Drowning in Obscurity

Building Your Personal Brand Online

     Let’s be honest a minute.  I didn’t begin my online career to be shackled to my computer.  Did you?

     Day after day, posting my time away.  If that was the goal, I could have stayed in corporate America drawing a steady check.  God knows.  In the beginning, I could have used it.

      Those days are gone now.  I look back at the struggles and realize they were all worth it.  Back then, I was drowning in a sea of obscurity.  No one knew who I was.  No one really cared.

     But not today?  Today, I have grown a fan base of prospects so large to talk to everyday, it would drive you mad!  And, it’s a Never Ending Flow!

     Everyday, I can count on SOMEBODY reaching out to me.  In fact, when I wake up I KNOW there is going to be no less then 20 messages to reply to! – Nice problem to have right?

     Well, if your going to have the measure of success I have had, your going to have to Learn How to Brand Yourself Online.  Your going to have to Learn to Prospect.  And, your going to have to learn how to be ready for a ton of people wanting to know all about YOU!  And, I learned where to accomplish all three of these things at the same time.

Here’s What I Mean – 

     If anyone has cracked the code of Lead Generation it’s Marc Lalonde.  Out of the night, he rode in like a western villain.  He stole the top leadership spots once coveted & held by veteran marketers for years!

     When the dust had settled from the fight and the sun set, He had made Millions.  Several times over to be exact.  And he did it WITHOUT a blog, WITHOUT a web site and without a fan base.

     What was Marc’s secret?  How could he come from nowhere and over throw such MLM Giants?  He learned the secret to branding himself online.

     And, his decision has changed 1000’s of lives!

Personal Online Branding

     In the beginning, Marc was like every other would-be Network Marketer.  He had hope and dreams of one day living the “Lap Top Life Style”.  But, it wasn’t long before he begin to see the problem.  He was drowning in a sea of Obscurity.

     Like me, no one knew his name.  No one cared to talk to him.  He pitched his offer to his friends.  But, nobody seemed to catch the vision of success like he had.  Because in the big bad world of Internet Marketing he was a nobody!  And, if he was going to have success he had to change THAT!

     During an interview recently with Marc (a.k.a. The Wealthy Trainer), he pointed out that learning to brand YOURSELF online is ESSENTIAL if you hope to grow a 6, 7, or even 10 FIGURE a year online business. 

     During our interview, Marc addressed people who were always to busy:

“They are to BUSY they say to look at something that takes only 10 minutes to set up that could change their lives and it’s FREE! They are not fit to work with me anyway and I move on…”

     So I put Him to the test.  After our interview, I took Marc up on his offer and enrolled in his Personal Online Branding Course (It’s Free) and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

What Happened!

     Following the  “Dean of Branding YOUniversitys” advice, I set up my very first Vlog!  It took me about 10 minutes just like he said.  And when I was done, I couldn’t believe the results!

     It was custom tailored to fit me and my niche.   It is updated everyday BY THE UNIVERSITY with brand new content (or I could add my own).  But the result was, I now had a professional looking Vlog (FREE)!  It took only 10 minutes to set up.  And now, I don’t do a thing but focus on other more important task that need to be done!

     And now, since one man followed HIS dreams and made Personal Online Branding easy, He now reaches back to others and helps them build theirs online presence through Personal Online Branding. – – 


   Till we meet again my friends, I hope you found value in this post.  If so please remember to share your thoughts in the comments and share for your friends and team mates!

Your friend and mentor,

 – Bubbie Gunter A.A.C.M

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  1. There is no doubt that Marc has branded himself very well. It is an amazing course that is being offered for free and everyone should jump on it. Twitter is an incredible medium. Thank you for sharing.

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