Millennial’s Flee Facebook | But Where Are They Going?

Millennial’s Flee Facebook |

But, Where Are They Going?

facebook alternatives

I was talking with a friend today about the future of Facebook  today.  With their appearance before Congress, the Cambridge Analytical Data Breach, and trying to stop election tampering on their platform, the wave of Facebook Users are fleeing the platform in record numbers.  Tired of all the drama,  44 percent of younger users have deleted the app from their phones in the past year.  But, what Facebook alternatives is everyone beginning to turn to?

But, where are people leaving Facebook going?

The answer may surprise you…

In today post, I share with you the three hottest platforms preparing for a Facebook takeover!

The Top THREE Facebook Alternatives

Facebook alternativeLinkedIn

comes in at number one for Facebook alternatives because they know opportunity when they see it.

Realizing the mass exodus from Facebook, they have changed a lot of their platform to quickly rise to become the best Facebook alternative on the internet!

Boosting over 500 million users, LinkedIn was originally a social networking site designed specifically for the business community.  

Owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn has always been the social networking platform for “the professional world”.¬† But, when opportunity knocked, LinkedIn answered!

They quickly changed to a more “Facebook Friendly” audience platform where you can:

  • LinkedIn posts have the potential to reach all your page followers.

Unlike Facebook…When you post an update to your LinkedIn company page, it appears in your followers‚Äô feeds, regardless of how often they have interacted with your posts in the past.1

  • Receive updates when someone comments on one of your posts;
  • Edit your posts and share videos;
  • And, receive Group activity in your notifications tab.

I listed these three because of their importance to your LinkedIn Marketing success!

If your not sure why, then you should REALLY take the Five Day LinkedIn Challenge!

Just think of Facebook on steroids and you will understand the power and influence you can make on this platform!

For LinkedIn Group Moderators

Nothing says,”Exclusive” then to be invited to a Private Group Membership!¬† And, LinkedIn Groups are a PERFECT match for the marketer looking to make lasting relationship and clients!

They operate basically the same as a Facebook Group. without the spam!

  • When new people request to join a group you manage you will receive a notification!;
  • You now have the ability to pin important post to the top of a Groups individual feed;
  • And, statistics suggest LinkedIn may be most effective platform for product launches.

Hands down, these changes have made LinkedIn the best alternative for Facebook!

The Five Day LinkedIn Challenge

facebook alternatives

Share this Challenge with your friends!

twitter facebook alternativeTwitter 

     I know, right! 
     I can see you sitting there shaking your head because I listed Twitter as one of the Facebook alternatives.
     But, with so much success on Twitter, I HAD to mention it.  In fact, I hated to drop it to the number two spot. 
     When combined with Communit, Twitter has become a POWER HOUSE for prospects and leads for me! РBubbie Gunter
¬† ¬† ¬†If switching to Twitter intimidates you, don’t let it.
You are not alone. I’m here to help!
  • Create a Twitter List to save engaging Influencers in your niche;
  • Use Communit to help grow an engaging following.¬† After signing up for free, check out my free Communit Training over on YouTube;
¬† ¬† ¬†You can also get a Free Copy of my Twitter Marketing Cheat Sheet to help you along…
free twitter marketing cheat sheet

alternatives to facebook

Web Talk

If you are looking for a Facebook Alternative Site,  Web Talk is just what the doctor ordered.

RJ Garbowicz is the Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, and Chairman of Web Talk.  It is a global technology company focused on relationship building (a coincidence? I think NOT!).

Imagine Facebook and LinkedIn coming together, then Web Talk would be the result!

OVER 100,000 invitations accepted a month, they plan on taking the Social Media Marketing to a whole new level.

And, here is the MAIN DIFFERENCE!

Web Talk -vs- Facebook

You are going to absolutely LOVE the reason I choose Web Talk as a Facebook Alternative!

Think of every ad on Facebook you have seen TODAY!

100’s I’m sure, like me, right?

Scroll through your Facebook News Feed and its Ad…After Ad…After Ad.

And, why does Facebook “Suggest” my profile to so many weirdos to send me “Friend Request”?

In simple terms, it’s all about the money!

Facebook gets paid to show ads on your news feeds.  And, the person placing the ad hopes to make money if you decide to purchase.


Here is the difference:  Web Talk PAYS YOU!


¬† ¬† ¬†Let’s use ME as an example.

When I decide to “Boost” a post OR place an ad on Facebook, that post or ad is broadcast to as many people as I want to pay for.

I do this (as well as all professional Facebook Marketers), in hopes of striking up someones interest in my product or services.

What about Web Talk

Well the main difference (and only one that matters to me) is that WHEN I place an ad or boost a post on Web Talk, the person who referred me to the platform gets paid!

And, whoever joins because of my invitation, if they spend money on ANY advertising on the platform, I GET PAID!

That is why Web Talk is mentioned here in Facebook Alternatives.


web talkBut, It’s a MEMBERS ONLY Social Media Platform.

Web Talk is Like Facebook in that:

  • You post Status Updates – BUT, when you create a Status Update on Web Talk, IT REACHES ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FANS! (Facebook MAYBE 3%!)
  • Gain “Contacts ” (Think “Facebook Friends”) sending Contact Request.
  • Never worry about Facebook Jail again.

Here Is Your Invitation! 

Join Us on Web Talk Today!


I am in no way associated with the #DeleteFacebook campaign currently going on.

And, it may have been a mistake to give up our “valuable” time in exchange for simply “Logging In With Facebook”.

But, if you hope to succeed in Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or any of the such, you will need to broaden your horizons.

Shockingly, their IS a world outside of Facebook.  And, it is my prayer that this post has helped you find a Facebook alternative!




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    1. I know of both of these platforms. And, thought of mentioning them. I use Tumbler to post revised blog post.
      Twitter is where I have had my greatest success. And, LinkedIn is new but looks promising…I will keep everyone updated!

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