You clicked publish and now your post is Live!  Then, it’s over to Viral Content Bee (VCB) for content syndication.  After your submission,  now what?  Is it time to sit passively by and HOPE someone shares your content?  A behind the scene look at what you need to do after posting to the Content Syndication1 site called Viral Content Bee.

     Ann Smartly, the founder of numerous startups including MyBlogGuest, MyBlogU, TwChat and many more.  Her contrubution to the Network Marketing Community is a testament to her dilligence to help others succeed!

     Viral Content Bee is one of her creations.  I could not begin to tell you how much VCB was instrumental in the growth of my blog.  By using this free content syndication site, I have had the following success:

  • My Blog Post has been shared over 2,500 times;
  • From these shares, I have received likes, comments and retweets;
  • And, my Twitter Following is filled with interested, responsive Followers!

     These two factors were instrumental in helping to establish my blogs Social Authority.

     If you are new to Viral Content Bee you should appreciate the tip I’m about to share.  Or, if you are a Ol’ Timer at VCB, you may have missed this simple little trick.

     Either way, this is one of the easiest Network Marketing Strategies I take advantage of!

    After logging in to Viral Content Bee, you will notice in the Tabs section the word “Interactions”.  If you click it, it will take you to a page that shows you several EXTREMELY important details about your content being shared!

  1. Each Social Profile your content was shared to;
  2. How many times it was shared to that Social Platform (Green Arrow);
  3. What content was shared (Blue Arrow);
  4. Who shared it (Blue Arrow);
  5. And lastly, the Interact Button!

     Clicking the Interact button brings you to the actual post/tweet.  Then, the fun is REALLY begins!

Interaction AFTER Content Syndication

     Congratulations!  You receive a notification from VCB someone shared your content!  It’s an exciting moment when someone finds your content worthy enough to share with their friends, family and followers on Social Media.  But, there’s more…way more!

Now is the beginning of the Network Marketing process.

     When you click the Interaction Button, you are taken to the actual Tweet (or Facebook Post, etc).  Along with this however is your SECOND OPPORTUNITY to interact with this individual.  Now, you are presented with the chance to “Follow” the individual who has read your content and thought it worthy to share.  After you have reached the actual Tweet (I mostly use this for Twitter), you want to do three things:

  • Follow the person that shared your content;
  • LIKE the post He shared;
  • And, Let them know you appreciate their share by commenting on that post!

      If you are new to online marketing, pay very close attention.  This is the foundation of Network Marketing!  Following the individual is nice.  But, “nice” isn’t going to cut it if you want to be successful!

     If they are active enough on Twitter, they MIGHT notice you followed them.  And, IF they notice you followed them they MIGHT follow you back.  BUT, they are DEFIANTLY going to notice you, if you like and comment on their tweet!

There’s one more step!

The Price of Success

     Listen, you might be thinking this is a lot of work.  But, let me explain something to you.  Successful network marketers don’t rub Genie lamps hoping for success.  We make money online by sharing our content and interacting with the people who show interest in it.  It’s the heart of what we do!

Your Friend and Mentor

Bubbie Gunter

     P.S.  My Next Step for content syndication has a potential reach of Over 2 MILLION People!  Leave a comment below on the value you received from this article, and I will send you this insanely simple technique!


8 thoughts on “What to Do AFTER Content Syndication Using Viral Content Bee Overview

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    1. Hi Teri,
      I am tossed between being happy you don’t see my site monetized or unhappy. The fact is it [my blog] is set up for AND monetized (at least I thought). After visiting my site, anyone have any suggestions?
      Message Me HERE

    2. Thanks for your thoughts Teri. First, let me say thank you for the wonderful comment about my content. I work very hard to bring the best network marketing tips, tricks and strategies to everyone.
      Next, I would like to say my site IS monetized. I make a living from my blog. Notice however I do not claim to drive a Ferrari or live in a 20 room mansion. I am just a man who enjoys spending his time helping people grow THEIR home business.

    1. Sorry for the delay in answering Prakash. I was waiting to hear back from Ann Smartly, creator of Viral Content Bee. After asking Ann your question, she responded: “We [Viral Content Bee] have paused FB Business Page support for the time being. It was a useful feature to curate content for business pages, but those shares were driving 0 exposure to content creators. Since the platform is only focused on driving engagements to the users’ content, it didn’t make much sense for us.”
      In other words, No. VCB does not share to your Facebook Page.

      However, there is a plateform I know of that DOES share curated content to your Facebook page. The site is called Triberr and I discuss it in this post as well. If you want massive exposure to your content, I highly suggest you check out Triberr and then submit a request to my two tribes: Network Marketing Tips, Tricks and Strategies; and, Blog Post Commenting Tribe. We would love to have you…and you can share content straight to your FB account if you like!

    2. Hi Prakash. Thanks for your question. After speaking with Ann Smartly, head of VCB, I was informed they nolonger connect FB Pages to VCB due to low engagement. I do know of a site you can connect your Facebook Page to and get FREE shares like VCB
      Message Me HERE

  2. Thanks, Bubbie I will be sure to check this out and probably join. Just have to get my ducks in a row. You are so correct we do not just rub a genie lamp and have our content magical appear. We have to work hard at it!

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