Blog Commenting – 3 Magical Tricks to Use to Get Engagements

bad blog commenting     Nothing gets under your skin quicker than a sarcastic person am I right?

The snide remarks from a miserable boss.  Feeling unappreciated for a job you thought was well done.

It’s a pain when someone complements you, but you KNOW in your heart they were just being sarcastic?

Well, you understand, its the exact same in the blogging neighborhood.

When expert blog owners see blog comments like “Great Article!” or “Loved this post”, we understand it isn’t a sincere remark about our work.  To be completely honest, we view these kinds of remarks as spam!

A Blog Comment is Content

If you have fallen into the trap of leaving small inconsequential blog comments then you REALLY need to understand the following – Blog Comments are content! 

That’s right.  When Google craws a site they look at more than at the article itself.  They craw the comments too!  The infamous “Google Bots” are drawn to new comments like bees to honey.

How do you think your comment becomes a back link?

Their job is to determine if the content is relevant to the content on the page.

So, understanding why blog commenting properly is so important, be sure to follow these ____  magical tricks to use when Blog Commenting.  And, watch your web site page sky rocket!

3 Magical Tricks to Use When Blog Commenting

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s fine to comment your excitement and also remark something like ‘fantastic job’ or ‘great article’–

However much more notably would be to inform the writer WHY you considered it to be a wonderful article!  But, before you get that far you will want to introduce yourself.

The Blog Commenting “Hand Shake”

    You wouldn’t approach a complete stranger on the street and just start talking to them would you?

Or, do you think you would have a better chance of engaging the individual AFTER you have introduced yourself.

It’s the same with blog commenting.  The very best blog comments begin with a welcoming.

As Dale Carnegie once said, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

You don’t need to spend a lot of time here. Something straightforward such as, “Hi (writer’s name), I’m Bubbie” … will do.

Prior to starting your remarks, take a moment and introduce yourself and acknowledge the writer by name!

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie.

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Praise the Writer for a Good Job

“Great Post,”  really don’t cut it here.

When you begin your comment with praise such as “Great post on…..,” you leave the impression that you are aware of the theme of the post.

Use phrases like:

  • “I found your point on (topic) rather interesting…because….”
  • “I loved the way you explained your (number) point.  It is so true that…..”

It is also worthy to note here.  It is a good practice to use the article’s Title here.

Included a Personal Note to Your Blog Comments

Look for something in the post you associate with the writer. Did you have the same experience they are writing about?

Did you use the same method to solve the problem?

How did his/her content help you?

And NOW is the opportunity to share who YOU are!

  • ” After networking online for the last 3 years, I have seen the same (X) problems or advantages …”
  • ” As a starting Amazon Affiliate I fought with a few of the very same troubles stated above …”.
  • “…I remember going through the exact same struggle.  And, if it wasn’t for (a point in the article) I don’t believe I ever could have raised to where I am today!

In the third example, you bond with the author and HIS readers by going through the same “experience”.  You also give credit to the writer by telling him how the topic helped you.

It also increases the “curiosity” level to a boiling point. Both the writer as well as future viewers of the blog post will certainly question who you are.  And, traffic to your site will increase!

REMEMBER:  This is not the moment to tell your “Story”. Just leave something simple that reveals a part of who you are and not screams, “Check me out!”.


Ask Questions in Your Blog Comments.

This is my favorite blog commenting strategy of all.


Statistics show, when most people are surfing the internet and come upon a questions, they stop and read it!  Subconsciously, the want to know if the question pertains to them or their well being.

Take advantage of this little trick.  While reading the article if you have a question, ask the writer in the comments section.  This will accomplish several things:

When the writer sees your comment and question, he will be more than happy to elaborate a moment more on the subject because it provides him/her an additional opportunity to reveal his/her knowledge on the subject.

And, now a dialogue has started.

Friendships are forged.  And, fortunes are made!

Final Thoughts

Don’t consider blog commenting as a chore that must be done!  Consider it as a method to get in touch with the writer. And, if done properly, it constructs a bond in between you and them.

Your Friend and Mentor,
Bubbie Gunter

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20 thoughts on “Blog Commenting – 3 Magical Tricks to Use to Get Engagements”

  1. Hi Bubbie, Penelope here. I appreciate this post and so will many other bloggers who get the “Great Post,” or “Keep up the Good Work,” or some other such comment. Your article really cuts to the quick of being appreciative of others offline or on–and stating why we feel this way! This is a keeper for all commenters and bloggers. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Penelope Silvers recently posted…Radio Romance Author Interview: Sophie Dawson, “The Cottonwood Series”My Profile

    1. Hi Penelope,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.
      Yes…as a professional blogger, I understand the improtance of commenting properly on other blogs. I “cringe” when I see the dreaded “Great Post” comments because I know how it effects THEIR SEO. If the goal was for them to use my Comment Luv Plug in to get a backlink, it is so low quality because of the worthless comment (content as I shared in the post) that Google actually ranks it LOWER.
      Being a member of several syndication sites, I see these comments pop up on my blog daily. But, I never approve them.

    2. Hey Bubbie,

      I agree with Penelope here. Great to see your content out again and this is a superb expose on how Blog Commenting can be one of the ways for better brand exposure…for the commenter as well. I have known this for years when I first started blogging. I used to leave such detailed comments, it would take me ages going through authority blogs and giving back to the author, for sharing their value… 🙂

      I must say that being part of several social syndication groups, has blunted my style….So many takers…leaving unproductive comments and forgetting that they are indeed creating content that could help raise the bar for their Blog/website too.

      I specifically agree with the Bonus trick…and so let me ask you; How many niche blogs can you visit per day and how long does it take you to do that? Plus have you seen an influx of blog visitors from such sites to yours with time of course?

      1. Thanks Julie,
        It is a blessing to be back after the Great Storm of 2016 wiped us out down here.
        I am always happy when someone of your experience and developed career stops by!
        To answer your questions:

        How many niche blogs can you visit per day?
        I don’t go to Google and look for “Niche” blogs exactly. Sites I visit are mostly doing research for my next article. Now, I may visit 25 sites doing my research. But, what determines WHICH of the 25 do I comment on?
        Well, as you may know, if you search for anything on the web, for the most part it’s the same old tips, tricks or strategies as every other page you visit. BUT – if I come across a blog with NEW information, I will leave a comment.
        For example, EVERYBODY might have the same five tips to increase email open rates. But, on my third site I visit the writer takes a different approach to the solution. Since it is different than everybody elses, I will leave a comment on my thoughts.

        How Long Does It Take You to Do That…?
        How long does it take to visit other blogs and leave comments is what I assume you mean? That depends. I have been doing it for quite some time now. So, my experience speeds me up.
        When I feel I have gathered enough research for my next article, I’m done. And, it will be the same for anybody. Visit blogs while doing your research. Anyone with fresh new ideas, leave them a comment. When you have enough material for your article, your done. You may have left two comments or you may have left five before your research was done.

        Have You Seen an Influx of Blog Visitors from Such Sites to Yours with Time of Course?
        YES! YES! YES! – You can expect an influx of visitors to your blog from blog commenting. For sure, the writer themselves are coming to see who you are ESPECIALLY if you comment more then once on the site. Then, of course a few of their followers will come to check you out. But, over time as the post ranks SO DOES YOUR COMMENT!!! Traffic to the blog means traffic to your comment (i.e. the link back to YOUR blog!)
        I want to address the “…with time of course….” – No. You can begin to see traffic to your blog IMMEDIATELY!
        Just remember it’s a numbers game. Leave one comment a day and over the course of a year, you have 365 comments out there for people to find your page. Leave 3 a day and in a year you have created over a thousand ways for people to reach your site.

  2. Yes! Bubbie! You Nailed it. Comments are just like conversations; Good conversations need pleasantries, kind words, positive interaction, and focus. I find it interesting that my comment spammer often catches 99% of the comments that are sent to my blog, and sure enough it’s rarely wrong. I’m very thankful for people who leave quality comments with some forethought. ~ Johanna

    1. Yes Johanna,
      I couldn’t agree with you more!
      After your comment, on a whim I checked my comment spam folder and noticed 87 spam comments (which they were – Thanks Akismet!)
      You are welcome for the comment. I try and enhance as many lives as possible daily.

      As a forethought, I also syndicate on Viral Content Bee and Triberr (my two favorites). I would love to hear of any other sites that are active and help with Search Authority Optimization.

      Does ANYBODY use syndication sites other then these two…I would love to join…

  3. Hi Renard,
    Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, Google considers comments as Content. This is why the “Spiders” come. To catagorize and file new content in the right “folders” for search engine results.
    I might also add that Google likes to see an Image of the person leaving the comment and a proper email address. These two factors are important for Google to properly recognize and rank your thoughts. This also helps them to determine if the comment is spam or not!

  4. Yep. 90% of comments that just say something along the lines of “Great post!” are spam – people who just want to leave a backlink on various blogs. I’d say it’s actually 100% of comments, but I want to give some people the benefit of the doubt.

    I know most blog commenters don’t do this, but when I comment on a blog, I have on-page SEO on my mind. Not for me – for the blog I’m commenting on. It’s sort of a gift I give the blog in exchange for that little no-follow link that goes back to my site. Mostly I try to reuse keywords – this blog post, for example, uses keywords such as “comments” and “blog comments.” So I repeat them instead of using pronouns or just alluding to the keywords, as long as my blog comment still sounds natural.

    1. Excellent point Joe!
      I am putting together another post on blog commenting. It will focus on special techniques such as:
      1) Be sure to use the Title in the comment if you can;
      2) Use the articles Key Words if possible;

      Can anyone add to this list? What are some good Blog Commenting Practices people should follow when they leave a comment on your blog?

  5. Hey Bubbie. It’s Your Car Buying Advocate Mike Rumple. I have been a subscriber to your messenger bot for a while now and finally had a second to read this article. I’ve been super busy launching a startup company in a market no one even knows exist. I know blogging is going to be huge for me. I found this article very interesting because I am so new to this whole marketing thing. One thing is for sure I will be excited to see your future broadcasts on Messenger. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for leaving your thoughts. I am so happy you found value in today’s article. Glad to hear your start up is going well.
      When it comes to blogging tips and tricks to help you grow your presence online, I am proud to being hot, up to the minute strategies to help you.
      We are happy to have you here on Network Marketing Strategies. If you (or anyone else) ever have any questions, it’s super easy to get in touch with me on Messenger!

  6. Hi Bubbie,
    Blog commenting is certainly an art. I think those “Great job” comments go automatically to spam these days, so it is necessary to write more.
    I love the point about asking a question – and never really thought about it before. But now that you mention it, if the author hasn’t answered my question in the actual article, I will scour the comment section to see if someone else asked the same question that I have.
    So, here is my question to you – how do you find the time to write blog comments? Between reading and writing – it is a time-consuming endeavor.

    1. Hi Neena, welcome to my page.
      Thank you for your kind words and message this morning.

      You asked a very good questions Neena. “How do you find the TIME to write blog comments? Isn’t it time-consuming?”
      The answer is rather simple really. It’s all a matter of Mind Set!

      Imagine if you will working in your yard. And, an old man walks by. He stops and ask if you would possibly give him a cold glass of water.
      After drinking it, he hands you back the glass, turns away and begins to walk again.
      No “Thank You” – He just got what he was requesting. And, leaves.
      I think of blog commenting like that!
      I visit someones blog and glean the gold from it. The “currency” (i.e. Comment) I leave behind is my showing I appreciate the writer.
      So, to turn the question around, “Doesn’t it take a lot of time and effort to “appreciate” the author?”
      Hence, this is MY mindset when I visit someones article.

      Hope that helps. If you (or anyone else) would like to learn more about the “underground lair” where REAL secrets are told…then here is a special “VIP Access Pass” to what you and so many others have discovered to be the key to success: Proper Mind Set!

      If you see blog commenting as a showing of appreciation instead of another dreaded “task” that remains, then you will take great pride in your comments. It only takes a moment for me to share how the author’s work enhance me life.
      Again, thanks Neena for sharing your thoughts. I hope this answer helped.

      1. I love the story you told about the old man and “gleaning the gold” from the post. I try my best to do the same–even if vague I try to pull out the nuggets. Storytelling is big these days, and the more stories you tell, the more people will be drawn to what you have to say. Your old man story says it all, minus the bullet points. Oh, and you practice what you preach by the insightful comment you left on one of my blog posts. Thank you! 🙂
        Penelope Silvers recently posted…Radio Romance Author Interview: Sophie Dawson, “The Cottonwood Series”My Profile

    1. I NEVER approve comments like this. But, today is an exception!
      Lessons Learned From THIS Article:
      Had the “Commenter” (is that right lol) READ the article, He would have learned this is the WORST type of comment to make! It hurts HIS SEO more than mine…
      Had the “Commentor” (one has to be right lol) READ the article, He would have realized PROFESSIONAL BLOGGERS consider this type of comment SPAM!

      Lesson Learned Here: Never jeopardize YOUR SEO and the relationship you MIGHT have with the writer…

      P.S. Written in good humor. Go and sin no more….
      Your friend and mentor,
      Bubbie Gunter

  7. Hey Bubbie,
    A third article I’m reading on your blog here today and I’m taking “The Blog Commenting “Hand Shake”” is what I’m taking home from this piece.

    This week, I have discovered over 10 new blogs using a strategy I will be publishing in the days ahead. I had that “hand shake” without mentioning my name because I thought my name would be displayed and it’s one of the first things bloggers see on the comment section.

    But I’ll be practicing your “Hand shake” recommendation. Sure to see better engagement results moving forward.

    Thanks again for making the weekend awesome.
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Thank You Blog Commentators (101 authors with 199 comments)My Profile

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