Is the Facebook Community Standards a “Bill of Rights”?

Is the Facebook Community Standards a “Bill of Rights”?

Did you knowDid you know, in 2010 the Business Insider reported Walmart employs 1% of Americas workforce?  That’s 30 (million) PEOPLE!

Or, that the idea for started in owner Jeffrey P. Bezos’s garage?  And, now has topped over one TRILLION Dollars!

And, have you heard?

Mark Zuckerberg anounced April 2nd Facebook’s intention to create a Facebook Supreme Court like “board”!!!


During an interview with Ezra Klein of the Ezra Klein Show, Mark explained:

You can imagine some sort of structure, almost like a [Facebook] Supreme Court, that is made up of independent folks who don’t work for Facebook…

But, how will it work?

What will its structure look like?

Today, we look into this new idea.  We consider the POSSIBLE effect this new appeal process will have on the Facebook Community Standards, its Content and YOU!

Why a Facebook Supreme Court?

The controversy surrounding the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica data scandal caused their stock to plummet!  And, of course, there is always the question of did Russia use Facebook to influence an American election?

Simply put,  confidence in Facebook’s ability to protect their “community” is waxing cold!

Facebook stock rises      So, why am I, along with other professional investors STILL buying up FB shares like crazy?

Because, its CEO released its intention to create a Supreme Court “like” appeals system.

This new “court system” will be the avenue to appeal the decision made by Facebook’s Review Panel if your content is ever blocked, censored or removed.

And, will it help bring digital justice to Facebook members whose content was wrongfully removed from Facebook or perhaps a release from Facebook Jail!

Speaking from experience, currently if someone flags your content on Facebook as offensive, it is removed (no if, and’s or but’s)!

Appealing to the so called “Review Board” can be a waste of time.

Pro Publica has a super article of dozens of examples where offensive material continues to be allowed.  It really made me shake my head and wonder what in the world is Facebook’s review team thinking!

And, the Zuck recognized the problem and is attempting to address it.

Creating an Independent “Board”

Facebook Supreme Court     Facebook is taking strides to correct the content banning process.

As stated above, their CEO wants to create an review process similar to the “Supreme Court”.

In America, The Supreme Court is the final authority in all cases involving laws of Congress, and the highest law of all — the Constitution.1

With this understanding, we see Facebook’s intention – to create a “Supreme Court” to be the FINAL authority in all cases involving Facebook’s Community Standards.

Facebook intends to create a Supreme Court to be the FINAL authority in all cases involving Facebook's Community Standards. Read about it HERE Click To Tweet

The Facebook Community Standards and the Bill of Rights

Facebook Community Standards     But, with the formation of the Facebook Supreme Court, the question is “What will they rule on?”

What code of law are they protecting their citizens from?

Well, from past interviews, it appears the “courts” function will be to hear cases of Facebook “Community” Members whose content has been banned for various reasons.  They will ensure that all post on the site are in compliance with Facebook’s Community Standards .

But wait!

Facebook’s Community Standards cover more (way more) than simply banning hate speech.

They ban bulling!  They also stop dangerous individuals and organizations from prying on its citizens!

But, the United States Bill of Rights list specific prohibitions on governmental power and its puropose is to protect a citizens rights against government overreach! 

With THIS in mind, we predict be the purpose of the Facebook Supreme Court.will be to review such “Overreach” from Facebook!

And, the Facebook Community Standards become the “rights” we can appeal to the Court for!

In other words, we can count on Facebook to PROTECT its community through enforcing Community Standards.

Experts Weigh In!

Charlie Jacobs, a Judge and resident of Iowa, seems to think the task is more than meets the eye.  And, John Clegg, an Attorney and Radio Show Host,  explains why:

…the District Court hears the case, appeals are made to the…Circuit Courts and the Supreme Court acts as a reviewing court over the circuits. Finally [the Supreme Court] is the final arbiter of the question of constitutionality…..

Although creating an independent board, “Supreme” or not, will not necessarily fix the problem.

It’s a step in the right direction.

And, any adjudicative body set up by Facebook will be constrained by the written standards outlined in the Facebook Community Standards.


facebook community standards     “We want to give people clarity,” said Monica Bickert, Facebook’s VP of Global Policy Management. “We think people should know exactly how we apply these policies. If they have content removed for hate speech, they should be able to look at their speech and figure out why it fell under that definition.”1

And, if they can’t, then their will be an Appeal Process through the Facebook Supreme Court!

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4 thoughts on “Is the Facebook Community Standards a “Bill of Rights”?”

  1. Hey Bubbie,

    Doesn’t Facebook have the right to set its standards and decide what is accepted or not on their platform? Why are folks pissed off when their content is marked “inappropriate” ? Are they obliged to be on FB?

    Users should agree to some terms before opting to be part of the community. If not, FB is not a requirement or is it becoming a necessary evil?
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Bloggers make money ~ 15 Foolproof ways to make money blogging!My Profile

    1. Great points, Enstine! And, I was nodding my head the whole time I was reading.
      Yes – I believe Facebook has the rights to set standards and decide what is accepted or not on their platform!
      Everyone agrees when they join Facebook to the Facebook Community Standards.
      As I shared in the article:
      First, The Facebook Community Standards are their to protect us and our family from “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations”
      Secondly, it acts like a Bill of Rights when there arises question over content wrongfully banned.
      It does happen – I mean geez….
      Over 2 Billion people are their….
      Mistakes are going to happen….
      Therefore, Mark wants to set up an independent board for its members to appeal to when questions arise.

        1. Mr. Enstine,
          Nobody reads the TOS LOL
          Basically, the Facebook Community Standards are a guideline for what Facebook says is acceptable to post on their platform.
          When you post something and it is taken down (either by Facebook or by others – think FB Group moderators), then you can appeal to the Review Board to check your post compared to the Community Standards.
          Therefore, the Facebook Community Standards are a “Guideline” for its members AND it protects your content from being removed because it is my RIGHT as a member of Facebook to post content (within the guidelines of the Community Standards) without fear of retaliation or wrongful removal.
          Oh and before I forget – Check out our new Social Media Forum
          ASK a question;
          ANSWER a question;
          Or, START A NEW TOPIC
          Can’t wait to see everyone there!
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