Email Marketing Course Day 1

The REAL Reason for High/Low Open Rates

email open rates​​​​​​​
 When I began to study Email Marketing Strategies, I did an experiment. I joined 10 industry leader’s newsletters. I wanted to see what, if any, clues I could find from THEIR email campaigns that made them stand out.
   Sure, some used sexy subject lines. Others, I unsubscribed from all together.
   What was the common factor?
What made me anxious to open an email from one person and unsubscribe from another?
     I soon discovered – IT WAS THEIR NAME!
     You see, most believe high open rates are dependent upon fancy subject lines!  Thousands of hours have been spent on the subject.  However I discovered, and you will too, SUBJECT LINES ARE NOT THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE FOR HIGH/LOW OPEN RATES!!!
Here is how the process works:
  • Someone facing a challenge finds your content on your blog.
  • They received value from this content.
  • They trust you with their contact information for additional information and offers.
  • If they consider the additional information or offer of value to them, they will be excited to see what you have next for them!​​​​​​​

Whose email list are you on that you LOVE getting emails from them-

    Think about it!
    Whose email list are you on right now that you LOVE getting emails from they?
     As soon as you see THEIR NAME, you become anxious because you have come to associate their NAME to VALUE!!!
Therefore, it is the value associated with YOUR NAME that will be the NUMBER ONE factor affecting YOUR open rates!
  1. They found your content.
  2. They received additional information or offers.

Improving Email Open Rates


If your second and third email open rates begin to drop, this is a warning! It means your leads may not have received the value they hoped for and are getting bored with what you have to offer.

   If your second and third email open rates stay the same or increase, YOUR CONTENT IS KEEPING THE INTEREST OF YOUR LIST!  They liked your free offer or report.  They open the next email because they are hoping for more! In other words, your name is beginning to be associated with providing value!
    Understanding WHY you open some emails and not others is the clue to follow. Because the reason you look forward to receiving emails from someone is the same reason why your list will want to open YOUR emails.Just finished Day 1 of the Email Marketing Course I am taking. Very insightful. >>>To Register: @GunterBubbie Click To Tweet
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