Five Deadly Blog Commenting Mistakes

Five Deadly Blog Commenting Mistakes

Five Deadly Blog Commenting Mistakes

From the beginning you should know, blog commenting is an Art.

It is the beginning of establishing the know, like and trust factor.  And, it is VERY important in establishing your authority online.

Is it that important?


A great blog comment can set you apart from the crowd.  A bad one will make you look spammy or worse yet like you didn’t know what you were talking about!

I have literary built blog and the traffic it receives mostly through blog commenting, forum marketing and Q & A sites.  I have had many successes.  And, I had my share of failures.

But most importantly, I learned not to make these Seven Blog Commenting Mistakes!

As explained above, blog commenting is something you should take VERY serious.

Not taking the time to read the whole article

The sin of all blog commenting sins is not taking the time to read the whole article before commenting.

Here’s some friendly advice.

Don’t be a skimmer!

Skimmers are those who don’t understand the heart of blog commenting.  Usually, they skip all the way to the end of the post to be sure they will be able to leave their link before SKIMMING the article for its high points.

I would know.  I once was a skimmer too.

Everyday, I would search for high industry blogs, skim the article and leave a less then desirable comment.

I was in a hurry.  There were other task to preform. I had to hurry if I was going to get them all done.

Ever been there?

Well, I found a solution.  When I sit down to begin my work, I consider everything I have to get done.

  • Begin a new blog report;
  • Do keyword research;
  • Research my topic in Q & A sites and take notes;
  • Leave at least one comment.

I learned a mindset that says:  I am doing research on my next topic ANYWAY.  If I take a note I feel is important to my article.  I take a moment and thank the author and leave a friendly comment.

Skimming an article then leaving a shabby comment will work.  But, it will have little if any SEO value.  If you want to REALLY soar your SEO position, then realize your comments are content.  And, you will never skim again.

Not taking the time to read the other comments

In one of my guest post, I discuss how most ‘guru’s’ tell you you need to be one of the first to comment on a new blog post.  Their reasoning is simple.  “Comment first”, they say, “and you have a better chance of those commenting after you seeing your thoughts.

The problem I have with this approach is.  It implies you are “searching” for a blog to comment on.  Here’s what I mean:

In doing the research for this article I ran my keyword through Google.  I found the “related” keywords and was shocked to find:

  • How to do blog commenting for SEO;
  • Blog commenting for backlinks;
  • How to find blog commenting sites.

Here’s where the problem came in.  You SHOULD NOT be blog commenting for SEO purposes (more later).  Blog commenting for back links is not necessary wrong if done correctly.  And, if you followed my advice in 5 Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting Tips shares WHERE to find good, quality blogs to comment on.

The Power of Replying

Let’s say, you find yourself on a blog post while you were researching your next topic.  You found the article interesting and want to leave your thoughts.  As you reach the bottom, you see about two dozen other comments before you.


Now, you get to harness the Power of Replying.

The Power of Replying refers to the speed in which you can become an “authority” by commenting and replying to other comments.

When you ignore other comments, you miss releasing the Power of Replying.

Read the other comments.  Observe the author’s reply.  And, join the conversation!

If this approach is taken, then blog commenting won’t become a task.  It becomes a pleasure.  And, you will become excited to join the blog commenting community.

How long should your Blog Comment be?  Be sure to read ”

Not Adding Value

Remember, in the beginning of this article Blog Commenting an Art?

Well here’s where it comes into play!

Even if you don’t care if you commit a couple blog commenting mistakes, you better pay close attention to this one.  Not leaving a high quality, value based comment can kill your networking abilities.

But, don’t worry.  It is a skill both easy and fun to learn how to do correctly.

In “3 Magical Tricks to Use When Blog Commenting” I explain how your blog comments are content.

That’s right!

Your blog comment is considered by Google as content.  And, they can rank!

But, what exactly is a “Value Based” Blog Comment?

Sorry to break the news to you but “Great Post” doesn’t work.  It is actually an insult to professional bloggers.  And, both Google and Word Press consider such comments spam.

You don’t want that.

Especially when writing a thought provoking, engaging comment is so simple.  Just like any other type of writing, blog comments should have:

  • An Introduction (at least one sentence);
  • A Body (at least one sentence);
  • And, a Conclusion (at least one sentence).

(For a detailed explanation see 3 Magical Tricks to Use When Blog Commenting)

Not Sticking to the Topic

Not sticking to the topic of the blog you are commenting on can get you into a lot of trouble.  I see this a lot with “skimmers”.  They search for what they believe are high quality sites, leave comments and in the end they just want to pitch their offer.

You may be thinking then, “What is the purpose of blog commenting if not to get high quality backlinks.

The answer is simple.  Professional bloggers comment on other blogs.  We do this to:

  • Let the author know how much you enjoyed the article;
  • And let them know how helpful the article was to you!

We don’t SEARCH out blogs to comment on.  That is called Black Hat SEO.  What we do is determine the theme of our next post.  We research the topic and take notes for our post.  Any post we find congruent to our new project, we simply let the author know how helpful their article was!

And, if you follow this principle, you will never go off topic when commenting.

How long should your blog comment be?

I answer that completely in 5 Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting Tips (Tip # 3).  So, be sure to check that out too!

Not Promoting Yourself

This sound contradictory right?  But, you CAN promote yourself inside of a blog comment if done correctly.

  • Promote your experience using the authors tips;
  • You can promote your latest blog post (as long as it is congruent);
  • And, share your expertise on the subject (giving yourself credibility).

However, don’t over do it.

Simply share with the author how using their tips have helped you.  Share your successes with using the same tips.


If you read “3 Magical Tricks to Use When Blog Commenting”you are aware that blog comments are considered content by Google and can rank in the search engine.

That’s right!  Blog comments are considered content by Google.  So, I am adding this SIXTH and final blog commenting tip.  Be sure you use any keywords or related keywords in your comments that are congruent with the theme of the post.

When you do this, you help the author rank his post, thus causing more people to be exposed to your content (comment) and people WILL take notice and follow YOU!

I hope these tips help you not break any of the blog commenting mistakes I made in the beginning when I started.

Happy commenting!

Your Friend and Mentor,
Bubbie Gunter

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11 thoughts on “Five Deadly Blog Commenting Mistakes”

  1. Bubbie I was finding it difficult to leave your blog without going through this article. After this comment, I’m already tempted to click to “3 Magical Tricks to Use When Blog Commenting”. So you’ve succeeded to keep me stuck here for a good reason 😉

    It’s rather bad that we can’t avoid readers skimming. It’s in our nature to skip over things in other to cover more within the short time we have.

    But here is the point Bubbie…

    I’d prefer thoroughly reading and dropping engaging comment on 5 blogs a day to skimming through 20 blog posts and messing up in the comment area.

    Given that my primary reason for commenting is relationship building, I often take my time.

    Ok as I submit this comment, I’m moving to the next article 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Google Analytics Metrics for sponsored posts and banner ads!My Profile

    1. In response to your comment Mr. Estine, you have defiantly discovered the secret to blog commenting. It is not necessarily to help create back links but to help build RELATIONSHIPS!
      I am happy you stopped by!

    2. Stop Right There and Read the Damn Post
      Mr. Muki,

      I was reviewing past comments and came across this one.
      I would like to thank you again for such a warm compliment on my article.

      In reference to your point about “skimmers”, I have discovered how we can stop them in their tracks and make them sit up and pay attention to our every word.
      When sometimes your stuck, considering exactly what image to use in an article, consider a meme.

      For those that did not know, Meme Marketing is quickly becoming the latest fad. People love them. And, they will STOP to see what the meme says.
      If you (or anyone) else would like to learn more about Marketing with Memes, head over to The Giveaway ZoneThe Giveaway Zone

  2. Your right, Bubbie. All are big boo-boo’s!
    Gotta get a feel for a post before commenting and also helps to personalize each comment.
    I like spending a minute or 2 to share my thoughts in genuine fashion. Even if the comment is not super long or thorough, doing show displays that I care. Caring makes you stand out. Also proves you are not just sniffing for back links.

    1. Thanks Ryan!
      And, your right! That is a wonderful lesson in and of itself “spend a minute or two to share your thoughts”
      I happen to discover the power of blog commenting at the same time I did Forum Posting.
      Being a HUGE fan of yours, I was hoping you could swing by and answer a question for our visitors?
      Network Marketing’s Forum and News
      Best Wishes Around the World My Friend

  3. Hello Bubbie,

    Wonderful and Awesome post. Blog commenting is an art.
    The more you do, the more you learn.
    I was also once a skimmer when I have started my blogging career.
    You know doing blog commenting for the sake of getting backlinks does not make any sense. It is just a vague practice.
    Blog comments must be authentic, Genuine and relevant to the post. It must generate a positive and engaging conversation.
    You are right, Blog commenting does help you to build a strong bond and relationship with bloggers. This is the way I have connected with so many bloggers. Thanks for showing up these blatant blog commenting mistake.

    Have a Great day 🙂

  4. Hi Bubbie,

    You could say I’m a professional skimmer, but that’s for a reason. It helps me identify which blogs are really worth my time. For example, I skimmed this article before deciding whether I should read it in full. Usually, because bloggers are so lazy, they just repeat what’s already been published elsewhere. I’m so glad that this article doesn’t follow any previous structure.

    Blog comments are the most reliable way to build a good relationship. Simply because you are giving away value without expecting anything in return. When other bloggers notice that, they know you are genuine.

    And you were 100% right. Most of the time, the blogs I comment on are blogs I found in the research phase of my writing process. It helps me find new ideas, both in the blog post AND the comment section. And I’m always surprised when a blog has the comments disabled. What a missed opportunity!

    Thank you for sharing!
    Stefan Alexander recently posted…6 Things You Need To Know Before Creating A Product For Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Hi Stefan,
      Great to hear from you. And, I am glad you enjoyed the article on the Five Deadly Blog Commenting Mistakes!
      Thank you for your gracious comment.
      I, like you, find most of the information online to just be repetitive and really no help. I try and look behind the curtain and see the bigger picture for whatever topic I am studying for my next article. I do my best to be “Original”!

      You seem to have a good grasp on the power of blog commenting. Have you studied Forum Posting too? It’s just as powerful in helping to establishing online authority. I would love to see you over on the Network Marketing Mastery Forum where we answer questions for beginning marketers and advanced ones as well…
      Swing by. Say hello. Leave an answer that might help someone

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