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You’ve done it.  You pressed the Publish button and now your blog post is Live!  Now what?  Now you learn How to Promote a Blog with Two Incredibly Easy Methods!

 Blogging can be a fun adventure.  Or, you can learn to make money online blogging.  Which ever you choose, you know there is a certain satisfaction when you blog about something you are passionate about.  Once your post is finished and the publish button pressed, your job as a blogger is just beginning.  Now, your faced with making sure your post gets on the information highway (the internet) instead of it resting on some country back road no one ever sees.  Now what?

     Well, if you know anything about SEO, then you know Social Shares are the #1 ranking factor on Google, Bing and other search engines!

     What are Social Shares and why are they important to Google.  It shows them just how many people viewed your content and liked it enough to share with your friends.  The more people that like, comment and share your content, the more popular Google thinks your site is becoming.  And, they recommend it to other people (i.e. through their search engine).

     With Social Shares being so important to your blogs growth, I thought it would be a good idea to write this post to help you along.

     So, here are my two picks for you on how to promote your blog post, get traffic and Social Shares all in two places.

#1 – How to Promote a Blog on Viral Content Bee

     Viral Content Bee was the first content syndication platform I learned about when I began.  And, I still use it today! It is a free traffic sharing platform that you can use to promote your blog or increase website traffic.  To promote your blog post on Viral Content Bee you will need credits.  You earn credits by either:

  • When you share content belonging to someone else, you receive credits.
  • Or, you can upgrade your account and receive free credits.

     Depending on my “credits” I usually average about 15-20 Social Shares a DAY!  That is AMAZING! And, that is just from this site.  

   I could not tell you how much posting my blog post has driven traffic to my blog! 

     In the video below, I discuss How to promote your blog and advertise for free and get TONS of traffic.

     Now, the first thing you may notice about this video is the first part focuses on how to share OTHER PEOPLES content.  In the beginning, I didn’t like the idea of sharing someone elses content on my pages.  I mean I’m working hard to build a following.  Why would I want to show them someone elses content?  The answer is, It’s Ok.  Your fans/followers appreciate diverse of topics and you build a “trust” with them.  Your not just some pushy salesman.

     I can not stress enough how important Viral Content Bee has been to the success of my blog!

#2 – How to Promote a Blog on Triberr

 how to promote a blog    Triberr is a content syndication site.  I know.  I know. You might be thinking. “Whooo…Content Syndication?  What the hell is that?!”  But, it’s simple.

     Let’s use your blog post for example.  Now that it is published, you want to receive as many visitor as possible to your site, right?  You don’t want to remain on the back roads of the information highway forever!  Don’t forget also, Google takes several factors in mind before promoting your content to it’s first page search results.  And, one of the most important ranking factor is social shares!  This is what makes King!

how to promote your blog     The reach on Triberr is amazing.  There are HUNDREDS of other Bloggers on the site.  Everyone is friendly in the communities (Tribes).  And, most importantly you can get 100’s of shares a week or even days!  From the moment you become a member of a tribe, they can begin sharing your post to their social media friends and followers.  But, if you do not share other bloggers post, you will be kicked out of the tribe.

     But, it’s ok.  We talked about it already.  Your fans and followers will enjoy a diverse post from you.  Break up your page with new post and add fresh new content your followers will appreciate.

     Go ahead and Begin to promote your blog HERE.

     Once you are Registered, you can search for one of my tribes.  Beginners usually start in Blog Boost Tribe After you watch this short Introduction to Triberr, you have any questions, just ask them in your tribe community and someone will answer if I am not around at the moment.

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Does Triberr work?  Well, if you know my story, then you know we just went through the Great Louisiana Flood of 2012.  Almost half our State was underwater!  I lost everything:  my notes,  the hard copy of all five of my ebooks, everything.  But, I didn’t let the trama of the past year hold me down.  I went to work.  And, 35 days later, thanks to Triberr, I have a potential reach of over 1 MILLION people to my content.

Finding Tribes

     Very important to understand.  I made a terrible mistake when I joined Triberr.  I thought the more tribes I was in the more people would see my content.  And, they did.  However, they didn’t find my content “Shareable” so what did I accomplish by joining dozens of tribes?  Nothing!

     You don’t want to just jump into tribes blindly.  You want to give it some thought.  Make sure you believe your content will be a good fit for that tribes audience.

     Once you have found a tribe you liked, look at the content in their stream.  See if you think it would be right for your target audience.  If you like their content you simply click “Follow”  The Chief of the Tribe will receive a notice that you want to join the tribe.

how to promote a blog Join My Tribe!

Experience Explosive Growth

Get Social Shares EVERYDAY Free!

This point is Crucial!  Now you have to request a “Promotion”

     Right now you can see their content and I can share theirs.  But, they can’t see mine or share mine because I am not a full fledged member of the tribe yet.  It is important to make sure you understand how to promote a blog on Triberr.

     After following a tribe you can request to the Chief to be “Promoted” as a full member.  Once you are approved and you are a member of the tribe, everyone can now see your post and share your content.

Best Wishes,

– Bubbie Gunter



P.S  – As important as Social Shares are to your Google Page Ranking, there is another factor you REALLY need to consider; that is blog commenting.  If you are a beginning blogger and want to get your blog ranked on Google, then I HIGHLY SUGGEST you read my other post “How to Write Effective Blog Comments

14 thoughts on “How to Promote a Blog: Two Incredibly Easy Methods

    1. Hi Penelope. You are one of my favorite Triberrs! If you think Triberr is awesome your going to love VCB. When it comes to blog syndication I have not found another more powerful way to get my blog shared then Triberr and VCB.
      Girl, do I know about not having enough “Time in a day” lol. Time haunts us all. The key is adding VCB to your syndication strategy IMMEDIATELY upon posting a new article. Here is what I do IMMEDIATELY after publishing a new article;
      1) Share that article from my site itself; (3 Min)
      2) Check Triberr and make sure the RSS feed worked properly; (1 min)
      3) Add the article to VCB (5 min)
      So in 10 minutes I have these three task accomplished. Then, any articles I used for research, I revisit and leave a nice comment (see How to Write Effective Blog Comments). THIS is what takes the most time of all! But, must be done. If I quoted an article from someone else and linked back to their post, this gives MY article a one-two punch. Our blogs are connected now with a link from my site to theirs and the comment will link back to MINE! So, its a full circle.

      We will be beginning a new series called “Syndication Nation” at Branding YOUniversity soon giving our students the full scope of what needs to be done to get your blog noticed. It’s going to be EPIC!

      As for “time in a day”. Most frown when I say their is no such monster as “Time Management”. Time goes by one second at a time with or without us. So, it is important to manage OURSELVES in time. This is why I have created automated strategies for most of my marketing during the day. To help you save “time” I suggest checking out Commun It. Sign up is free and I could not do the things I do without it!
      If you have any questions, you can contact me here!

  1. You’re in really an excellent writer! In addition, the articles here are masterpieces. You have done a fantastic job explaining on the topic of email marketing! Can’t wait to read more

    1. Hi James,
      Thank you for such a wonderful complement! I strive hard to bring the best I can to the table. Thanks also for subscribing. There is now a FASTER way to receive updates. Find out more HERE!

    1. LOL Sorry GiGi. I can’t do it for you but the video should give you a good head start. Then make sure after signing up for Triberr you request to enter one of my Tribes. Just search in the Triberr search bar my name “Bubbie Gunter”. Follow me, then request a promotion inside one of the tribes… Great to hear from you again. – Bubbie –

  2. Thank you for this post Bubbie, I know I have heard of both of these sites but have never done anything with them. I will look into them now that you have brought them back into my vision. Very well written and informative. Thank you.

  3. Hey Bubbie,

    Thanks for reminding me about Viral Content Bee. I used to be an active member on it a long ago I think I should rethink about it.

    And as for the Triberr I was more than satisfied with the results. Triberr really lands my content right in front of like-minded influencers. And getting a social share from those identities is an amazing approach I can get for FREE.

    Both mentioned tools are just awesome.

    Alok Rana

    1. It was my pleasure to write this article. I noticed most on Triberr have problems navigating the site. I believe more people would be active if they understood better how Triberr works. So, I found that introduction video to help them. Feel free to bookmark this page for anyone new to your tribe so they can get a better understanding of how Triberr works and how to promote a blog.

    1. Thanks for sharing that thought with us Tim. I agree. Content Syndication only works if the tribe has an active membership. Our group in Triberr is very active and growing everyday. We welcome ALL serious bloggers who understand the importance of Social Shares and Blog Commenting to join Blog Boost on Triberr.

  4. Thank you for this post. I’m struggling with social media shares and I never heard of these sites before. I’m going to give them a try, let’s see if I can make it work. 🙂

    1. Hi Anna, it’s a pleasure to meet you. And, if you registered with Triberr, be sure to apply for Blog Booster Tribe. We are active in Social Sharing and blog commenting and would love to have you….

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