Email Marketing Basics - Understanding Your Inbox

     We have all heard the saying. “The money is in the list!” And, it stands to reason because email marketing has the highest ROI than any other method of marketing!  And, high open and click through rates increase your profits. In fact, you can not have a successful business if your email open rates or click through rates are to low.

     You may have heard, the average email open rate is between 15% and 25% for marketing emails.  What does that mean? 

      Well if you pay close attention to the numbers, this means only 15-25 people per 100 will even read your messages.

But, is there a way to increase the “average”?


     Your first step is to study your email inbox. Today, we take a closer look at three aspects that have caused me to have an open rate of 50, 60 and even 70 percent open rates!  The From Line, The Subject Line and the Email Snippet.

The “From” Line

     When your phone rings, do you immediately answer it?

Or, do you first check to see who is calling?

     It is the same with YOUR email inbox isn’t it? Your eyes are first drawn to the “From” Line of an email first. Before opening, you want to know who the email is from.  Is the sender a friend?  Or, is it from another.  And, it is the same with your subscribers!

    The “From” Line of your email is the NUMBER ONE factor effecting your Email Open Rate! The “From” line lets the recipient know the email is FROM a familiar and trusted source. Before opening, your subscriber checks first who the email is from. Next, they will check rather they are interested in the topic of the email.

The Email Subject Line

Your email subject line is the second aspect to effect your email open rate.

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     The bad news here is: There is no magic formula to writing the perfect subject line.  There is really only ONE rule to writing an effective subject line:  It should effectively communicate to your list WHY you are emailing them.

     Are you offering a discount? Are you providing “How To” training? Are you attempting to create a sense of urgency by using an expiration date? What ever your purpose, be clear and precise!  A sense of “curiosity” in your writings may be good.  But, not in your subject lines!  It screams – SPAM. Or, worse virus!

Email Snippets

     A third powerful persuasive tool affecting your email open rate is the Email Snippet.





     We see it everyday in our email inbox.

     The email snippet is the least known aspect of an email.  As the image above shows, it is the short section of text displayed to the right of the subject line.

     Email Snippets are short text taken from the emails FIRST sentence! The text is pulled from the emails header, the first sentence or the alt text of an image. 

     Don’t leave your emails snippet to chance! Be very mindful of what your readers will see. Send yourself a test email and check it. And, make sure you follow these tips:

  • Organized the first bit of text on the page with the snippet in mind.
  • Make sure that the first text in the email provides meaningful information, discount information or a question to encourage the recipient to open the email for more information.
  • Use a Header at the beginning of the email!

Email Marketing







     The more people you get to actually open your emails and read them, the more money you will make! I personally have open rates as high as 70%.  I do this by focusing on the these three important facts of EVERY email.

    In fact, I put all of my secrets to higher open rates, click through rates and sales in a 10 Day Email Course I offer to my friends for free. 

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