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    Bubbie Gunter

    What is a blogs “Bounce Rate”?


    Bubbie Gunter

    A blog bounce rate is when you receive a visitor to your site and they ONLY VISIT that page!
    Most will tell you the average blog bounce rate is around 70-80 percent. But, I debunk that myth in my post where I show my blog bounce rate to be below 6%! A Complete Guide to Understanding Blog Bounce Rate.
    Blog Bounce Rate Below 6%


    Bubbie Gunter

    ** U P D A T E **
    In the Great Flood of 2016, residents of Louisiana found themselves fleeing the flood with nothing but the cloths on their back. I was one of residents that lost everything – well everything but this ol computer 🙂

    My point of sharing that story is that my blog HAD a bounce rate below 6%.

    Once everything was back to normal and I was able to get back on line and to my Community, I discovered my bounce rate had risen to 100%!

    Right now, after checking its analytics, we rest on an 80% blog bounce rate.
    This may sound terrible but the fact is its GREAT NEWS!~

    Now, I must practice what I preached in A Complete Guide to Understanding Blog Bounce Rate.


    From 100% blog bounce rate to 80% is a 20% drop!

    Subscribe to this thread if you would like to be kept updated on how low I can get it and how fast can we get it there!


    Bubbie Gunter

    Great day today on my site!
    Blog drops below 80% bounce rate
    Blog Bounce Rate Experiment

    Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with the updates and receive tips on how I am doing it!

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    Bubbie Gunter

    ** U P D A T E **
    bounce rate update
    Bounce Rate drops 6 % in 7 days!
    It has been hovering over this spot all week.
    Today, I will implement one of the strategies listed in “A Complete Guide to Understanding Blog Bounce Rate


    Bubbie Gunter

    ** U P D A T E **

    Amazing Update for today July 19, 2018

    Today’s blog bounce rate hits below 70% since the Flood and starting over!!!
    Blog Bounce RateBlog Bounce Rate

    Steadily on the decline.
    The guru’s would tell you 66% blog bounce rate is great.

    Bull, tell your blogger friends to join in and watch how low we can get it…

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    Tip of the Day for Lowering Blog Bounce Rate – You would want to add the Table of Contents Plus Plug-in by Word Press
    Adding this plug in allows your visitors to choose EXACTLY what part of your article they are looking for.


    Bubbie Gunter

    ** U P D A T E **

    July 19, 2018 (three days later)
    Blog Bounce Rate

    I would call it a good three days! Bounce rate droped a percent..but most importantly the Session Duration rose 16 Percent!

    According to Google, the concept of a Session in Analytics is important to understand because many features, reports, and metrics depend on how Analytics calculates sessions.

    And, according to Brett Romero, a long time Google Analytics User and web developer, “Session duration, in simple terms, is the amount of time a single user spent clicking around your website, before either leaving, or until they took no action for 30 minutes (i.e. the session went idle).”

    Subscribe to this thread to follow me as a dramatically drop my bounce rate!


    Bubbie Gunter

    ** U P D A T E **

    July 24, 2018

    Bounce Rate and Session Duration
    Users fell a small percent BUT Blog Bounce Rate hits 60%!

    What is most impressive and what I am happy with is the Session Duration.

    Session Duration breaks down like this:
    Someone visits your site and stays for one minute. Your Session Duration = one minute!
    Two people visit your site: One stays on your site for one minute. The other person stays 30 seconds and leaves. Your Session Duration is 45 Seconds!

    According to my Google Analitics, my Session Duration is 54 seconds. This means all of my visitors divided by how long each person stayed equaled my Session Duration.

    But, just 54 Seconds! Why would that excite me?

    Well, according to Visma:
    * The average session duration for traffic coming in from Google organic search is 53 seconds.
    * The average session duration for direct traffic is 1 minute and 50 seconds.

    Therefore, this shows me that the blog bounce rate fell to 60 Percent AND the Session Duration is now “Average”….

    Tip of the Day for Lowering Blog Bounce Rate – Be sure to add internal links to other post on your blog. You will notice at the end of each post I list a “Related” section.
    When a visitor enjoys the topic they found on your blog, you want to recommend a congruent post for them to check out!

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