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    Bubbie Gunter

    How can I sell affiliate products without a website?



    Hi Bubble,

    James here.

    The best way to sell affiliate products without a website is to:

    • Create a Word Document with content relevant to the offer you want to sell; and,
    • Then link your keywords and bonuses Lead Magnets) inside the document to your affiliate link.
    • Once you complete the document you then save it as a PDF.
    • You then submit the PDF to the PDF sites like SlideShare which is owned by LinkedIn so you can expect lots of traffic.

    If you use SlideShare then try and make the document over 4 pages because it then turns your LINKS Live, which means they are clickable.

    Also google reads PDF’s so it will find your links inside pdfs. This is also why it is good to turn your blog posts into PDF’s and submit them for MORE traffic.

    Another great method is to take your article and post it on IBOToolBox which is free to join and they have a great PR Distribution section on it where you can earn Banner Impressions for your articles.


    Bubbie Gunter

    Hi James,
    Good to hear from you! WOW…did you drop some gold nuggets here…

    Turn blog post into PDF’s and share to SlideShare… I never thought of that!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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