AWeber Alternatives: Who Has The Best ROI

AWeber Alternatives: Who Has The Best ROI?

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Today, we are looking at several Aweber Alternatives.  This is not to say there is something wrong with Aweber.  There is not.  I personally use it myself.
     But, selecting the most appropriate Email Marketing Software for your home business or major corporation is a significant decision.  And, I am sure you want to be well informed before making your decision.
     First, you should know, Aweber is the pioneer of Email marketing software for bloggers and Internet marketers.  It always has been, and continues to be, the Email Autoresponder of Choice for most marketers.
      But, there are also several Aweber Alternatives for you which offer a boundless number of  tools to help you build your email list.
They are cost effective, have vibrant sign-up (opt-in) forms to capture contact information and lots of other dynamic features.
     So, if for some reason you don’t want the BEST autoresponder on the market and if you are looking for something a little more affordable, then here are Three Aweber Alternatives to help you…

What is ROI

ROI means the Return On your Investment.

It is a performance scale which measures rather the amount of time and money spent on a project was worth it.

For example, a Publishing company spent $10,000 promoting a new book.  And, afterward the they had made $100,000 from the promotion.  So their ROI would be 9!  Or, in other words they made a 900 percent profit during the campaign!

ROI and Email Marketing

     In “The ROI for Email Marketing”, by Chad White, a Litmus Survey of 372 marketers worldwide shows that the Return On Investment for email marketing was 38:1 on average.

What this means is means is that, in theory, for every dollar you spend in your email marketing campaigns, you will make $38!

That’s a BIG Deal!

For every $1 I spend on my email marketing campaigns – I WILL MAKE $38!

So, it behooves anyone wanting to make THAT kind of money to learn email marketing strategies.

And, with that said, if you are looking for Aweber Alternatives then here is my review of the three most popular Autoresponders.

Get Response

If you simply must have an Aweber Alternative, than I strongly recommend GetResponse.

GetResponce     Similar to AWeber, GetResponse can send batch emails to your whole list with a single click of a button.

Or, you can schedule emails to go out to your list at specific times!

This is perfect because it permits you to update your subscribers daily, weekly or monthly depending on your organization’s needs.

All that is mentioned above is important.  But, the biggest lure of Get Response is their Email Marketing Training!

You not only get a high quality autoresponder, but an A+ training platform as well.

Rather you choose Aweber or Get Response, both are superb decisions and both are strong at building subscriber records.

Exclusive Offer – Pay $0 TODAY!

GetResponse also has an amazing affiliate program too. This is another major plus.  After You Sign Up with GetResponse, be sure to join their Affiliate Program.  The revenue you receive helps off-set the cost of the program.


Mail Chimp an Aweber AlternativeWARNING: Mail Chimp is NOT Affiliate Marketer Friendly!

Mailchimp is another widely famous email marketing software.

If you’re an online marketer however, you should keep in mind, Mailchimp is NOTaffiliate marketer friendly.  Many have used Mail Chimp, built a good list, and had their account shut down.

For this reason, I am relutent to add them here.  But, since they are ranked second in business autoresponders, they must be mentioned.

Just know, if you are a network or affiliate marketer, you may want to consider another alternative!

How Much Does Mail Chimp Cost?

Pricing of Mailchimp is fundamentally the same except they do offer free sign up until you reach 500 subscribers.  But, then again, free sometimes is the most expensive way to go.

Remember, we talked about Email Marketing ROI?

What do you think the Return On an Investment of ZERO is?

So, of the two, Aweber and MailChimp, Aweber is hands down the way to go.

Constant Contact:

constant contact an aweber alternative    Constant Contact is the third choice for Aweber Alternatives for you to choose from.  They are an expert email marketing company which helps speed up the learning process with step-by-step webinar teachings.


Pricing for Constant Contact begins at $15 every month.  BUT, they give you a 60 Day Free Trial to test their product and make a quality decision. Keep in mind however, as your list grows, so does the cost.  This is a MAJOR turn off for me.

But, if you choose Constant Contact, you can expect to receive:

  • Around 50 Expert Looking Email Templates
  • Analytics to help monitor your email marketing campaigns;
  • Stylish Sign Up (opt-in) Forms;
  • And, easy import of your current email list making it simple to relocate to their service.


Take the time and check out each of these Aweber Alternatives because the decision is very important.  Remember, the fortune is in the follow up…

Your Friend and Mentor,

Bubbie Gunter

Bubbie Gunter

P.S – Let me ask you a question.

How big is your list?  Because, as the saying goes, “The money is in the list!”

This means, the more people on your email marketing list, the more money you will make.

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