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Welcome to “Coffee and Conversation in the Mornings”

Coffee and Conversation is basically a question and answer forum on Facebook.

Think of us as Maury, Jerry, Steve and Oprah all rolled into one – Live answering ALL your questions concerning your Home Business!

Every morning (9 a.m. Central),  you can tune in to our Live Broadcast where I address questions from everyday marketers just like yourself!

I have OVER 5 years experience under my belt.  A few years back, I broke into the TOP THREE Percent of ALL Home Business Owners!

So, I am MORE THAN QUALIFIED to answer the questions you may be struggling with in your home business.

Or, you can come on the show with us and present your questions Live!

Broadcast Starts at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday!

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Episode # 1 – I Promote Results Not “Hype!”

As I described in our First Episode, when I got tired of the Same Ol’ Secrets told to me everyday that DIDN’T work, I did something about it.

I got tired of hearing the same Ol’ Six-Figure Strategies — that I knew didn’t work!

I mean, I was doing what they said!

I followed their plans to the tee!

Results were minimal at best.

And, My gut told me there was SOMETHING missing!

There was something THEY wasn’t telling me!

Then, one day it dawned on me what the problem was….

The Awakening

   I sat in webinar after webinar.  And, when I tell you I learned every trick in the book I did!

Yet, I just never could get my home business off the ground.

I also couldn’t get rid of that nagging feeling that something was missing.

I knew that figuring it out would unlock the success of my home business.

Then, almost magically everything seemed to change overnight.

I had figured it out!

And, within TWO WEEKS I had ascended my company’s Leadership Board knocking veterans out of the way that had been there for years!

(- God!  That felt good that day!)

And, I never looked back….

Get Ready for the Sales Pitch!

Now this is the part where I convince you that I can help you generate MASSIVE amounts of leads for your home business.

I’m also suppose to promise you that I’m gonna help you got 100,000 visitors to your blog this month!


NOPE!  I don’t promote “Hype!”

And, I don’t promote strategies that don’t work!


The only thing I promise is RESULTS!

As you saw in the video, I have:

  • Over 20,000 views on one of my Quora accounts; 
  • Almost 1000 views a day to my Pinterest account; 
  • Email Open Rates ABOVE 70 PERCENT;
  • Youtube Videos DOMINATE Google!

And, more….

20K Views on Quora! 1000 Views A DAY to his Pinterest and Email Open Rates ABOVE 70% - is this guys RESULTS for real? Come check him out... Click To Tweet

  How did I get these massive results?  Well, take a look at this picture a moment.

What do you see?  A speaker in front of an audience?

Look closer.

There are two groups of people in the picture?

There are those that are sitting and learning;

and there is someone teaching them.

There is a group that paid to hear the speaker.

And, there is the speaker that makes the money.

I learned early on:  If I was going to succeed I had to move out of the audience and onto the stage!

“You have to position yourself as an authority figure before someone will be willing to follow or work to you…”

If you are tired of being in the audience and are ready to see REAL Results in your home business, Take the 10 Day Challenge

Need Higher Open Rates?

Looking for Where to Find a Your Target Audience?

Need to Position Yourself as an Authority?

Then, Coffee and Conversation’s 10 Day Challenge is what you are needing!

Every Monday a New Challenge Begins!

Register Now At – workwithbubbie.com/LIVE

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