Simple Strategies to Increase Email Click Through Rates

Email Marketing Course Day 7

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Welcome to your Seventh Lesson in Email Marketing.

     Today will will be talking about Email Click Thorough Rates.

You should know, there are three aspects of Email marketing you should be aware of:
  1. The Open Rate;
  2. The Click Through Rate;
  3. And, the Sale.
      We covered email open rates pretty extensively in The REAL Reason for High/Low Email Open Rates.  So we can save some time.  But, it’s important to mention again, statistics show the average open rate of emails is a mere 10-12 percent. Then, the next important aspect is the click through rate.

email click through rates     They are really simple to understand.  Someone got your email with a link to your blog or website.  Did they click it?  How many people receive the email divided by the number of people who clicked the link inside the email is called the “Click Through Rate.”  And, industry standards show, only 1 in every 10 recipients actually click through.

     Here it is by the numbers:
  • 100 people are on your list and you email them:
  • You should only expect 10 of your subscribers to open your email.
  • Then, after opening your email, only ONE out of the ten (statistically) will click through and visit your site or offer!

     While open rates show us who was curious about our content. An Emails Click Through Rate determines just how interested a prospect is in our material.  But, only one in one hundred people will click the link provided in your email!

       This means that only about 1 in 100 people will open your emails and click through to your offer. So, it is VERY IMPORTANT to make following your links in your emails as easy as possible!

An Experience in Email Marketing

     Permission Based Marketing is the most effective way to build your list. Anyone signing up for additional information has to request to receive it.  However, I encountered an odd statistic when I began email marketing.  
     Initial open rates for Introduction Letters only received about 70% open rates (still an amazing accomplishment!).  I went on a mission to discover WHY!  If someone opted-into an offer for more information, did 30% never open the original email?  The answer shocked me!
     A study reveals that people now generally lose focus after only about eight seconds.
     So you have to move fast to convince your readers to open the email, read it and click through to your content waiting for them.
      Here is where you are at:
  • Someone has showed interest in learning more from you;
  • They opt-in to receive more information;
  • They receive your follow-up email;
  • You now have 8 SECONDS to convince them to open your email, read it and click through!
 So, what can you do?

Tips to Increase Email Click Through Rates

     The whole point sending an email is to have individuals click the link inside and go to our content or offer.  Each link in the email is called a “call-to-action”.  Call-to-actions are phrases that instruct the individual reading it to take action.  And, they are so important, yet few take the time to really understand their function.

Frustrated You're Not Getting the Results You Need?

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     Before haphazardly writing a call-to-action ask yourself these two questions:
  • What will clicking the link accomplish?

       This is the “What’s in it for me?” call-to-action. An excellent example of this is “Read how to…”  This call-to-action let’s the reader know EXACTLY what will happen if they click the link.  They will “Read how to…”  There is no deception; no mystery.  If your reader clicks this call to action they are going to read how to accomplish a task.

  • What is the reader’s motivation for clicking the link?
      Scarcity invokes fear.   This is why it works so well in a motivational call-to-actions.  No one likes to be left out. “Reserve Your Seat Now!” works better than “Sign-up” or “Submit”.  Sign-up or Submit gives the impression the reader can do it at anytime. But, Reserve Your Seat Now implies seating is limited and the reader needs to apply NOW.


     Goodness!  Sometimes in my writings I feel like Stephen King.  I think I have to explain every little detail (LOL).  But, I’m sure you get the point by now.   If you can answer the two questions above concisely and clearly, you’ll have a quality Call-to-Action.

     Remember, before you just throw in a call-to-action in your emails, give them some thought.  What do you want them to do?  Why would they want to click on the link?  And, educate yourself more!

     In case you are not aware, this is the seventh installment of a 10 Day Email Marketing Series.  Most email recipients will not click the link in an email lowering your click through rates.  

Frustrated You're Not Getting the Results You Need?

 Learn Secrets ALL the Top Network Marketers Use To:

  • Increase Email Open Rates
  • Increase Conversions Through Higher Click Through Rates
  • Produce Fortunes Through Email Marketing

     Well, we are beginning to wind down our email course. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have preparing it for you.  Tomorrow (Lesson  8) where we will focus on Three Tips to Creating an Effective Email Marketing Campaign.  See you there!
Your friend and Mentor,
-Bubbie Gunter A.A.C.M.


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Tips to Avoid When Emailing Your List


FREE Email Marketing Course

     Now that you have decided to use email marketing as an online strategy, you should understand, there is more involved than simply sending your subscribers promotional newsletters or catalogs.  If you fell for the pie in the sky lie also, don’t worry…so did I!  By now I am sure you have learned it’s not as easy as just posting a link on Facebook to make money online.  It’s hard work.  But, you made it to Day 6 of the email marketing course.  Which, this proves your determination to succeed!
     So far we have covered:
  1.  The REAL Reason for High/Low Email Open Rates​​​​​​​
  2. Using Irresistible Offers
  3. What I Discovered!
  4. Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners
  5.  Writing the Perfect Introduction Letter
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Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners

4 Crucial Things You Need to Know When Building Your List

Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners

Hey there,
Glad to be back!
Today is your forth lesson. And, we will be reviewing:
Online marketing has exploded in the past few years.
     As more internet based business begin, the need to develop and refine your marketing skills and knowledge is essential. But, with more and more marketing strategies being developed to cope with the changing face of business in the business world, what can you do?  You go with a winning strategy that’s what! 

     Opt-In Email Marketing, also known as…

 Permission Based Marketing

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Permission Based Marketing

 Permission Based Marketing

Hey there!
Glad to be back!
Your doing great.
Today is your Forth Lesson on Email Marketing.  And…

     In case you have not noticed, Online Marketing has exploded in the past few years.  There is not a day that goes by someone isn’t on a social media platform “pitching” their latest affiliate products.  The problem is, most go about promoting their business or company wrong!
     So, it is your goal today to walk away with an understanding of:
  • What is Permission Marketing
  • Crucial Things You MUST Know If You Hope To Succeed
  • And, best of all, The OPPORTUNITY To UNLOCK The Whole Email Marketing Course Series AT ONCE!

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How to Energize & Improve Email Open Rates

How to Energize &

Improve Email Open Rates

How to get Higher Email Open Rates​​​​​​​


 When I began to study Email Marketing Strategies, I did an experiment. I joined 10 industry leader’s newsletters. I wanted to see what, if any, clues I could find from THEIR email campaigns that helped them achieve high email open rates.
   Sure, some used sexy subject lines. Others, I unsubscribed from all together.
   What was the common factor?
What made me anxious to open an email from one person and unsubscribe from another?   I was soon to discover…

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Aweber Communications: A Complete AWeber Review

Aweber Review

Aweber Communications: A Complete AWeber Review

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How to Write Effective Blog Comments

   Has anyone ever complemented you, but you knew they were being sarcastic? Can’t a sarcastic person get under your skin faster than anything? Well, you know, its the same in the blogging community.  When professional bloggers see blog comments like “Great post!” or “Loved this post”, we know the comment isn’t sincere.  We view these types of comments as spam! And, if you do it you should stop!

Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to show enthusiasm and say something like ‘great post’ – but more importantly tell them WHY you think it’s a great post.  Because when you complement the author, most often then not, they will return the favor on your blog.

So, remember, when leaving your blog comments make sure to follow these proven techniques.

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What is Network Marketing?

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