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Aweber Communications: A Complete AWeber Review

    You may be new to network marketing and realize your need for an autoresponer.  Or, you may be a seasoned business person looking to raise your ROI.  The fact is, your business needs one if you hope to grow.  But, with all the noise, how can you make a knowledgeable decision and receiving the best product available?  I KNOW this complete Aweber Review assist you.
     If you wonder exactly what is an autoresponder, take it from me; a seasoned veteran in the battle to make money online.  I struggled in the beginning too. I made my fair share of mistakes when I started.  One such battle was choosing the right autoresponder for my growing list.  I didn’t have the mentor I have today.  There was no one to point me in the right direction.  Luckily, today that battle is behind me and my business is booming.

Aweber Communications: A Complete AWeber Review     I started with an autoresponder system called Mail Chimp.  Mail Chimp was a good platform.  Their “Forever Free” package allowed me to add up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month!  That may sound impressive. But, I was just starting out.  I didn’t even have 20 people on my list.  So, it really didn’t serve my needs as a small online business.  It wasn’t till I had a problem and tried to contact Customer Service that I learned the old adage “You get what you pay for….”  And, sometimes free is the most costly way to go.

     Then, there was my experience with “Get Response”.  After joining Get Response, I wasted ABOUT 60 HOURS watching “How To” videos from their company.  I admit the training was first rate.  But, it was way over my head in my beginning stage. And, to difficult for me grasp all that knowledge coming out the gate.  It was just to overwhelming.

Dereco Cherry     During this time, I met my mentor and now dear friend Dereco Cherry.  When he became my mentor he explained, all of his clients used Aweber Communications as their autoresponder.  And, if he was to mentor me he INSISTED I use Aweber as well.  His reasoning was if anyone had an autoresponder question.  He could answer it immediately.  I would not waste time searching for answers.  That’s what a mentor is for right?  And, he had me on a fast track to figuring all this network marketing stuff out!

So I switched…

Aweber Autoresponder Review

     First, what is an Autoresponder.  Simply put, it is a program that automatically sends a response people when they are added to your email list.  What is Aweber Communications?  It is the platform Tens of Thousands of People use to send pre-written responses to individuals subscribing to your list everyday!

     With refined features, Aweber offers a far reaching email marketing platform for online marketers. The following is a brief Aweber Review I have written to assist you in making a knowledgeable selection regarding which email marketing service to use.

      Prominent for its incredible autoresponder service, Aweber Communications is a strong performer in many areas of email marketing.  Some of it’s incredible features include:

⦁  Simple to use Drag & Drop Email Creation is upheld with more than 600 different formats. And, HTML can be bolstered for custom messages or alterations to existing formats.

⦁  At the time of this AWeber Review, the company continued to empower its users with the ability to send emails to a single subscriber to as many as 50,000 with the click of a button.  So it doesn’t matter how big or small your list is, you will have the capacity to send endless amounts of messages them.

⦁  During the time of this Aweber Review, their pricing is another reason why I like them so much!  It’s set to fit anyone’s needs.  Their price’s are incorporated into levels of Membership.  And, you only purchase the level your business needs.  I like that! No hassles!

Aweber Review - Pros

  • Facilitating customized, timely and targeted messages to your clients is a major factor in email marketing.  Aweber’s incredible autoresponder empowers you to automate this procedure, guaranteeing your clients get the data they need right when you need them to. To begin, you simply add your desired messages and set the autoresponse schedule. And, BOOM!  Your done!

     This will take you less than five minutes to accomplish. You even have access to more than 150 different email templates to make the process fast and simple.

  • You can create professional Membership Forms and embed it on your Site, Blog, and/or Facebook Page so you never miss a chance and can maximize every opportunity to connect with a prospect. 
  • If you’re new to online or email marketing, you’re certain to appreciate Aweber’s superb live webinar courses, which incorporate real-time instruction from AWeber specialists.
  • Which leads me to my final point: Aweber Communication’s Customer Support Service. I, for one, appreciate Aweber Support’s quick response EVERY TIME I had a problem.  Rather it was a technical question or one concerning my account, a friendly agent stayed on the phone with me till the problem was solved.  PRICELESS


Aweber Review - Cons  ⦁  AWeber gives two Importing Strategies: a manual text based transfer and a spreadsheet transfer. You can’t import from Gmail or any other address books.
⦁  No Google Analytics.  Having my Aweber traffic tracked on Google Analytics would be nice.  But not essential. 
⦁  AWeber’s pricing is slightly higher than the business average. Initial plans start at $19 a month for a subscriber lists under 500 which is okay.  Chances are you don’t have a list over 500 people anyway.  Not to mention, when offset by joining and promoting Aweber’s Affiliate Program, this cost is quickly eliminated!


     With regards to a complete and  honest Aweber Review, it gives you flexible pricing at a membership you can afford. Their Customer Service can’t be matched.  And, if you are looking for an autoresponder without a ton of hassle, then AWeber will be a good option.

     Which Autoresponders have you tried?  Which is the best for YOU!  Let us know in the comments below…


Hey friends,

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4 thoughts on “Aweber Communications: A Complete AWeber Review

  1. That was a great review on Aweber and I liked you gave both pros and cons. They do have amazing customer service. And, they do strive to keep changing things up to make things as simple as possible.

  2. Great review. Loved your points about how Aweber Communications and how to increase email open rates. Going to go implement a couple of your ideas right now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was an excellent Aweber Review Bubbie, to add to the great points you touched on, Aweber allows you to build leverage in your business by allowing pre-written emails that you can schedule to send out at any time.

    As an online network marketer, your marketing list is your most valuable asset.

    Thanks for the share!

    1. I agree Dereco! Your list is your most valuable asset. It can make you MILLIONS! So, I learned not to trust it with just any autoresponder service. That is why I use Aweber today!

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