Avoiding The Dirt Road | Free Blog Advertising that Gets Results

Free Blog Advertising that Gets Results

In the early ages of the internet, Blogging was just a hobby and people used to maintain a personal “log” sort of like an online journal.  In those days, people got along.  They helped each other.  And, free blog advertising could be found everywhere.

Today, it’s different.  With the quick decline of world economic systems, blogging as a way to generate an extra income for house holds quickly took off.

     However, millions who started out on a promising life changing career had to watch as their dreams of life changing plans for their family crashed to the ground!

What they may not have told you was that if you are new and have no Idea what you are doing, then like a hopeful artist you will starve to death!

The old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” doesn’t apply to blogs. You must take steps to promote it!

Maybe they didn’t tell you that the name of the game is promotion!

And, if they neglected to tell you that, then I would be willing to wager they don’t tell you there are STILL free blog advertising sites that get results!

If it feels like your Blog is sitting on a dirt road while your competition has figured out how to be on the Internet Super Highway, then try these two tried and true methods to promote a blog!

If you were like me, it took have a lot of  blood, sweat, and tears invested in creating your blog.

I labored and cussed so many Word Press Themes for not working right.  I searched for all the right plug-ins to enhance it just right!

But, if like me you feel like you are Drowning in a Sea of Obscurity.

The Answer –  If you want to “get your name out there,”  then you will have to:

  • Begin building a targeted following;
  • Start engaging with your following; and,
  • Learn how to use free advertising for blog post;

The Bad News –
  Helping you get a target audience will be simple as you will see.  And, if you want to grow your blog traffic, then it’s critical that you take time to promote it.

You are going to need to invest some time if you are going to use free blog advertising.

The Good News – If you do take the time, build your following, and promote your post, you are going to discover there IS Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.


Now exactly…

Where to Begin!

The Importance of Social Shares

If you have the smallest understanding about SEO, then you should know Social Shares are the # 1 ranking aspect on Google, Bing and other online search engine!

With Social Shares being so crucial to your blog sites growth, then you will have to build an engaging following to Like, Comment and Share your content, right?.

I have tried over a dozen different Social Management Software’s.

And, when the rubber met the road,  Communit won my loyalty hands down.

If your tired of doing all the things “they” have told you to do… but you’re still not getting the kind of traffic to your blog you hoped, follow these tried and true methods!

I found Communit to be the best way I have discovered yet to help me manage my follow.

If you check out this training I did, I show how using Communit makes sure I don’t miss a thing!

If after watching this short teaching, JOIN Our FREE CommunIt Community HERE

Free Blog Advertising Ideas That Work for Me

In the videos below, I talk about how to get traffic to your website free.

Here are my Top Three Best Places to Promote a Blog Post!

How to Promote a Blog on Viral Content Bee

When it comes to getting traffic and Social Shares, Viral Content Bee is the knock out champion of the world!

What’s their secret exlicre?    Reciprocity!

Reciprocity is still the secret ingredient to grow any blog or website audience.  And, its alive and well on Viral Content Bee.  My video below gives a more detailed explanation of how to use Viral Content Bee to grow your audience.  But, in a nut shell VCB works like this:

You make credits by either:

  • Sharing someone else’s  content.  When you do, you get credits.
  • Or, you can update your account to Pro and get complimentary credits with no effort!

Depending upon my “credits” I typically receive about 30-80 Social Shares a DAY!

That is AMAZING!

Think about it.  Between 30 and 80 people A DAY share my content to THEIR followers!

FREE exposure!

And, that is simply from this free blog advertising site!

Watch how easy it is to use over on My You Tube Channel

I can not stress enough how essential Viral Content Bee has actually been to the success of my blog site!  I was introduced to it from day one of my marketing career.

And, I still utilize it today!

Use Triberr to Promote Your Blog

     If a picture is really worth a 1000 words.  This this one says it all.  FIFTY SHARED POST and two-hundred and six post clicks!

This is EXACTLY what makes Triberr.com King of the Hill!

These are high quality, high ranking influencer’s sharing my post!

Wow!  The stories I could tell from the connections I have made on Triberr.  I have been invited to be interviewed on the Pod Cast “Funky Thinkers” hosted by Jon Senior.  I have been offered a Guest Post Timothy Alexander’s Koffee-O-Matic.

And, 35 days later, thanks to Triberr, I have a prospective reach of over 1 MILLION individuals to my material.

After you enjoy this brief Introduction to Triberr, if  you have any concerns, simply ask people in your tribe and somebody will respond.

Hey take a look at this AWESOME POST I discovered on ways to promote a blog post FREE!. It's actually AMAZING Click To Tweet

Blog Commenting as Free Blog Advertising

When it comes to building your network of interested prospects, blog commenting is cream of the crop.  Not only is blog commenting good for SEO purposes:

It helps create and build the know, like and trust factor essential for all sales online!

It creates a backlink to your site or blog.  Therefore, even years from now, anyone reading a post you commented on can find your site.

Leave an effective comment, and your guaranteed traffic to your site!

But, be warned!  Two or three word comments are offensive to most Web Masters.  So, be sure to read 3 Magical Tricks to Use When Blog Commenting because Web Masters HATE two or three word comments and consider them spam.

Bubbie GunterBest Wishes
Your friend and mentor,


– Bubbie Gunter.



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9 thoughts on “Avoiding The Dirt Road | Free Blog Advertising that Gets Results”

  1. Super Great Looking Blog packed full of Info!
    As a new blogger, I associated with your story perfectly. After publishing the post, I now know where to go and syndicate it to get more shares, likes and comments!
    I also signed up with Commun It! Looking forward to growing my following and my blog using your advice.

    Keep the Awesome content coming! 🙂

    1. Thank you Eric for stopping by. As you know, I do my best to provide only tips and strategies that help Network Marketers move their business to the next level.
      I am happy we connected my new friend and I am looking forward to working with you and watching your business reach the stars!
      If you need any help navigating Commun It, I have a three video series you can find on my YouTube Channel!

  2. Man Bubbie, this is golden! A big mistake new bloggers make is when they publish a post and think people are just going to magically find their content. Not true, once you hit publish your work has just started. You have to get it out there and let people know you have new content. Sharing it in relevant groups and forums and across all your social media profiles and emailing your marketing list.

    I have some of my syndication process automated but the majority of it I do it myself.

    1. Very good point you bring to bear Dereco. Once we hit publish, our work is just beginning. In fact, those who like this post may also like, “Content Syndication | Growing Your Audience Using Viral Content Bee”
      And, I would add that I agree with you. Automated syndication is good. But, there is nothing like the feeling of getting out there and promoting it yourself. In fact, I get excited to promote the new post because I know people are going to get value from it. So, I want to hurry and get it out there to them!
      Everyone should feel the same way. Get excited to promote your post in groups, forums or even blog commenting. Every time you do, you are reaching (helping) one more person!

  3. Bubbie,

    I smiled to myself, again, when I read your post. It is a refreshing look at reality. I think as a new’ish blogger I see people saying how easy it is to make money on a blog…never realizing that they have been doing this for years and have worked through the ranks to become a full-time, well-paid blogger. However, Triberr has been a huge help to get my content out. I have really enjoyed finding other bloggers, learning from them, and YES sharing mutual content.

    Another place that works well for me is JustRetweet.com. It works on the same principles as Viralbee, earning credits by sharing blog posts on Twitter and liking on facebook.

    I have noticed, though, that Viralbee and my content niche is not as strong. I’ve only had a couple of articles shared once or twice even though I shared a lot with others. But maybe I will give it another shot now that I’m much more comfortable blogging and I know my content is better.

    Thanks again for the great post! ~ Johanna
    Johanna Galyen recently posted…5 Prayers for Your HusbandMy Profile

    1. Hi Johanna,
      It is always a pleasure to see you visit. And, thank you for the kind words.
      I can see your challenge with finding quality niche related post to like, comment and share.
      I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of visiting your site and doing a little research for you.
      You may find the following sites worth checking out. They appear to fit your niche and target audience.
      Google Niche Specific Christian Marriage Forums

      Talk About Marriage looked really promising for you!


      If you need any help, please feel free to Message Me and I will be happy to assist you.

      Again, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.

  4. This is great advice for anyone starting out on the road to a successful and lucrative blog. Everyone says that they can promote your blog for just a few dollars a month and it will require no time on your part. But most, if not all, of those claims, are false. Your tips and promotional sites are a great way for bloggers to invest their time wisely and see great returns in the form of shares and exposure! Thanks for saving me the time of trying all of the so-called easy promo scams!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thank you for such a warm compliment. I take great pride in providing the most up-to-the-minute marketing tips and advice.
      My mentor shared with me along time ago, “teach from your RESULTS not hype!”

      Yes, easy promo scams (like how to get a ton of traffic to your site) are everywhere. Believe me. I tried them all just about.
      Some worked….others didn’t produce fruit. And, all three of my recommendations have free memberships.

      Glad you found value, message me if you have any questions

  5. Bubbie this is up my alley. If you build it….they won’t come unless you notice people LOL. Notice people to be noticed. Genuine comments, social shares, blog mentions. Blogging gets easier and easier when you give freely, persistently.
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…By: Ryan BiddulphMy Profile

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