5 Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting Tips for 2019

5 Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting Tips    Professional Bloggers don’t come up with content ideas out of thin air.  It’s hard work.  But, they don’t mind.  They have a passion to release to the world.  And, blogging is their platform.

They have a story to tell the world.  And, they use words (and sometimes video) to tell their tale.

To the professional Blogger, their writings are more valuable than any historical document!

So, think of these things next time you decide to leave a blog comment and follow these Five Blog Commenting Tips.  

Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting Tips for 2019

Don’t Be Worried About Being the First to Comment


If you have read any other of my blog post, then you already know.  I can be a little controversial.  Everyone says the way to have high email open rates is to have a subject line.

I, of course, disagreed with almost everyone.

Some agreed with me.  But, the majority disagreed with my findings for The Real Reason for High Open Rates.

To Comment... Or Not to Comment     Well, its the same here….

If you have searched for blog commenting tips and read other post, then you know the first advice most give is “Be the First to Comment”.  And, I say it doesn’t matter….

If you are not the FIRST to comment that is okay.

Simply read the first person to comments thoughts.

Then, “Reply” to their comment.  And, when you Reply to their comment be sure you:

  • Reply using their name (see more on this topic on Tip # 3).
  • Be kind if you disagree –  Its okay to disagree with a commentor.  But, be sure to do it in a nice way.  For example:  “Hi Karen.  I’m Bubbie.  I read your reply and I certainly can agree with your point because I had a similar experience.  However, I found …. and it helped me tremendously!

I remember my dad sharing with me when I was a young kid.  “Son,”  he instructed.  “Respect don’t cost you a penny.  Use it as much as you can.”

# 1 -Actually Read The Blog Post

Okay.  I begin this post with the most obvious of all blog commenting tipsread the post!


Because most people who comment on blogs are doing it for SEO or back link purposes.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Except these people usually skim the article without paying attention to the content itself.

5 Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting TipsThey are not interested in the content itself.  They are just searching for the high points to comment about.  Or, they skip the content itself looking for the comment box.

This approach doesn’t work because you are missing the spirit of WHY you comment on blogs.

For example, many questions are asked every day about what blogs are best to comment on.  And, the answer is the best blogs to comment on are the ones you are doing research for YOUR next post.

Let me explain…

While researching THIS post I visited nine websites researching the data I wanted.  If I found their content was valuable, I left a nice comment sharing with the author how much I appreciated him/her taking the time to share their thoughts and knowledge with us.

Skimming the article for the high points, then writing a comment will work.  But, what did you learn?  It’s better to find articles that are interesting and relevant to your research.

Viral Content BeeIf you don’t know where to find such articles I highly suggest you check out Viral Content Bee.

They have literally THOUSANDS of articles to choose from. PLUS there is a bonus.

When using Viral Content Bee, you can also share the article with your following and earn points to promote your own article.  And, people WILL share your article.

But, remember The Law of Reciprocity!  It’s the secret ingredient in Network Marketing.

When you take this approach, you know you will read the whole article because it is interesting and relevant to your research.

# 2 – How Long Should Your Blog Comments Be?

Research I have done has revealed that the most effective comment should be at least three sentences:

  • The Introduction of your comment (at least one sentence);
  • The Body of your comment (at least one sentence);
  • The Conclusion of your comment (at least one sentence).

5 Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting Tips    The Introduction of Your Comment is called the “Blog Commenting Handshake“.

Prior to writing your thoughts, take a moment and introduce yourself and acknowledge the writer by name!  Remember what Dale Carnegie said in How to Win Friends and Influence People –  “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  

Something simple as, “Hi (author) I’m (your name)… will do.

The Body of Your Comment is simply your thought on the article.  What did you find interesting?  Did you take any notes while reading the article?  This is where you will tell the writer what was helpful to you.

5 Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting Tips

In the Conclusion of Your Comment you can share with the writer:

  • A point he may have missed;
  • An experience you may have had using the writers advice;
  • Your excitement to begin using the writers advice;

Oh!  And another blog commenting technique I like to use is this formula:

  • Are all the comments on a post long?  Then leave a short one (about 3 sentences) and YOUR comment will stand out.
  • If all the other comments short, leave a long one (about 6-7 sentences).  Again, this will make your comment stand out.

Implementing these three blog commenting tips [Introduction-Body-Conclusion] have helped me build an engaging following.

# 3 – Share an Experience When Blog Commenting

Not sure what to say?

Simply read the post and if you had a similar experience share it.

Or, if you have not had the experiences (results) described by the author, let them know how excited you are to start seeing the same results.

For example, in this post I mentioned Viral Content Bee.  If you too use VCB, then you could share in the comments below how using VCB helps you find articles that are interesting and relevant to your research.

In this example, you could add in your comment (Comment Down Below  ) how you were looking for such a platform to both promote your blog and find people to network with.

Basically, after reading the article, you want to build your comment around what the writer has said.

And, if there’s a point the blogger has missed, politely point it out.

# 4 – Respond to Other Blog Comments

Blog commenting tips number five is one of my favorites.

5 Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting Tips     If you read Blog Commenting Tips # 1,  then you know that I feel the “be the first person to comment” teaching is a crock.  “Being First” is only important to you if you use blog commenting for SEO purposes.

If you have read my article on why blog commenting for SEO purposes is REALLY a bad idea then you would understand!  But for today, just realize the chance of being the first to comment on a post is kind of difficult.

After reading the article, you decided it was worth your time to leave a nice comment for the author.  You get to the bottom and discover their are TONS of other comments.  What do you do?

If it was ME in that position, I would begin reading each comment.

Maybe someone else already said how you feel.

Maybe someone disagreed and the author didn’t know how to respond.  But you do!

Join the “conversation”!

Put your two cents in.

Why?  Because:

  • The author will see your comment.
  • The other person who disagreed will get notified and see your comment.
  • Anyone else reading the article will see the exchange.

This is how INSTANT friends are made.  Just don’t start pitching your product or MLM!

See why always being first doesn’t matter?  Or, why blog commenting is my favorite networking strategies?

It’s so simple.

You are researching a particular topic anyway.

After reading the article, why not take a moment (like right now) to share with the author your thoughts.


For my conclusion, I could only add:

Don’t try blog commenting for SEO benefits.  It doesn’t work!

Google has gotten WAY past gimmicks.

And, their ranking system has shifted to Content Quality.  But, ranking a post could take month!

OR, I can read a post I am researching.  When I’m done I will decide rather I liked it enough to leave a comment.

If not first, I will read the comments till the end (most times) and see if a conversation has started  I can join in on.  If not I will leave my thoughts.

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12 thoughts on “5 Incredibly Useful Blog Commenting Tips for 2019”

  1. Love all these tips Bubbie. Reading the post and sharing your experience helps you simply write genuine comments. Versus sounding like a tool or someone desperate to get links, you add value and begin to make friends with bloggers through your comments. Quite simple. But the key is to comment genuinely on a persistent basis to make things pop.

    1. Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for stopping by. I am happy you found the blog commenting tips both helpful and useful.
      Your point is right on target. You can’t expect to comment on ONE or TWO blog post and expect a flood of traffic to your own blog.
      Blog commenting is an art and must be practiced EVERYDAY!
      I realize that may intimidate some. However, if anyone follows Tip # 2, they will NEVER run out of quality post to comment on!
      I am excited to be about to publish the third installment on blog commenting tips and tricks. Be watching for it 🙂
      Your friend, Bubbie
      P.S. If their are any questions concerning blog commenting, it’s easy to reach me on Messanger here http://workwithbubbie.com/MessageMe

  2. 100000% agree with you on every bullet, Bubbie. All of my experiences and mistakes so far have proven this. I can sense a disingenuous comment from the first letter, which has helped me optimize my time and effort building a genuine community of readers. I also discovered VCB from Ryan (posted above), which led me to your site and this post, as well as it has turned me into a mad researcher, hunting for & discovering the best content that is in line with the thematics of my blog.

    1. Thank you Jess for such a heart warming response. You spoke of your “experiences and mistakes” made while in the learning phase. Gracious, can i associate with THAT.
      Honestly, I too can spot a disingenuous comment because I was guilty MYSELF!

  3. Hey Bubbie,
    I love blog commenting. This has helped me connect with many tough bloggers.

    You’ve hit the nail on the right spot here.
    If you are the first to comment after having properly read the comment, chances are that you will be seriously noticed by both blog owner and readers.

    Sharing your experience and being personal in your comments make you stand out. You can’t avoid a personal connection with the blog owner. I have had some blog owners mail me after reading my comment on their blogs.

    I wrote a blog post on commenting for editorial backlinks. That challenges the approach of many who comment for SEO. Like you mentioned, they just want to drop the link and leave.

    But I think following your bullet points here can help generate content-area backlinks. The idea is simple:
    – Use the blog commenting section to build a solid relationship with bloggers
    – Then you will probably end up by linking to each other’s post.

    So I principally see blog commenting as a way to create relationships that may generate more engagements with time.

    So thanks for making me read something enriching this weekend. I just added this blog to my list of to-often-visit blogs.

    ~ Enstine
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Blog Commenting for Backlinks (Earn Editorial Backlinks Commenting)My Profile

    1. Thank you Enstine for such a compliment! Blog commenting is a passion of mine as well. After reading your comment, it is obvious you are an experienced and passionate blogger!

  4. Hello!
    This is a really great article! Your writing style makes it fun to read and learn.
    Tthank you for sharing and I will implement these ideas in my next blog comment!

  5. Hello!
    Great post! Thanks, Bubbie.
    Personally, the way you described blog commenting strategy # 5 was unique!
    A lot of the articles I have studied have some of the same advice. But, your writing brings the message to a different level.
    Do you have a YouTube Channel I could subscribe to?
    And again, thank you.

  6. Hello,
    Thank you for such a great article. I understood that how to write a great blog comment. before that i was using my own way to increase my website rank but it was not working, now few week ago i follow your instruction and my website rank is increasing that’s great.

    Visit Our Blog :- https://www.datinghelpus.com/how-do-i-cancel-my-silversingles-membership/
    Silversingles support recently posted…How do I cancel my SilverSingles membership?My Profile

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