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An Honest AWeber Review

     Believe me!  I have had my bad experiences with autoresponders in the past. In fact, while trying to choosing the right auto responder for my business, I went through several different ones.

Trying to decide which email marketing platform was best to help build my business was troublesome to say the least.

First, I tried Get Response and eventually moved on to Mail Chimp. 

Then, after MONTHS of trial and error with them all (not to mention the TIME I lost), I finally settled on Aweber.

The following is a brief AWeber Review to assist you in making a knowledgeable selection regarding email marketing services.

It is written in love.  And, it is my prayer, that you bypass all the struggles I had to go through alone in deciding which Auto Responder to use for you business.

WHY I Choose Aweber

After over a decade in Network Marketing, I have determined that Aweber is hands down the business owners best friend!

In a word association game, if someone said “Aweber”, my response would be a resounding, “Customer Support!

In the beginning, I had thousands of questions concerning email marketing.

I must have called Aweber’s Customer Support HUNDREDS of times!

And, you know what?

They were well-mannered and friendly (to traits hard to find today, right!), every single time!

They took their time to explain to a complete nubie email marketing at its finest!

And,bBecause of their dedication to Customer Service (that’s ME!), I hold a Record High Open Rates of 70 Percent and MORE!

Aweber Pricing

     If you’re like me, I first thing I want to know is, “How much this is gonna cost me”, right?

Well, Aweber’s pricing is incorporated with all levels of membership.

First, they don’t ask for a dime!

They give you a FREE First Months Membership so you can take it for a test drive before making a decision.

Then, depending on the number of active subscribers you have at the end of the trial run will determine where you fit into the Aweber Membership level.

Here are the details:

  • Up to 500 subscribers – $19/month
  • 501–2,500 Subscribers – $29/month
  • 2,501–5,000 Subscribers – $49/month
  • 5,001-10,000 Subscribers – $69/month
  • 10,001–25,000 Subscribers – $149/month
  • 25,001+ Subscribers – get a quote

And, after talking with an Aweber Representative, I discovered that they empower you to send emails to an UNLIMITED number of subscribers with the click of a button!

     Now, when I saw this, my mind screamed: “UNLIMITED!”

In my small nubie head, I thought “Could 50,000 Subscribers even possible?

How soon would I find out the answer was YES!

Anyway, the point is, you have the ability to send a endless number of autoresponder messages with AWeber.

And, believe me, that is going to make your life, and running your business, easier!

And it gets better…

Aweber Features

Now, every class or webinar I have ever attended repeatedly admonished against focusing on a products features.  But, I just can’t help it.

I’m sure you want to know what to expect once you Sign Up for Your 30 Day Trial, right?

Well, there is Aweber’s Drag & Drop Email Message Builder.  Then, their is the comfort of kicking back and knowing that my messages have been delivered to my list (My deliverability rate is an amazing 94.34%!)

And, of course, their is Aweber’s Training Portal that I will talk about in a moment.  But, first…

Aweber’s Drag & Drop Email Message Builder:

“This Simple to Use Drag & Drop email builder has more than 700(+) email templates for you to take advantage of!” – Aweber 

Want to experience how easy it is to create a professionally looking email for your subscribers?

Watch this video showing you step-by-step how simple it is to use Aweber’s Drag & Drop Feature.

In only THREE MINUTES they cover EVERY tab!

Timely Sent Messages

     Being sure your subscribers receive your emails in a TIMELY manner is of the essence to you!

If you take the time to map out an email marketing campaign, you want to be sure your time hasn’t been wasted.

AND, you want to avoid the dreaded “Spam” folder.

These are concerns you should have if you hope to experience success in email marketing.

And again, Aweber answers the call.

AWeber’s incredible autoresponder empowers you to automate ALL of your messages.

In other words, your emails are guaranteed to be sent out to your subscribers WHEN YOU WANT THEM TO! 

This guarantee ensures your clients get the messages they need right when you need them to!

. To begin, you simply add your desired messages and set up an autoresponse schedule. This takes literally less than five minutes to accomplish. You even have access to more than 700 email formats to make the email design process fast and simple.

Delivery Rate of 93.34%

My deliverability rate with Aweber  is like the cherry on top of the dessert! 

It just makes owning Aweber a simple choice.

Getting your emails delivered to your subscribers on time is a top priority for them.

After all, there’s no point in sending a message that isn’t delivered or ends up in the spam folder, right!

Well, along with everything else, they help keeping me out of the hated spam folder and somewhre in the range of a superior 93.34% Delivery Rate

This means that as a member of the Aweber family, my emails

Get respect from Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) because Aweber is a trusted source.

Emails originating from Aweber (thus from YOU !) will be delivered quicker then other services because of THEIR good reputation..

It has been nice to know that until I could establish myself as an email marketing master I could ride along on Aweber’s reputation.

Aweber Email Marketing Training Portal

  • Is AWeber Right for You | An AWeber Review      When your with the best, you expect the best training, right?

Well, Aweber doesn’t let you down!.

After reading this Aweber Review, you should go straight to their training portal and begin learning how to master email marketing!

Some of their Archived Email Marketing Training’s include:


You can visit my Archives and read:

     If you’re new to online or email marketing, you’re certain to appreciate Aweber’s superb “Getting Started” Course, which incorporate real-time instruction from AWeber specialists has given me enough content to right about FOREVER!


The Bottom Line:

Today, more than 100,000 businesses, entrepreneurs, agencies and nonprofits are making the most of AWeber’s sophisticated segmentation and analytics capabilities, extensive template libraries and industry-leading deliver-ability and live support.

Their staff of email marketing specialists are highly skilled, responsive and reliable.

This makes choosing Aweber a no-brainer!

I enjoy laying my head down at night KNOWING that in the morning, any problems or questions I may have with Aweber is only a phone call away.

P.S.  Did I mention, Aweber also offers a top notch Affiliate Program which pays 30%.

This has helped me offset my cost and it will you too.

For more on how you can use the Affiliate Program to off-set your cost, Message me on Messager with any of your questions!

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