5 Email Marketing Strategies Explained

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     Before jumping into these five Email Marketing Strategies you need to know the following:

  1. My email marketing campaigns produce upwards of 70% Open Rates (see proof below!)
  2. The success of your email marketing campaigns WILL be directly determain by if you follow these 5 email marekting strategies!
  3. Refusual to follow the steps outlined in this article WILL ensure your email marketing campaigns will crash to the ground and probably never survive!

Yes!  This Five Email Marketing Strategies are THAT important to your success!  And yes, if you follow them, you will find out the fortune REALLY is in the follow up!

Why People Open Your Emails

Before you can hope to have a successful email marketing campaign, you need to know WHY people will open your emails.

Nope – Sorry, the number one reason why people open your emails is NOT fancy subject lines!  According to SuperOffice.com, 64% of subscribers say they are likely to read your email because of who it’s from, and less than half of email recipients open an email based on the subject line.

Complying with these 5 outstanding e-mail advertising techniques WILL result in greater e-mail open rates, greater click through rates as well as more sales!

Email Marketing Strategies Described

Understand, Your objective in e-mail advertising and marketing is to:

  1. Create trustworthiness in the eyes of your brand-new lead;
  2. Present yourself as an expert in your field;
  3. And, brand yourself as the go to person in your niche when people have questions or face a challenge.

This is easy to accomplish!

Here are the Top 5 Leading DO’s when following up with a new subscriber.

Immediately after a person subscribes to your list, connect with them!

This point is CRUCIAL and actually the number one problem I have seen with email campaigns I have reviewed for my clients.  Many skip this step! They have no “Introduction” letter prepared for their new subscriber!

I can not tell you how many people miss this super important step.  Usually, the first email I have noticed was the “Thank You for Subscribing – Here’s your free download”!

When actually that is the SECOND email your new subscriber should receive.

The FIRST step in ANY email marketing campaign should be a Introduction letter from you!  This is the “bonding” letter.  It will set the stage for all other emails you send your new subscriber!

Leave out the business lingo.

Talk regarding your household, your family, your dog or cat.

It’s okay to talk about your business.  But, make sure when you do it relates to THEM!

Share with them your “Why”.  Relate to them your struggles getting started and that you understand.  And, reassure them you are their for them.

THEN, send them the requested information.  And, when they receive it, you are just not some stranger whoses site they visited and requested more information on.  You are a REAL person seeking to help them!

Share with them your “Why”.  Relate to them your struggles getting started and that you understand theirs.  And, reassure them you are there for them!

Now that you have introduced yourself and got their needed information to them, you will be sending follow up messages.  And, the most important thing to remember here is that NOW when they receive an email, they see you as someone willing to help them!

The Importance of Your Email Subject Line

Looking at your email marketing campaign, you have now interacted with your new subscriber TWICE.  Once with the introduction letter.   Second, you have sent them the requested information.

Your THIRD contact with your new subscriber should be constructed as a “How Did It Go” letter.

This message should be sent the following day and this is where it starts getting good!

Your subscriber now knows who you are.  They have received the additional information requested.  Now, when they recieve an email from you (and they know who you are),  they will not be suprised to hear from you.

Now, they want to know what other VALUE you are sending them that will enhance their lives or their business.  And, you communicate the answer through your subject line.

When you send a follow up email, your subscriber will want to know what other VALUE you are sending them that will enhance their lives or their business.  And, you communicate the answer through your subject line…

     When taking into consideration the very best subject line for my email marketing strategies, I directly take advantage of a website called The Best Headline Generator for suggestions.

You simply need to enter your key phrase, as well as you obtain 600 distinctive subject lines for appealing headings or Email Subject Lines..


Using Images in Your Email Marketing Strategies

     The utilization of photos in email newsletters and marketing emails is a hotly disputed subject.  But, the fact remains Images and graphics are without a doubt a vital part of marketing your product or service.

Remember, the goal of your campaign is to help your prospect get to the desired outcome you wish.  And, you want to use EVERY means at your disposal.  This is why I have listed it here with other super important email marketing strategies.

  • Using Images as a Call-to-Action!

Images in your emails can operate in favor of boosting conversions.

“How?” you may ask.  Simple.  Place a Call-to-Action in the Alt Text!

I recently tested this and found it to work wonders!  I used to place my keywords in the alt text to give my images a little SEO boost.  Then, a friend of mine (a Six-Figure Earner) suggested I try this method.  And, it worked like a charm.

Click through rates increased!  Numbers to my webinars and invites went up.  And, I have stayed with this process ever since.

Pictures are  worth MORE a thousand words if you use a Call To Action in the Alt Text.  They become higher conversions and therefore higher sales!

  • Use Your Blog Post Header at the Beginning of Your Emails

Most of cases, your readers will scan your email for no more than two seconds before they decide if they want to bother reading it.

Using your Blog Post Header as your email header instantly reminds them of who you are. And, that you are a giver of value.  It is something they are familur with and will hold their interest for a few moments more.

Most experience and seasoned marketers use their e-mails to guide the viewers back to their blog. This is to give individuals ANOTHER exposure to your product and also services.


You want to carefully lead your new prospect down the path.

Allow your prospect to become familiarized with the value you provide them.  Then, when the moment is right, send an advertising e-mail will certainly have greater results.

Got any suggestions? What has been the best recommendations you have found regarding increasing subscriber engagement? I would love to hear from you!

Your friend and Mentor,

Bubbie Gunter

Bubbie Gunter

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