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    Bubbie Gunter

    Where can I get free images for my blog post?


    Bubbie Gunter

    I can remember in the beginning of my online career this was a very important question to me!
    I can remember my mentor, Dereco Cherry, admonishing me time and again to cherish my blog. “It is going to be the hub of all my other marketing,” he would say.
    One of the biggest fears he installed in me was to be 100% Sure I didn’t use a Copy Righted image.

    Years of hard work and dedication could be lost by simply using an image you found on Google. Google understood this and has fixed the problem.

    When searching inside of Google Images, Google has installed a Tab called “Tools”. If you click it you are presented with a drop down menu called “Usage Rights”.

    After clicking “Labeled for Reuse” any image Google shows can be used in your publications.

    I got a short video on my blog where I walk you visually through the steps. Visit – Where to Get Free Images for Blog Post to see the video…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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