Everybody understood it needed to happen. It was just a matter of time. Facebook flexed its “Big Brother” muscles and has released a brand-new Facebook Algorithm.

     This time it is targeting exactly what it calls “engagement bait.” And, it’s another attack on Small Businesses on Facebook!

Is the New Facebook Algorithm Really a War With Network Marketers?

     Let’s face the facts ! If you own a company or have a small business, you’re probably on Facebook.  And, chances are you have a Facebook Business Page.

  • The September 2014 Facebook algorithm change punished Facebook Post and Pages that requested engagement.
  • November 14, 2014, simply TWO MONTHS LATER Facebook algorithm sought out Marketers who advertised their post repeatedly in Facebook Groups.  From this point on you would be lucky if they determined your post was just spam.  It was straight to Facebook Jail if they even thought you were aggressively promoting your post yourself!
  • March 5, 2015 found Facebook upgrading algorithms again and began eliminating what they determined to be “Fake Likes”
  • And finally today, May 17, 2017 Facebook, reveals post which utilize “Click-bait” type methods in their post will begin to rank lower in the News Feed of their friends, family and online community!

     In early 2012, Facebook revealed that its earnings, which is primarily from advertising and marketing, had actually CLIMBED nearly 90% to $3.71 billion. [1] It seems like JavaChilly was right when he commented:

     That’s probably the actual motivating factor here.  Facebook wants individuals with Business Pages to pay them for the privilege of moving their post to the top of  other News Feeds. 

     “The “Like for Like” posts are a thing of the past,” said Dereco Cherry.  And, as an experienced and seasoned marketer, Dereco has been around Facebook Marketing a while.  He sees the impact of Facebook’s new algorithm as potentially devestating to the uneducated marketer. 

     Why?  What is the true underlying motive behind Facebook’s move?  Because they relized self promotion allowed by Online Marketers gain the very same advantage Facebook charges for!  Ending the “traditional” way of building your Facebook Page Engagement makes it more difficult get your Facebook Business Page noticed….that is without paying the Piper first for Facebook Ads!

Is There a Solution?

     Is there hope for the small business person?  There is if you understand the core meaning of “Attraction Marketing”.  Attraction Marketing is the art of having people approach YOU because of your “Status” or your expertise.  So, to be successful in Attraction Marketing, all you have to do is gain respect in your niche.  But, how do you do that?

Use PROPER S.A.O. Techniques

    You may be wondering, “What the hell is S.A.O.?”  Well, S.A.O is a lot like SEO only for Social Media Post.  It stands for Social Authority Optimization.  In a nut shell, your Social Authority rises when people like, comment or share your post (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc).

     The more attention your post receive the more the Site Platform believes you have quality content and people are interested in it.  So, they give them preference over less performing post.  Attempting to circumvent the system Like for Like Campaigns began.  But, it appears, this form of achieving popularity has died!  The question is will you let your business die with it?

    If you’re a fighter, and I hope you are, then learn these  ways to achieve lasting SAO:

     Participate in Q and A Sites –  Q & A sites are one of the most effective strategies I know to get targeted referral traffic.  To properly implement the strategy of Q & A sites follow these guidelines:

  1. After finishing your blog post, go to your favorite Q & A site and search in their search bar your blog post keyword!
  2. Once you find a question dealing with your keyword, answer the individuals question and refer them back to your blog!

     Join Blog Post Syndication SITES –  You will have to face the bitter truth.  You will get nowhere posting your Facebook Business Page on “Like for Like” threads anymore.  Instead, you should consider joining a blog syndication site like Triberr.  Since I have been a member of Triberr:

  1.  My post have been shared over TWO-HUNDRED FIFTY times in ONE Month; ORGANICALLY!
  2.  I have build a network of bloggers and home business owners READY to here from me!
  3. After building my “Tribe” and one short month, my potential reach when my post are shared is OVER 9 MILLION PEOPLE!

     Now That’s Pretty Impressive!

     Begin to Practice Blog Commenting –  What can I say about Blog Commenting.  It is another passion of mine.  I love visiting other people’s blog, read their content and leave a review of the post!  But, you have to Comment correctly.  I cover this topic extensively on How to Write Effective Blog Comments.  

     Lastly, Learn The Skills of An Attraction Marketer – You may have relized by now chasing friends and family and trying to “recruit” them into your business is useless!  Darren Pitt outlined Attraction Marketing perfectly:

  1. Attraction Marketing attracts an endless supply of quality leads.
  2. Secondly, it centers around creating and nurturing a relationship with these leads.
  3. Third, it provides a generous  income for those that master it.


     So, there you have it.  WHY Facebook is so dead set on killing any pages that promote themselves ON FACEBOOK.  I gave the keys of SAO to you AND four ways and reasons why MY PAGE didn’t get hit by yesterday’s Social Media Storm.

     Learn more about Attraction Marketing and take part in this AMAZING Attraction Marketing Boot Camp I took that helped me!

Your friend and Mentor,

Bubbie Gunter –

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6 thoughts on “Is the New Facebook Algorithm Really a War With Network Marketers?

    1. Hi Penelope,
      Great to see you here! Thank you for such a sweet thought. I love your content too. Your blog is beautiful and so informative! YOU truly are a blessing! If you ever need any help, be sure to message me!

      1. You make a very observational point here, Penelope.
        Imagine my shock when I (as a man) subscribe to a health blog to learn more about health risk of men in their 50’s – and I began to receive emails from them about nutrients that keep my new born healthy! I would be like “new born”?
        So keeping every group separate is very important

  1. I saw this article on Twitter this morning, and read it 3x. Because it is so true. I’ve wondered why I can post a cute statement or a picture and instantly I get 10 likes. But I post 10 things from my Facebook page..and nothing happens. Even from my really close friends and family!!

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions that it wasn’t just me and I was doing something wrong. But at least now I know what to do. Thanks Bubbie!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Johanna and giving us your thoughts. Yes, Facebook like any other “social” media platform is truely about making money! That is why I am so blessed to have had the proper mentors to help guide me along the road to success. I have had some GREAT Teachers who trained me in the Art of Attraction Marketing. And, I couldn’t be more happier with the results.
      You should consider joining this 5 Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp I went to! It’s amazing!

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