rules and that EVERYONE gets a chance everyday to share something.

Bubbie Gunter from Network Marketing Mastery

Content Syndication Sites

No one knows struggling to building a substantial Online Business like Bubbie Gunter from

He began his network marketing career after  being laid off from his construction job.

   Forced to find a income to replace the one lost, he joined a lead generating platform and sat at the feet of 6 and 7 Figure Earners.

    He has over 1000 hours of webinar training under his belt.  And, is well qualified to sponsor members into the Syndication Nation.

Dereco Cherry from

Dereco Cherry’s Blog at was recently Ranked in the Top Fifty Network Marketing Blog.  So, it is good to see such a professional blogger willing to help beginners in need.    .

But, he didn’t start there.

    Dereco’s humble upbringing made him like any other teenager, He had dreams and aspirations of becoming successful.

    His hunger for success only grew after Joining My Lead System Pro (the world’s largest lead generation platform on the planet).

Zach Loescher (a.k.a. The Residual Genius)

A 20 year veteran First Responder turned Networking PRO. Zach (a.k.a. The Residual Genius) brings his diverse background of EMS, health & fitness, Coaching, and Leadership skills to the networking field.

   His passion for helping others has shown in his 20 year career in emergency medicine and his coaching other networkers the ins and outs of social media marketing, lead generation, and attraction marketing.

Eric HineThe Marketer With Heart & Compassion How to Syndicate a Blog Post

Family man and former Canadian Soldier, Eric Hine has dedicated his life to being there to help others.

    He brings this passion with him as a Group Administer of The Syndication Nation!

    He oversees the Group’s Promotional Thread making sure each member fulfills the duty required to post.  And, if a mistake is made, He is present to gently guide you.

     All in all, the Admins for this group are professionals. They KNOW what it takes to plan out a social media strategy. And, they have made it easy for you.  All you have to do is follow the rules.


How to Syndicate a Blog Post on Facebook The Correct Way

If you are in a hurry to get traffic to your blog, then I highly suggest joining The Syndication Nation.  

Within only MINUTES on this content syndication sites, your post can be shown to 100’s of influential bloggers and they are ready, willing and able to share it for you to their audience!

  You can get targeted traffic EVERYDAY because of your post in the content syndication sites like The Syndication Nation and I have met some awesome friends there too!

The Syndication Nation
“Rise of The
Syndication Nation”
Own It Today!


“Rise of The Syndication Nation”

Own It Today!

P.S. Want to learn more about the Syndication Nation, Download their FREE eBook, “Rise of The Syndication Nation” Right HERE

Syndication Nation


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  1. This was a new post with new ideas to syndicate your blog post. I downloaded the free ebook, then quickly sent in my application to join the ‘The Syndication Nation’ Facebook group.

    1. Hi Bernadette. I received your application and you have been approved to promote your blog post, request followers and more in the Syndication Nation!


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