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    Bubbie Gunter

    Bubbie Gunter

    Is the Facebook Community Standards REALLY a “Bill of Rights?”


    Bubbie Gunter

    From a “legal” point of view, I guess you can consider the Facebook Community Standards as a “Bill of Rights” of sorts.
    Prior to creating a Facebook account, you must sign off that you have read and understood what is and isn’t acceptable conduct on Facebook.

    At first, this may sound like Facebook setting “boundaries” for the potentially new community member.
    Just as a city ordinance explains what behavior is acceptable inside its limits. So, the Facebook Community Standards details acceptable behavior inside its community.

    – Murder, rape and theft is unacceptable behavior;
    – Cyber bulling, fake news and spamming is unacceptable behavior inside of the Facebook Community

    Therefore, another perspective is that the Facebook Community Standards explains to the new comer what kind of community they can expect once a member.
    As a member of Facebook’s Community, I can anticipate what NOT to expect to find inside the community.

    In other words, the Facebook Community Standards reassure me of a community free of the things mentioned above.

    But, what if someone inside the community violates the Community Standards?
    Or worse yet, what if someone innocent is accused of violating the Community Standards?

    If someone is accused of violating the Facebook Community Standards and believes themselves innocent, then they can appeal to the Facebook Supreme Court.

    So, yes!
    In essence, the Facebook Community Standards can be considered a Bill of Rights because it protects me from unwarranted banning from the community…

    What are your thoughts?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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