A Complete Guide to Understanding Blog Bounce Rate

     Today we discuss your blog or websites bounce rate.  We will begin with what is a “bounce rate”, the difference between a bounce rate and exit rate, and finally after you have a deeper understanding what you can do to reduce bounce rate and give your readers an enjoyable experience while visiting your site.

     Let’s begin by being honest for a moment.  I love writing.  I enjoy watching as a piece of content is created and I know what I am writing will help someone build their business.  What I HATED was the technical side of the business.   

     I was like feeding a child only wanting to eat (do) what I liked and refused to eat my veggies.  But, I realized if I persisted in this mind set and refused to learn Google Analytics, then like a child refusing to eat what was healthy, my blog would evidently wither and die!

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Drowning in Obscurity: How to Build Your Personal Brand Online

Drowning in Obscurity

Building Your Personal Brand Online

     Let’s be honest a minute.  I didn’t begin my online career to be shackled to my computer.  Did you?

     Day after day, posting my time away.  If that was the goal, I could have stayed in corporate America drawing a steady check.  God knows.  In the beginning, I could have used it.

      Those days are gone now.  I look back at the struggles and realize they were all worth it.  Back then, I was drowning in a sea of obscurity.  No one knew who I was.  No one really cared.

     But not today?  Today, I have grown a fan base of prospects so large to talk to everyday, it would drive you mad!  And, it’s a Never Ending Flow!

     Everyday, I can count on SOMEBODY reaching out to me.  In fact, when I wake up I KNOW there is going to be no less then 20 messages to reply to! – Nice problem to have right?

     Well, if your going to have the measure of success I have had, your going to have to Learn How to Brand Yourself Online.  Your going to have to Learn to Prospect.  And, your going to have to learn how to be ready for a ton of people wanting to know all about YOU!  And, I learned where to accomplish all three of these things at the same time.

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The Law of Reciprocity: The Secret Ingredient in Network Marketing

The Law ReciprocityLaw of Reciprocity

Jesus shared a parable with His Disciples about the importance of sowing seed upon good, fertal ground.  Now, of course Jesus wasn’t talking about getting Facebook “Likes” for your business page.  His teaching was spiritual. But, the law of reciprocity holds true for the Network Marketer as well.

Today, we discuss Reciprocity:

  • What it is;
  • Why it is so important; and,
  • How without it your business CAN NOT grow!  

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What to Do AFTER Content Syndication Using Viral Content Bee Overview

     You clicked publish and now your post is Live!  Then, it’s over to Viral Content Bee (VCB) for content syndication.  After your submission,  now what?  Is it time to sit passively by and HOPE someone shares your content?  A behind the scene look at what you need to do after posting to the Content Syndication1 site called Viral Content Bee. Continue reading “What to Do AFTER Content Syndication Using Viral Content Bee Overview”

How to Write Effective Blog Comments

   Has anyone ever complemented you, but you knew they were being sarcastic? Can’t a sarcastic person get under your skin faster than anything? Well, you know, its the same in the blogging community.  When professional bloggers see blog comments like “Great post!” or “Loved this post”, we know the comment isn’t sincere.  We view these types of comments as spam! And, if you do it you should stop!

     Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to show enthusiasm and say something like ‘great post’ – but more importantly tell them WHY you think it’s a great post.  Because when you complement the author, most often then not, they will return the favor on your blog.

      So, remember, when leaving your blog comments make sure to follow these proven techniques.

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What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing ?     Are you an Affiliate Marketer or Network Marketer? Do you know the difference? Because there is a vast difference between the two marketing strategies?  Even though they are closely related, there is a vast difference between the two?  And, understanding this difference may be the difference between your success or failure in your home business. So, what is network marketing and how does it work Continue reading “What is Network Marketing?”

What is a Network Marketer?

What is a Network Marketer-     After discovering what is network marketing, you will need to understand the role you will play as a network marketer.   But, exactly What is a Network Marketer?”  What are the everyday task?  What can you look forward to on your new journey?  What steps can you take to help ensure your success?

     If you were like me you believed network marketing was simple.  All you have to do is post links on Facebook or Twitter and the money would just roll in.  After endless hours of posting to social media, I still had nothing.  Then I learned what a TRUE Network Marketer was and everything changed! Continue reading “What is a Network Marketer?”