How To Write Better Blog Headlines In Only 1 Day Starting From Scratch

blog headlines   I couldn’t figure it out!

I wanted to scream.

   After following all of the “Guru’s” advice when it came to getting traffic to my blog…nothing!  

  • I loved what I wrote about!
  • I truly in my heart believed what I wrote would help people.
  • I posted to social media & traffic sites….

To be truthful, my results were what you could call “meager” at best.

   It just felt as if THEY were withholding the ONE THING from me that could make all the difference.

    Then, I met my mentor.  And, after only a couple of minutes of evaluating my blog, he gave me his expert advice.

    “It’s your blog headlines.  They suck,” he informed me! 

So, I set out on a mission to make them better!

The Importance of Great Blog Headlines

   After that admonishment, I begin to study the importance of  great blog headlines.

    What I discovered was that it didn’t matter rather you are a Blogger, an Author or a Journalist –  We all have one thing in common:

     We all need POPPING Headlines that make our content stick out among all the internet noise!

   I don’t like it any more than you do.  But, the fact is, we live in an A.D.D. world. 

   Everybody’s busy and has something to do.

   And, we as professional content writers have about five seconds to capture someone’s attention and get them to read our material.

“If you want your blog posts or copy to perform well, you have to create a magnetic headline” –  Neil Patel

   What Neil is saying is, if you want people to open the treasure box (your post) and glen the value inside, you have to give them REASONS to read your post.  And, that begins with your headline

How to Write Good Blog Headlines

     So, you see, not having visitors to your site CAN’T be because of your content.  They haven’t viewed it yet!

   The fact is 8 out of 10 people will read your headline.  And, on average, only 2 will actually click to the content, according to Quick Sprout.

   So, what is the trick to increase those numbers. 

Write Magnetic, Highly Targeted Headlines~!

   Consider these two headlines:

How to Train Your Dog to Sit


Three Steps to Training Your Dog To Sit…In Less Than Five Minutes

   If you were searching for how to get your dog to sit and you saw theses two headlines, which would you click to read?

   The second one of course. 


   Because, it answers several things:

  • It Tells Me How Many Steps (or Tips) It Will Take to Achieve My Goal.
  • It List a Benefit I Can Achieve –
    • By reading this article, I can save time by learning to train my dog in only five minutes
  • And, It Tells Me How Quickly My Problem Can Be Solved
    • In less than five minutes, and in only 3 steps, I can train my dog to sit.

All in ONE headline!

The Perfect Headline Formula offers 51 “Headline Formulas.”  Buffer gives you 30 more.  And, if that isn’t enough, Jeff Bullas provides you with 101 MORE Headline Formulas to help you increase CTRs.

   Here are just a few examples:

  • How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]
    • Example: How to Have a Better Memory
  • [Number] Proven [Actions/Ways] to [Achieve Desired Result]
    • 7 Proven Techniques to Build A Bigger Downline
  • [Number] Lessons I Learned When/From [Experience]
    • 3 Lessons While Scuba Diving
  • Imagine [Desired Outcome]
    • Imagine Firing Your Boss Tomorrow!

   All of these templates are helpful. 

But, I got to be honest. 

   They make my head spin too.

   Imagine having to remember or write everyone of them down!


It’s impossible!  

The Solution | Blog Headline Generators

 headline creator pro  If you hope to get the content you worked HARD to create read, you have to have the perfect Headline, right?   

  And, I am sure you don’t want to have to spend HOURS searching notes trying to figure out what “formula” to use.

That is why I use a Blog Headline Generator.

   When it comes to generating amazing blog headlines, a Blog Headline Generator is a God send!  And, there are 100’s to choose from.  For example,

The Best Title Generator  –  I used the “Best Title Generator” for years.  It is user friendly.  Simply type in your key word and BOOM 700 fresh hot headlines to choose from.

  I used the Best Title Generator for years!  Just enter your keyword and BOOM – you got 700 headlines to choose from!  And, I would be lying if I said I didn’t dip my cup in that river every now and then.

  But, when it comes to the best auto-generator for blog headlines the winner hands down is Headline Creator Pro!

   Headline Creator Pro is a free software download.  I think so highly of it I added it to the Network Marketing Giveaway Zone.

The Network Marketing Giveaway Zone is a page dedicated to my followers.  It contains video trainings, ebooks and software I used to help grow my own personal business on line. 

  I love it because its simple to use, it works and it’s MINE!

   I downloaded it (and you can too).  So, even when the internet is disrupted for God know what reason next time, I can work on my headlines off line!

   Watch how simple it is to use:

   Headline Creator Pro generates 100s of blog headline ideas in 17 Seconds or less!  And, now I wouldn’t use anything else.


   Be Blessed – Bubbie Gunter, Network Marketing Mastery

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13 thoughts on “How To Write Better Blog Headlines In Only 1 Day Starting From Scratch”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. After reading your article (and taking the test), I see where my blog headlines could use a lot of work.
    This is something I need to work on and I really appreciate this post! It gave me a lot to think about…

    1. Thanks Melissa.
      It is always nice to hear that my writings help someone.
      Yes, blog headlines are VERY important to your success as a blogger.
      If your headlines do not trigger an emotion to read more, no one will click through and read your articles.

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